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The Ghost Whisperer

Kwon Haneul has a gift. She can see the spirits of those who have died - both good and bad. When a newly deceased spirit approaches her, he only asks for one thing. To look after his little brother, Myungsoo.

Forbidden Love

Amber the daughter of the sun king is sent down to earth to see if she will break one of the biggest rules, Never fall in love with a human but while she is trying to make sure that doeant happen she meets a human named jonghyun, they start to fall in love Will they prevail? Or Will something pull them apart?

Bykeyber4ever101 updated
Charactersjonghyun, amber, sulli , more
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Prince X Princess

Amber Liu, an ex-member of SM's idol group F(x) got betrayed by her members and was banished from the entertainment world. She is going to take revenge on F(x) but, somehow she ended up joining Shinee!!?! By the way this story was influenced by PurixPuri!!<3<3<3~   CHARACTERS:     Amber Josephin

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Whose Llama is this?!

Since i can't get over nearly every Ship that has Ber at the end,I'll just post short-stories or oneshots about any Amber ship. And when I mean Any,I seriously mean ANYBER. First time on AFF,so still kinda wondering how do things go in here.

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Missing You

Fourth fic! ^^ Please enjoy. Like my many other fics, this would be a keyber fic. Other pairings would still be subject to change other than those permanently tagged. Thank you to everyone who has stayed and been reading my fics til now! Please look after me as I make this fic. :) Again, enjoy! As how my last fic was, a happening in the fic that this one followed would be the theme. P

Byretrolovemadness updated
CharactersKey, Amber, Minho, Sulli, Krystal, Jonghyun and other idols
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Love You Hate You

"You prank me.I prank you back." That has been the rule for four girls and four guys since they were children.

Bysisters4ever updated
Charactersf(x) shinee
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Crossing Parallels 「HIATUS」

Never meant to return, she still did come back to life. And met HIM, against her principals and plans.  So what's going to make their parallels cross?   A storyline by PLACEBOGRACE starring: Choi Minho              Eun              Kim Jonghyun              Amber Liu

Byplacebograce updated
CharactersMain: Choi Minho, Kim Jonghyun, Eun(OC), Amber
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Screw Me With A Knife

Characters: Amber: A 16-year old girl, but the tomboy'est one you'll find. Has one of the worst childhood memories possible.

Bysinaelee99 updated
CharactersAmber, Jonghyun, Dongwook, Key, Minho, Onew, Taemin
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THIS Is The Reality I Wanted

Credits to the violetkecil Poster Shop for my wonderful, amazing, gorgeous poster. <3

Bysinaelee99 updated
CharactersJonghyun, Amber, Key, Minho, Taemin, and maybe some others.
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SHINee No More

My first SHINee fanfic! I wrote this some 3 years ago with my bestfriend (we're still on the process of trying to finish it :D) If you happen to be a member of SFI (SHINee Forums International) You may have stumbled across this fic a million times in the Once Upon a Time Section. We just thought of sharing this here so that we can have a motivation to write more. *coughsWriter'sBlockIsAcoughs* TT.TT Anyway! Enjoy reading, please tell us your thoughts! ^^ ♦ Special men

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Charactersonew, jonghyun, key, minho, taemin
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No Description

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A Twist on Friendship

Jonghyun and Key's friendship will be put to the ultimate test, of love.

Bybethan updated
CharactersKey (SHINee), Jonghyun (SHINee), Amber (F(x))
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9 Crimes (ONESHOT)

I just couldn't help but write this shot oneshot, inspired by the song '9 crimes' by Damien Rice.  It's just so touching, I get goosebumps whenever I hear it..   And here it is... <333

Byplacebograce updated
CharactersAmber Liu; Kim Jonghyun
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Sweet Love

  Sweet Love Amber&Onew   Amber, a fun tomboy girl who likes living rough. She isn’t afraid to get dirty and can kind

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Charactersf(x), SHINee
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Blood ties...or love? A family, a home...or a lover? What should i choose? What should i do?

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She Loves Him, He Loves Boys

Simple. Jessica fell in love to Key but Key is gay. Key loves Jonghyun but Jonghyun doesn’t like gays. Jonghyun loves Amber but Amber is a tomboy. Amber loves Jessica but Jessica loves her as a friend. What more can be complicated?  

Byhyounnie updated
Charactersjessica, key, jonghyun, amber, hyoyeon, junho, beige, ryeowook, bekah, siwon, ga-in, jokwon
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Contains 'boy love' No H scenes so do not worry ! - Don't like it? Don't read it :) - Love simplicity :)   Updates: Everyday or at least Every 2days Bad time to start really since I have exams coming, but I shall try my best ! :)

BySecrets16 updated
CharactersKim Kibum, Amber Liu, Kim Jonghyun
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