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Damage Control

Taemin’s entrance in the vampire world isn’t as smooth as his makers planned.

Two Different Worlds : The Fire Prince and The Ice Princess

ByParkILKwon updated
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Two different worlds. Two sworn enemies. Two kingdoms. We go back during the Ancient Times. Powerful magic spells that can manipulate and destroy both evil and good. Where people have mastered the art of Witch Crafts and Wizardry. Fire and Ice, can never complement each other. The once peaceful Kingdoms would soon cr

Always You

Byimacoolcat updated
CharactersYou, Jonghyun, Jongin, SHINee, EXO, Sungjong
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CHARACTERS: Kim Jonghyun Park Jaekyung

Unconditional Love

Bysullah updated
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Hi, this is another new fanfic of Minsul from me :))))) i write this story together with my friend and it's a new style that i really wanna try, hope you guys will like it ^^ Sulli's character in this story is a strong one and she's not fragile or easy to break down Minho's character is a kind-hearted guy as who he really is in p

Romantic [Re-Up]

BySongspired updated
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‘How could this be happening?’ ‘Why now?’ ‘In the middle of their 1st concert’ ‘Has Jonghyun lost his mind?’  was all Key could think.              

The Third Wheel

Bymdallas71 updated
CharactersJonghyun, SHINee, Soyun/OC, Shin Sekyung
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"It all started when He came into our lives" Boy meets Girl. Girl meets Boy. And Boy fell in love with the Girl's... Bestfriend?! A complicated "love triangle"?

Are We Really Meant To Be?

By2pmfan updated
CharactersYou, Jonghyun, Sekyung, Kai, Shinee, EXO
With15 chapters, 1 votes, 46 subscribers, 2050 views, 47 comments

      We became a couple again. We were happy again. Like I promised I gave everything up for you again. 

I love you, but do you even know who I am

Byilovekpop1 updated
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Sekyung is your best friend. She has a boyfriend named Kim Jonghyun. They are the "perfect couple" that have been together for 3 years. On the other hand ____(you) knows the real Sekyung that no one knows, yet you are still her friend. During the time you start to grow feelings for Jonghyun. Who will end up with Jonghyun? Will Jonghyun know who is the real Sekyung? Will Jonghyun ever know your true feelings? Or will he forever be with Sekyung, and never look at

I'm your nanny

Bytinyspaceworld updated
CharactersJonghyun, Jessica , SNSD , SHINee , T.O.P , Shin Sekyung
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Jonghyun is : unable to wake up every saturday night without getting a hangover a big fan of nice cars and all expensive things his credit cards can buy ( as long as his father doesn't cancel them) bad at grade 10 Maths a good kisser Jessica is: a grammar nazi a bad liar fantastic with every academic subjects there ever was bad at every video games an