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"Like a jigsaw puzzle, I need to find the last puzzle piece to complete the board." - Lu Han

Black Wings

Bycgurl0697 updated
CharactersSandara Park, Kwon Jiyong, Choi Seunghyun, Kim Jaejoong, Lee Donghae, Park Bom, 2NE1, BIG BANG
With15 chapters, 10 votes, 161 subscribers, 1490 views, 13 comments
StatusSubscribers Only

Centuries have passed and now there are only a few of us left. So one day, I decided to leave behind what really happened before it was too late. This is the story that was never told, the ink that never soiled those pure white pages. This is the story of a love like no other. This is a story of one girl’s dream that went so terribly wrong, and horribly right at the same time. This is my story. 

The monsters we fell in love with

Byziva1234 updated
CharactersBigbang,top,daesung,seungri,taeyang and g-dragon
With25 chapters, 1 votes, 10 subscribers, 350 views, 2 comments

Characters Top monster type:werewolf age:27 looks like:has mint colored hair as a werewolf his fur is black and he is tall acts like:

Dangerous Trip

Byskycity updated
CharactersT.O.P, Tiffany Hwang, SNSD, and others
With4 chapters, 5 votes, 14 comments
StatusMembers Only, Subscribers Only

he just wanted to complete his mission.     she never believe in other people but her brother and that someone.    

Drawing Breath

ByKiominnie updated
CharactersKwon Ji Yong , Choi Seung Hyun
With5 chapters, 4 votes, 72 subscribers, 900 views, 13 comments

Seung Hyun wanted to capture beauty onto his paintings, but he couldn't find the right colors to define his new muse, Ji Yong.

You & Me

Bymedula updated
With4 chapters, 220 views

I was still in a daze after what he did to me. I felt like there was a lump in my throat.    What had happened? I asked myself. Only my mind answered my question. My brain told me.....     He kissed you.    Who? I asked again even I already knew who.    That bingu kissed you, silly.         

Cupid's Irony

Byzeesfraise updated
CharactersT.O.P and OC
With11 chapters, 3 votes, 74 subscribers, 28 comments
StatusSubscribers Only

She opened her eyes to see that she was standing in a really bright room. But there was something different about that room. The wall was white, but there was no furniture or decorations or anything on it. There weren't any lamps on the ceiling either. But how did the room got so bright? Then she looked around and realized that there were no windows or door on the walls either.

Club Kirkas

ByUndeadVampire updated
CharactersTOP GDragon TaeYang SeungRi DaeSung WINNER
With2 chapters, 17 subscribers, 210 views, 4 comments

Club Kirkas is a gang that sells weapons and has a lot of brothels. TOP is the leader of this gang and G-Dragon is his right hand through everything. TaeYang is G-Dragon's best friend and also in the gang. SeungRi and DaeSung is strippers. But the love from the gang will change some things.

Brooklyn Boy

Byalexaytaco updated
Characterschoiseunghyun t.o.p parkbom bom
With7 chapters, 5 votes, 57 subscribers, 1310 views, 27 comments

Seunghyun is a boy from Seoul, Korea searching for the woman he loves in Brooklyn, New York. He spends days, months even, seaching for the woman that promised him so much, although when he finds her, she isn't what he is expecting. 

Dead and alive

Bysmoccatine updated
CharactersJiyong (GD) and Seunghyun (T.O.P)
With2 chapters, 2 subscribers, 50 views, 1 comments

He's smart. Cunning. Suspicious. However, he's not a teamworker. Jiyong finds himself thrown into an arena, where every shadow can be a person with a plan to undercut your throat, where every sound, every whisper of the leaves can save your life if you can listen. Or take it, if you can't. All you need to survive is contrivance, sharp eye, fast legs and a good ally. Jiyong has it all except the last thing...

My Brother's Fiancée

Bymydark-angel122 updated
CharactersChoi Sooyounng Park Cheondung (MBLAQ) Choi Seunghyun(TOP bigbang) Dara Park
With64 chapters, 18 votes, 194 subscribers, 19310 views, 269 comments

        A TabiSan

Living With Bigbang. Should be Interesting.

ByTaramarada updated
With52 chapters, 14 votes, 90 subscribers, 5200 views, 170 comments

Meet Emma. She's angry. She's rude. She's hurt. Her life was in peices before, but she managed to hold it all together. Nothing a little duct tape won't fix, right? Tape over the holes, put a pretty picture over the tape, forget that it was ever there. Build walls to make sure the picture never gets taken down, and life could almost go back to normal. But then came her brother. Now Emma's walls are slowly being broken down, and the picture removed from the wall. What will happen when

Chasing Hurricanes

ByRedriddinghood23 updated
CharactersTOP, Ryung (O.C) Daesung, Taeyang, GDragon, Seungri, CL, BigBang, 5zic, SIMS, Kangnam, Creme, M.I.B,
With13 chapters, 1 votes, 6 subscribers, 350 views, 12 comments

Finally, I understand why Hurricanes are named after people


Bychicklet updated
CharactersBigbang, OC
With32 chapters, 6 votes, 40 subscribers, 2430 views, 56 comments

Why this things happen to me?    Why did he leave me?   He didn't show up, he just disappear in my life.   What will I do now?    Will someone finally mend my broken heart?   Will my MR. RIGHT finally show up infront of me?   I hate this life of mine, I really hate it but I have to go on.   I have to live my life every single day, remember that painful day over and over again.

A Monster in Seoul

ByToshio9 updated
CharactersKrystal Jung, Choi Minho, Jessica Jung, Choi Seunghyun, Kris Wu, Amber Liu, and Key
With15 chapters, 26 votes, 3460 views, 225 comments
StatusMembers Only

"I'm gonna get revenge." "Who is that incredible girl?"   She was broken and she knew it. She tried so hard to blend in. She tried so hard to support her sister. She tried to live a normal life. But the

The Unforgettable

Bylhyanne updated
With40 chapters, 19 votes, 256 subscribers, 250 comments
StatusSubscribers Only

Everyone has at least one thing that is unforgettable in their life. It could be...

Songs About Her

Bycaptainmjk updated
CharactersTOP, Sojin, Kai, and Bobby.
With1 chapters, 3 subscribers, 70 views, 2 comments

When Seunghyun was asked what song to play in the cab one night, he said Songs About Jane from Maroon 5. When asked why, he could only think about a certain someone. The one who really got away. Her memories were too much for him. To him, this was really songs about her.   

Runaway Bride

Bylazyruz updated
With36 chapters, 22 votes, 99 subscribers, 5320 views, 174 comments

  He has an overwhelming urge to run away. He is getting all of this as a punishment.          

A Fool's Only Tears

Bymaswimellou updated
Charactersbigbang dara top 2ne1 yg
With10 chapters, 12 votes, 100 subscribers, 2500 views, 68 comments

  annyeonghaseyo everyone, this is the sequel to the one shot fanfic  wedding dress.. To those who haven't read it. you can visit it first if you want to.. there is no harm in dropping by.. ^^ Wedding Dress (

Don't lose her

ByRoesia_13 updated
Charactersbigbang CL Minzy YG GD Jiyong Seunghyun TOP Bom Youngbae Taeyang OC
With1 chapters, 190 views, 1 comments

I'm done with her anyways. You can have her for all I care. She's not mine anymore. 

Chance to Say Goodbye

ByB2theANG updated
With4 chapters, 6 votes, 35 subscribers, 1150 views, 8 comments

I miss our time I miss your way I miss everything we say


ByLemonykitten updated
CharactersGDragon, Top, Daesung, Taeyang, others
With12 subscribers, 90 views, 1 comments

Jiyong is bitter, jaded and losing hope. Life and love have kicked him in the teeth again and again. He's learned to stop reaching out, to keep his hands and his heart to himself. The only passion he trusts is his music. To Seunghyun, life is sweet because he's lucky to have it. The accident when he was ten should have killed him. Instead, it took away his sight, plunging him into a work of darkness with only the memory of light and color. He doesn't let that get him down, though. Life

The Game of Fate

Byvipprincess updated
CharactersKim Sujin (OC), Choi Seunghyun (T.O.P), Kim Myungsoo, Lee Hoya, Bae Suzy
With14 chapters, 6 votes, 67 subscribers, 67 comments

After a hell of a complicated life she had in Seoul She decided to move back to her adoptive home: Paris, The City o

The Art of Love.

Byciam24 updated
With14 chapters, 6 votes, 20 comments
StatusMembers Only

    He's as cold as ice but as soft as the clouds. She's as strong as an Oak, but as weak as a kitten.

Don't forget me

Bysanya-areumdaum updated
CharactersSuzy x Kim Hyun Joong, IU, Jaejoong, TOP, OCs
With43 chapters, 27 votes, 164 subscribers, 3450 views, 64 comments
StatusSubscribers Only

  Description Suzy’s always been afraid of

Breaking Through

ByBigBangAngel updated
CharactersBig Bang, GDragon(as Jiyoung), TOP, Seungri, Taeyang, Daesung, YG, Sora(oc), 2NE1, Teen Top, SHINee, Jongwa(oc)
With41 chapters, 18 votes, 96 subscribers, 2450 views, 97 comments
StatusSubscribers Only

The year is 2721. The entire world is burning from the evil Doh  Jongwa's terrible atrocities. Every single other government has collapsed or been taken over by the cruel ruler. People are oppresed and freedom is virtually non-existent. Music has been banned ... as well and any other thing of joy. Doh Jongwa is unstoppable... or so it seems to everyone except for a scientist named YG. 20 years ago. In a tiny desolate town, ravaged by the army of the evil Doh –