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Analyze Me

(WATTPAD STORY) In the eyes of his parents, there is something wrong with Clay. And that problem is...he is gay. Yes, Clayton Tate likes boys and because of his 'issue', he is forced to see a therapist.

Talking Eyes

By mialafreve updated
Characters G-Dragon, TOP, Park Bom, All Big bang's members, 2NE1's members and Yumi(OC). Others Artist will join later..
With 23 chapters, 11 votes, 27 subscribers, 2890 views, 10 comments


K-Pocalypse: Part 2

By AnneOnym updated
Characters Running Man, Big Bang, 2ne1, the Jung sisters, and others
With 32 chapters, 244 votes, 1337 subscribers, 41900 views, 1846 comments

When a zombie outbreak devastated Seoul, a small group of k-pop idols and variety stars, along with some family members, escaped to Sido, an island just west of the mainland, where they have lived in relative safety for the past two months, trying to salvage some semblance of a normal life. This life is now disrupted by a sudden call to their satellite phone, a call that presents them with hope but also with danger.

Love just ain't the word

By bomrin8 updated
Characters Park bom, T.O.P and others
With 3 chapters, 1 votes, 45 subscribers, 280 views, 3 comments
Status Subscribers Only

Love is a big thing. It can be tested to the max in all sorts of ways. When Bom falls unconscious on her and T.O.P's wedding day, their love is really tested to the max. T.O.P would do anything for Bom, but would she do the same back?


By Dealer updated
Characters Kwon Jiyong,G Dragon,Dong Youngbae,Taeyang,Kang Daesung,Lee Seunghyun,Seungri,Choi Seunghyun,T.O.P,Big Bang,2ne1,Sandara Park,Lee Chaerin,Gong Minzy,Park Bom,YG
With 38 chapters, 16 votes, 666 subscribers, 104 comments
Status Completed, Subscribers Only

Kwon Jiyong, known in the university as the playboy, also known in the famous Seoul National University to be in the famous group called Big Bang. According to him, many girls just fall for him and his charms, his friends are pretty good heart players as well, but we have to understand, every child is born pure and innocent. It is a certain happening or how he is being brought up, also his surrounding may change a child's mind. Big Bang is very close with the group in Seoul National U

Just To Be With You

By jashxxi updated
Characters Dara Park - Jiyong Kwon - YB - Top- Bom- Bigbang - 2ne1
With 15 chapters, 3 votes, 194 subscribers, 2330 views, 27 comments
Status Members Only, Subscribers Only

  I'll do everything JUST TO BE WITH YOU again, so please don't pushed me away  

The Eligibility Test

By michigopotato updated
Characters BigBang & 2ne1
With 4 chapters, 6 votes, 83 subscribers, 26 comments

        Sandara Park is a hopeless romantic. And that is one huge problem that her father, Mr. Park has to address as soon as possible. The girl is in her late 20s for God’s sake! She has to get married and settle down!

Scαттєяє∂ Pєтαℓѕ (2ne1 & Big Bang One Shot Collection)

By Forever_oppa updated
Characters Any 2ne1 and Big Bang Members
With 8 chapters, 2 votes, 21 comments

♡ Calling all 2ne1 & Big Bang shippers! Have an OTP that involves 2ne1 and Big Bang? Look no further! "Scattered Petals" is a collection of one-shots of your 2ne1BigBang OTPs'! Please do leave requests for pairings you would like to read about!♡

My YG LIFE ^_^

By azurelady28 updated
With 6 chapters, 19 votes, 2850 views, 120 comments

This year is YG's year. The whole year YG artists have released albums, singles, collaborations and all sales sky-rocketed within minutes of release.  Concerts are all sold out within seconds that ticket sales were open.    With this fans grew even more curious with their bias' and how they live their lives...   And with the preparation of YG's soon to debut new idol group iKON,  YG CEO Yang Hyun Suk has thought of another brilliant promotional idea.


By TheBluePoliceBox updated
Characters Dara, Jiyong, YGfamily
With 5 chapters, 22 votes, 164 subscribers, 2450 views, 35 comments

When Sandara Park of 2ne1 and Kwon Jiyong of BigBang spend one night together little did they know that one night would change their lives forever.

Undercover in the Government

By TheBluePoliceBox updated
Characters 2ne1, BigBang, YG Family, other idols
With 39 chapters, 20 votes, 487 subscribers, 8240 views, 65 comments
Status Subscribers Only

9 people,BigBang, and 2NE1. They are gifted with different powers, and in one of the top tree gangs in South Korea, The YG Gang. Being trained since they were in the 6th Grade. How to hack Computers,learn to control their powers,and learn how to fight without using their powers.  With Bigbang and 2ne1, also other people with gifted powers were always looked down apon.  Regular people hated "those kind of people". Some people would take their powers for granted and try to steal

Your Angel

By eymann updated
Characters parkbom choiseunghyun
With 7 chapters, 4 votes, 820 views, 21 comments
Status Members Only

An angel who's supposed to look after her human on earth ended up falling in love with him. She spent her time watching over him from

A Broken Faith

By choahada updated
With 3 chapters, 2 subscribers, 60 views, 1 comments

EPILOGUE       It’s not like that I haven’t gone to the club before, but today’s the big day. WE’RE ALL CELEBRATING! All of the staff was dancing like crazy. Bom unnie has been drinking vodka for the 7th time and Dara unnie is with our ero maknae are dancing like crazy like there’s no tomorrow. Me just alone at the bar, drinking orange juice. I’m still not used of drinking alcohol that muc

Twisted Fate

By jamie139 updated
Characters Kwon Jiyong Sandara Park // Choi Seung Hyun Park Bom
With 37 chapters, 34 votes, 722 subscribers, 14660 views, 200 comments
Status Subscribers Only

The fate of two baby girls and a baby boy...          

Miss Flower and Mr Arrogant

By fatmun91 updated
Characters choi seunghyun, park bom, park sandara,
With 18 chapters, 7 votes, 72 subscribers, 2100 views, 64 comments

Park Bom She's just an ordinary girl who works at Spring Florist. She's not a beauty like other korean idols or goddess. She is independents and happy person. She has nothing except a happy family. Choi Seung Hyun He has everything that a man can wish for. A handsome face, intelligent, beautiful voice, nice abs, money and reputation. In short he is perfect.   It starts when Bom being a nice girl trying to help(?) Seunghyun. Well more of she doesn't want to g

When will You be Mine?

By RY_kwon updated
Characters Sandara Park ♡ Kwon Jiyong ♡ Kim Jaejoong ♡ 2ne1 ♡ BigBang ♡ Teddy ♡ Thunder
With 37 chapters, 58 votes, 19280 views, 460 comments
Status Members Only, Subscribers Only

When will You be Mine ? Sandara Park is a liberated brat Queen Bee in their university. Liberated in a way in Wearing revealing clothes and breaking Boys heart. She is beauty and brains. Having so many fan boys. But she don't have a boyfriend. And did not yet have a boyfriend. She wants to fall in love but she don't like her suitors. She have many suitors but no one can open her heart. Until her eyes laid at the most handsome man she ever l


Characters Sandara Park, Kwon Jiyong, Lee Chaerin, Park Bom, TOP
With 31 chapters, 26 votes, 330 subscribers, 8290 views, 141 comments
Status Subscribers Only

Sandara, a girl whose family background is beautiful and simple, in silence she has feelings to the well-known corporate figure son, who is also his partner universities in the United Kingdom. Kwon Jiyong,his handsomemakes all the girls will craze towards him. Overflow luxuries in his life makes his ego and arrogance on the highest throne. Rank conscious mentality has closed his door to listen to his own feeling for Sandara. "It would be wrong if I look a little happier? Why can

TOP's Secret [HIATUS]

By Shirakawa updated
Characters Tiffany | TOP | Bom | Yuri | Taeyang | GD | Sandara | Taeyeon | Cameo+
With 21 chapters, 31 votes, 378 subscribers, 6630 views, 142 comments
Status Subscribers Only

Tiffany the new kid from America, found out TOP AKA Choi Seung Hyun's secret. Of course TOP will not let her go so easily. What will happen to the new kid?

Sometimes love just ain't enough...

By lovedaragon_21 updated
Characters dara, Jiyong, Bom, TOP, CL,Seungri, Minzy, Taeyang, Daesung
With 14 chapters, 35 votes, 404 subscribers, 211 comments


The Day I Die

By BommiXXI updated
Characters 2NE1 BigBang MBLAQ Yg Family Other Cameos
With 7 chapters, 1 votes, 13 subscribers, 510 views, 3 comments

    *This story is purely from my imagintion, any realtion to any other FF is coincidental. I apologize ahead of time for spelling and grammer errors. I do not own the charcters in this FF and some information might not be correct. Please enjoy my first FF!!!

Submissive Husband-to-be Sequel!!!!!!!!

By blossom11 updated
Tags topbom
With 23 chapters, 9 votes, 105 comments
Status Completed

Hi people! This is the sequel to the Submissive husband-to-be! For those who don't know this is the same author from the original story. It's not that hard to tell since the username is not so far from the first one. Just added one more number. hhehehehehehehe The link for the original story here: I've already explained the situation in the comment section once you see the page of th

Finding Her Way Back To Love

By KatieSpade updated
Characters Park Bom Choi Seunghyun
With 12 chapters, 6 votes, 196 subscribers, 2100 views, 48 comments
Status Subscribers Only

Dr Park Bom a successful paeditrician and one of the best in her field returns to Korea at the request of her family. Little did she know her life will change the minute she arrived at Incheon Airport. Unknown to her, plans are underway to make her a wife to the millionaire Choi Seunghyun and a step-mother to his three-year-old child, Sarang.

How It All Started

By UnknownFantasy updated
Characters Park Bom(me), Choi Seung Hyun (TOP)
With 2 chapters, 16 subscribers, 2 comments
Status Completed

I, Park Bom, am 30 years old. I used to live with my parents but now I live alone for at least 15 years. I really wanted to have friends ever since I was little but my classmates feared me because I was very different from them. I felt so sad and lonely that sometimes I wanted to commit suicide. Living is useless. Everything is useless. Why do I even live? I wished I had a new life. I wish someone would love me the way I am. On the way of going to a coffee shop, I fell in love at first sight.

1-4-3 // 4-8-6 .

By chloeyo updated
Characters Lee Chaerin , Sandara Park , Kwon Ji Yong , Taeyang , Bom , Minzy , Seunghyun , Seungri , 2ne1 , BigBang .
With 3 chapters, 3 votes, 22 subscribers, 830 views, 15 comments

__________________________   Inspired by the song .. 

Empty Spaces

By TOPBOMER updated
Characters T.O.P Bom Gdragon Kiko Taeyang Seungri Daesung Dara Minzy CL
With 8 chapters, 6 votes, 68 subscribers, 1430 views, 21 comments

Bom is a nice girl who is going through her last year of high school. Up until now she has been living a peaceful life along with her friends and family.  But when she meets T.O.P, as they call him in the ring, and his gang, her life changes completely. T.O.P has always lived in the dark shadows of the streets, gaining money from illegal fights at the basements of bars and clubs. Meeting Bom w

How Could You Be So Cold (Based on a song Lonely by 2ne1)

By jashxxi updated
With 2 chapters, 2 votes, 41 subscribers, 390 views, 2 comments
Status Subscribers Only

  Story based from the song Lonely by 2ne1     About a young lady who has fallen out