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Seungri (2,934 seungri fanfics)

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This Unconventional Love

By HopelessMidori updated
Characters Kwon Jiyong, Lee Seungri
With 4 chapters, 1 votes, 58 subscribers, 990 views, 19 comments

"Hyung! I love you!" Out of the blue, Seungri confesses his love for him. But being the close friends they are for years, Jiyong was left there speechless and confused.

Give me your love

By LisboaNB2 updated
Characters Seungri, Hyuna, Yuri, Myungsoo (L), Hara, BIGBANG
With 10 views

The fate only puts two kinds of people on their way, those are passing and the passing are temporarily in your life seducing and then drop you like you were nothing and staying are eternal passions we have tamed every day, by incredible that seems in each direction's fault, it became what it is, which gets stuck in my heart, which I hope will give all my love and which


By tursina updated
Characters Kwon Jiyong || Lee Seungri
With 1 chapters, 56 subscribers, 250 views, 2 comments
Status Subscribers Only

Kwon Jiyong is all alone. A lonely guy.  He has no friends nor family at all. But he wanted to be loved.No, he wants to love and being loved by someone. But people are looking him with disgust and hate. How can he loving since everyone hates him? Everyone is looking at him like a monster.  And he knows he is a loser.  

Wrong is right when right is wrong

By xxjcxrc updated
Characters Jiyong and Seungri
With 1 chapters, 1 votes, 2 subscribers, 310 views
Status Completed

They're so in love, but they can't stand each other. They fight and Seungri runs, but he can never leave. [lyric drabble based on the song Vilify by Device]     It leans a bit more towards Seungri's point of view so it makes Jiyong seem like the bad guy, but that doesn't have to mean anything. This has been sitting around in my files for a while and I didn't really know what to do with it,

If Only

By ifulovesomething updated
Characters Bigbang, TOP, G-Dragon, Seungri, CL, Taeyang, Daesung, Suzy
With 16 chapters, 4 votes, 31 subscribers, 1740 views, 41 comments

    Always....always tell the person you care about how you feel.

Let's Love (GRI oneshots)

By thatmaknaecharm updated
Characters gdragon, seungri
With 1 chapters, 19 subscribers, 310 views, 4 comments

A collection of GRI oneshots.

The Shining Star

By Amethyst55 updated
Characters taeyang gdragon choiseunghyun seungri
With 16 chapters, 13 votes, 78 subscribers, 3960 views, 67 comments

AU Following his unexpected break-up with his long-time boyfriend, Dong Youngbae set a goal to improve on his appearance. One thing led to another and suddenly, he met the hottest star in Korea, G-Dragon!   


By thatmaknaecharm updated
Characters gdragon, seungri
With 2 chapters, 3 votes, 12 subscribers, 540 views, 2 comments
Status Completed

"He should've treated maknae better, so he wouldn't regret it later on." - Taeyang [Manwon Happiness]

Stay With Me

By nemomo0 updated
Characters Taeyang, Seungri, G-Dragon, Daesung, T.O.P
With 8 chapters, 1 votes, 4 subscribers, 380 views, 1 comments
Status Completed

You’re here for working. Not for trying to get your ex back to your life. I wrote that songs for her. “The bear without eyes, nose and lips. Just like me without you.”  

The Best For Last

By MyDarlingLove updated
Characters ChoiSeungHyun, TOP, you, bigbang, Seven, Teddy, 2NE1
With 7 chapters, 5 votes, 28 subscribers, 1990 views, 22 comments

Hey guys I know its been a long time but I have been pretty busy with


By aomg_ikonx updated
Characters Hani (OC), Kwon Jiyong & Seungri ft. minor characters
With 2 subscribers, 50 views

Hani was missing for years. No one could find her. Her family worried so much for her and did everything to find her. That was in 1985.  It's been


By GoldBlackSilver updated
With 13 chapters, 8 votes, 48 subscribers, 1760 views, 11 comments

  A female figure standing in the tip of a roof is looking deeply at the moon, shining with all its resplendence up there. Admiring it while studying the grey colors and the tiny craters on it.   She loves being alone in the same spot every night after a long day of work, while the soft wind makes fly her long and blonde hair that covers practically her whole back.  


By ZiKyung91 updated
Characters G Dragon, Seungri, Lee Seunghyun, Kwon Jiyong, Taeyang, Youngbae, TOP, Lee Seunghyun, Daesung
With 18 chapters, 16 votes, 181 subscribers, 8750 views, 155 comments

27th August 2014: G Dragon went to Seungri's apartment to put an end to their never-started relationship. He told Seungri that he loves Kiko.  12th September 2014: Seungri had a car accident and was hospitalized. For a week he had to stay in the ICU. G Dragon just called once and then nothing. 23rd September 2014: on that day someone uploaded some pictures of G Dragon at the airport with Kiko. Just the two of them.  24th September 2014: Seungri found out about the pics

Please be Careful with My Heart

By lazyruz updated
Characters TOP (Choi SeungHyun), Seungri (Lee SeungHyun), G-Dragon, Taeyang, Daesung, Bigbang
With 4 chapters, 5 votes, 32 subscribers, 670 views, 8 comments

    This is death. This is hate. What we're fighting for?

One More Chance

By kunspem updated
Characters Kwon Jiyong, Lee Seunghyun, Daesung, TOP, Taeyang, Dara, Cherin
With 6 chapters, 12 votes, 85 subscribers, 1950 views, 38 comments

Lee Seunghyun was living his peaceful life with his precious daughter in New York City and did not imagine that he was going to face his bitter past when he got the promotion letter along with his transfer letter to none other than Seoul city in South Korea; the city where he had learned true meaning of life. Even though it was bitter fact, he had learnt enough to change himself to something that he was not six year back. He was an investment banker in a renounced bank and was one of

the meaning of "i would do anything for you"

By kiko__ updated
Characters jiwon (oc), seungri (bigbang)
With 2 chapters, 50 views

im sorry guys. this is the first fancic that i made. any ideas or anything that you would like me to add, i wolud be love to hear it. xoxo

Days with Jiyong

By lifeofafangirl updated
Characters Kwon Jiyong, Lee Seunghyun
With 7 chapters, 11 votes, 248 subscribers, 3440 views, 53 comments
Status Subscribers Only

I'll marry you, Kwon Jiyong.   I'll be with you forever, Kwon Jiyong.   I'll make you happy, Kwon Jiyong.  

It's just a misunderstanding(?)

By CurvyCurry updated
Characters Seungri, Jiyong, Daesung, T.O.P.
With 3 chapters, 2 votes, 194 subscribers, 1750 views, 8 comments
Status Completed, Members Only, Subscribers Only

“Well, then there should be something like that between you two hyung, perhaps you should take Dae-hyung out on a dinner date and then have a late night stroll along the Han river, or perh...” Seungri's voice stilled when they opened the door to the studio.


By NobodysGirl updated
With 41 chapters, 2 votes, 25 subscribers, 1690 views, 49 comments

Just another cinderella story...   NOT!


By annaloveriri updated
Characters Seungri, Jiyong
With 4 chapters, 7 votes, 153 subscribers, 1460 views, 23 comments
Status Subscribers Only

Serendipity /ser-uh n-dip-i-tee/ noun a "fortunate happenstance" or "pleasant surprise"  


By avneet186 updated
With 23 chapters, 24 votes, 151 subscribers, 95 comments

My first bigbang fanfiction that revolves around supernatural powers and maybe a bit of romance?

All in the Moment

By RaivisU updated
Characters Jiyong, Seungri, Taeyang, Daesung, Seunghyun
With 1 chapters, 2 votes, 32 subscribers, 520 views, 3 comments

Leaning back, turning head sideways, crossing arms in defense, and even walking out completely, Seungri could just be the master of feigning ignorance from Jiyong's not-so-subtle advances towards him. But a motivated dragon doesn't back down from a fight- especially if he's battling a rather irrisistable cute panda. Not when he's only a few inches away from winning... A.k.a 5 Times G-Dragon Couldn't Sucessfully Get a Kiss from Seungri, and One Time He Did

Fix You...

By Anggsa updated
Characters Kwon Jiyong, Lee Seunghyun
With 2 chapters, 5 votes, 97 subscribers, 830 views, 18 comments
Status Subscribers Only

Kwon Jiyong.. Is no longer could smell... Kwon Jiyong.. Is no longer could speak... Lee Seunghyun is there to fix it.. Then forget everything.. Lee Seunghyun..