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Yadong (1,505 yadong fanfics)

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“Love finds you.. You don’t find it.”

From Broken Hearts to Heartbreaker

By catch_me updated
Characters Woohyun, Sunggyu, Infinite, other KPOP idols and random OCs.
With 3 chapters, 5 votes, 13 comments

It all started in junior high when Woohyun had dyed blonde hair, bad skin, and chubby cheeks- he had fallen in love with his best friend, Sunggyu. When Woohyun confessed his love for his best friend, Sunggyu just laughed and humiliated him in front of the whole school. It broke Woohyun's heart and dignity so much that he left Seoul. Now, years later after changing his looks for the better, Woohyun moved back and is going to make his senior year count- he's going to get revenge on Sunggyu by

The Dating Game

By catch_me updated
Characters Infinite, Teen Top, BToB, B.A.P, etc.
With 15 chapters, 20 votes, 269 subscribers, 9040 views, 178 comments

Sunggyu likes Woohyun... Like really likes Woohyun. But Woohyun doesn't like him back. Sunggyu is the smartest guy in their grade and is best friends with equally smart Myungsoo, and his neighbor Hoya the athlete. Woohyun is the most popular guy in school who is friends with Dongwoo the athlete, Sungyeol the immature class clown, and Sungjong the gossiper. Sunggyu wasn't ugly or anything, he and Woohyun were just at different places on the social ladder. And Woohyun has never so much as loo

I Mean it

By Dongwoo_hoo updated
Characters Dongwoo Hoya Myungsoo Woohyun Sungjong Sunggyu Sungyeol
With 2 chapters, 1 votes, 9 subscribers, 230 views, 1 comments

Dongwoo thinks hoyas confessions are just fun and games... haha nope.

INFINITE Relationships

By anonyMUSE19 updated
Characters Infinite ; Sunggyu ; Dongwoo ; Woohyun ; Hoya ; Sungyeol ; Myungsoo ; Sungjong ; OT7
With 8 chapters, 5 votes, 52 subscribers, 1400 views, 19 comments

Strangers can be Friends. And sadly, Friends can become strangers. At some point, Friends will turn into Brothers. But can Brothers be Lovers? Or will Lovers be just Brothers?

Silver Lining

By JunYeeInspirit updated
Characters sungyeol, myungsoo, sungjong, sunggyu, woohyun, dongwoo, hoya
With 5 chapters, 3 votes, 24 subscribers, 780 views, 13 comments

             Due to the recent earthquake that hit our country, the plot generated in my mind. Though I have started this new fic, I promise, I would not abandon my previous fics. If I would keep it for later, the idea will 100% vanish from my mind...LOL!!! So, yeah...please support the fic. since its my first time writing the story based in truth....khamsamnida!!!!

Soul Mates

By Mylifekpop updated
Characters Myungsoo | Woohyun | Sungyeol | Sunggyu | Dongwoo | Hoya | Sungjong | Yongguk | Himchan | Key | Minho
With 4 chapters, 9 votes, 136 subscribers, 10140 views, 55 comments

“Do you believe in soul mates?” “Soul mates? Yeah. Why?”

Just Admit It!

By Pandacafe updated
Characters Dongwoo, Hoya, Myungsoo, Sungyeol, Woohyun, Sunggyu, Sungjong
With 1 chapters, 1 votes, 13 subscribers, 280 views

Hoya likes Dongwoo, Dongwoo likes him back but doesn't want to admit it.


By TheNobody updated
Tags yadong
Characters Hoya(Howon), Dongwop
With 3 chapters, 1 votes, 12 subscribers, 160 views, 2 comments

I'm sorry. I know I'm being a horrible author right now. I'm SO SORYYYYYYY "Let him go." Howon breathed out, rage flickering in his siena eyes. "Hoya..." Dongwoo said in the midst of hiccuping. The man holding Dongwoo smirked. "So where's the money?"


By leaderdino updated
Characters Sunggyu, Woohyun, Hoya, Dongwoo, Myungsoo, Sungyeol, Sungjong
With 29 chapters, 45 votes, 638 subscribers, 20980 views, 294 comments

Nam Woohyun is a famous singer in South Korea: he wins every award, leads all the charts – he has no competition. Until a new rock star, Kim Sunggyu makes his debut. How will he protect his fame?  

Daycare Inspirit

By kpopandkdramas updated
Characters sunggyu sungyeol dongwoo hoya myungsoo sungjong woohyun
With 26 chapters, 15 votes, 430 subscribers, 9360 views, 92 comments
Status Subscribers Only

3 Kindergarden Teachers 1 Business man 1 Idol 1 Baker 1 Smart kid What do they have in common? The fact that they live in the same apartment complex and they don't know that they live in the apartment complex. Sungyeol, Dongwoo, and Sunggyu work at a Daycare Center, in which Sunggyu is the head teacher. Myungsoo-the solo artist- is the brother of Sunggyu and is visiting because he is taking a vacation. Woohyun is best friends with Su

Don't lie to me

By Kyunim2804 updated
With 10 chapters, 7 votes, 280 subscribers, 2840 views, 25 comments
Status Completed, Subscribers Only

Love is fake. That's how Sunggyu viewed the world. No matter how much his fans said they love him, one day they will get married and leave him. When s's said 'I love you', that's only for work. Love is not real. Not for him, not for them. And Sunggyu was okay with that. But Woohyun was different. His love was real. To the fans, to the members, to everyone. His love is not just words, it was his heart. That's why when Woohyun said 'I love you' to Sunggyu, he slammed the door o

The Seven Sages: Seventy-Two Hours to Save the World

By LCBLuvsKpop updated
Characters Infinite and other stars make cameos
With 6 chapters, 2 votes, 11 comments

    In the land of Moonope, there is an annual festival held for the moon. The festival is always grand and held in multiple locations, is an event that all people look forward to. It’s a time where outsiders fill the capitol city and participate in the largest moon festival out there. Why is the festival being held in Miro the most popular? Well, on midnight of the third day of the festiv

Experiment 113: Outlast

By LCBLuvsKpop updated
Characters Teen Top, Infinite, some others make cameos
With 18 chapters, 15 votes, 169 subscribers, 56 comments

To that person, to the vessel – let’s see who outlasts the other… They have made it out of the mansion once and for all - barely escaping with all thirteen alive.They have come face t

Growing Pains

By xdark_blue updated
Characters Sungyeol, Myungsoo, Dongwoo, Hoya
With 16 chapters, 82 votes, 557 subscribers, 21920 views, 339 comments

Dongwoo and Hoya's relationship has been unshakable since it began, but when an unexpected addition to their home shakes things up, will they get their chance at a real family or will their happy ending fall apart? Sungyeol is a single dad, raising his beautiful daughter on his own. When he meets Myungsoo, who might just be his first real chance at love, will he take a risk

Indian Summer

By AsianNoodles updated
Characters Hoya + Dongwoo
With 1 chapters, 5 votes, 14 subscribers, 300 views, 2 comments
Status Completed

An Indian Summer was typically unusual. An Indian Summer by definition was “a period of warm weather during late autumn and fall that appeared after a week or two of chilly air.” An Indian Summer came around the time a winter was supposed to begin, marking the official end of summer and the beginning of autumn. But instead of ending the brisk September air with th


By Kyunim2804 updated
With 1 chapters, 1 votes, 41 subscribers, 350 views, 1 comments
Status Subscribers Only

"Let's play a joke on Inspirits!" Sunggyu wondered why he had agreed with Sungyeol. He knew it won't end well. Especially when the other members joined in. Especially with Woohyun got involved. Or when they decided to kept it from their maknae. Sunggyu had a bad feeling about it. Especially when Sungyeol happily said, "Let's make this fanfic real!"

Sweet Flower

By Pandacafe updated
Characters Dongwoo,Hoya,Woohyun,Sunggyu,Myungsoo,Sungyeol,Sungjong
With 9 chapters, 2 votes, 73 subscribers, 3110 views, 15 comments
Status Completed

Hoya who is a very monotonous nerd never expected to fall in love with a kingka who likes him.What did Dongwoo do to make him fall in love with him?I WILL NOT be using the Korean highschooI system, I know you might be asking me why I'm doing this when I still have another fic, I'm sorry but I just had to I couldn't just hold on to the thought because I might forget it you know?Now characters, the pictures are out of order sorry.

The way you look at me

By MyungYeol_OTP_Feels updated
Characters Myungsoo Sungyeol Woohyun Sungjong Sunggyu Hoya Dongwoo
With 8 chapters, 1 votes, 39 subscribers, 1160 views, 7 comments

I     Show business isn’t that easy how it looks from outside, Scandals, lies, cheating, denunciation and more are normal for companies. Only the strongest can survive there, under the rule of the jungle the weak gets devoured. Once you enter this world you can’t go back and must forget about norm

Game of Shadows

By Princess_Nammm updated
Characters Members of Infinite
With 4 chapters, 9 votes, 138 subscribers, 2160 views, 17 comments

      Seven boys get together when they're all send to the same mental heath hospital on a rainy day. Sunggyu ⇒ Suicidal Dongwoo ⇒ Boulimia Wo

Looking for Perfection

By AjBa13 updated
Characters howon dongwoo sunggyu myungsoo sungyeol woohyun sungjong
With 1 chapters, 9 subscribers, 80 views

“You really think so? I’ll look all shabby next to you, you’re just too perfect Howon-ssi” there it was, the word perfect again, what do people have with me and that word really. With a competition right around the corner, Howon finds himself without a dance partner...

Pebble Path

By ilovesungyeollie updated
Characters Sungyeol and Myungsoo with Woohyun, Sunggyu, Hoya, Dongwoo and Sungjong
With 10 chapters, 14 votes, 181 subscribers, 3280 views, 60 comments
Status Members Only, Subscribers Only

Two boys once met by chance.   One was a hard working, selfless choding.   One was a cold but kindhearted heir.   They were from such different worlds, so how was it possible for them to get along?   How did they cross the neverending distance between them to become friends?   And eventually become each other's life source.   The love story of two ordinary boys, who aren't very ordinary at all.

In the shadows...

By dionka updated
Characters Sunggyu, Sungyeol, Sungjong, Hoya, Dongwoo, Myungsoo, Woohyun
With 4 chapters, 5 votes, 76 subscribers, 1160 views, 13 comments

SUMMARY: Hell is empty. All the devils are here.   WARNINGS: my grammar, misspelling, dark themes, boyxboy   DISCLAIMER: I don't own anything besides my own ideas.      

The Perfect Recipe

By Piou0102 updated
Characters Infinite Sunggyu Dongwoo Woohyun Hoya Sungyeol Myungsoo Sungjong
With 27 chapters, 6 votes, 81 subscribers, 5950 views, 57 comments

The Perfect Recipe: a little bit of sugar, a little bit of salt and a whole lot of Infinite! This is going to be a collection of drabbles/oneshots about Infinite. The genres will vary a lot and the couples may vary as well (see the list below). Enjoy! \(o^^o)~

Young Master Nam

By gyuying updated
Characters Infinite Sunggyu Woohyun Hoya Dongwoo Sungyeol Myungsoo Sungjong Doojoon
With 17 chapters, 33 votes, 364 subscribers, 9370 views, 201 comments

Kim Sunggyu and Kim Myungsoo were poor brothers who lived with parents who didn't bother to look after them and even made them do all the housework. Due to his father's addiction for gambling, they were both sold to the Nam's to pay for his debts. 

Only One Minute - Flowers Die

By oOAkiko-ChanOo updated
Characters Kim Sunggyu, Nam Woohyun// to be added
With 17 chapters, 5 votes, 139 subscribers, 4930 views, 59 comments

Only one minute can change somebody's life completely, only one minute is enough to break somebody, to break Sunggyu. Sunggyu was never really aware how precious every minute was he could spent together with his mother but after this one life changing