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Sehun learns how beautiful it is to fall in love with Luhan as the years go by. And suddenly, it's a cycle of falling, loving, being and staying in love with Luhan for a lifetime. [through the years!au] (heheh thank you zeelei for all your amazing fics!)

Fantasies and Daydreams [drabble collection + request shop]

By ilovesungyeollie updated
Characters Sunggyu, Dongwoo, Woohyun, Hoya, Sungyeol, Myungsoo and Sungjong
With 11 chapters, 4 votes, 1300 views, 19 comments
Status Members Only

Welcome to ilovesungyeollie's drabble collection and request shop! starring INFINITE. Basically,

Our Love Drama

By ukissgirl4infinite updated
Characters infinite
With 16 chapters, 4 votes, 44 subscribers, 1770 views, 37 comments

Sungyeol has a feeling for the Drama Club vice president, Myungsoo for a long time actually but never confess his feeling to him because of his cowardness. In addition, his looks is beyond any average guy, he just normal not handsome or pretty in his opinion at least. When Sungyeol decided to buried his feeling for Myungsoo, his best friend, Sungjong said that he will make Myungsoo as his boyfriend. Can Sungyeol really ignore his feeling for Myungsoo? Can Sungyeol see his crus

I Don't Want To Lose You

By xxzeramatoxx updated
Characters Myungsoo, Sungjong, Sungyeol.
With 22 chapters, 6 votes, 69 subscribers, 3070 views, 62 comments

Special people comes when you least expect them.  It's not easy to let someone go when they left a mark in your life.  Two friends tries to find their way back to where they used to be. But losing someone important to them was the only way. Would they be able to do it?    

My Secret is your Secret

By AL150703 updated
With 14 chapters, 11 votes, 2830 views, 52 comments
Status Members Only

  "Uhm... Prince Myungsoo... Will you be oh so kind to say your request for the second time?" the beautiful commoner from the Lee household politely asked. He was still trying to recover from the initial heart attack that he got when he was suddenly summoned to the castle. And now the prince just had to say something to add more to the shock of his poor heart.

Just A Friend... Or Something More?

By HaJongie updated
Characters [Lee Sungjong, Lee Sungyeol, & Kim Myungsoo] || Other members of INFINITE
With 1 chapters, 2 votes, 17 subscribers, 190 views, 10 comments

     Sungjong trusted his bandmate and best friend, Myungsoo, enough to reveal his secret crush on one of his other bandmates, Sungyeol, to him. What Sungjong didn't know was that he himself had captured the heart of his best friend, who was struggling to keep his own crush a secret while also trying to comfort Sungjong and keep him happy.What will happen when Myungsoo's hidden feelings are revealed to his best friend? Will Myun

Food is Always a Good Thing 2.0

By mincream updated
Characters Myungsoo, Sungjong, maybe others too
With 4 chapters, 3 votes, 20 subscribers, 450 views, 5 comments

A continuation of the drabble named the same thing--more in-depth and much more to it.

Because It’s Not A Choice

By deliberatemistake updated
Characters Kim Myungsoo, Lee Sungjong, Nam Woohyun, Choi Minho
With 10 chapters, 22 votes, 151 subscribers, 3910 views, 123 comments

Myungsoo is rich, handsome, successful, and Sungjong is a little too late.

Two Worlds Apart

By jongdaeorange updated
Characters Myungsoo and Sungjong, Woohyun appearance
With 1 chapters, 2 votes, 8 subscribers, 110 views

Soft lips, beautiful eyes, delicate hands. Is this what a human looks like?

MyungJong Collection

By flinscarlet updated
With 105 chapters, 22 votes, 213 subscribers, 15370 views, 127 comments

Collection of MyungSoo and SungJong pics , gif and videos.

Only One

By beautifultargetslove updated
Characters Sungjong, Myungsoo, Sungyeol, mentions of others
With 16 chapters, 8 votes, 99 subscribers, 50 comments

Sungjong is trying hard to carry it all on his own-until he meets Myungsoo, a freelance photographer. They become friends and soon after, develop stronger feelings for each other. But soon Myungsoo learns of Sungjong’s dark past. And Sungjong is terrified Myungsoo will leave him.   “You look like someone that needs to be protected.” I’m sorry I ever dragged you into my twisted, messed up world. I just thought you’d be the one to pull me o

Engaged To 6 Demon Princes

By Sweet-Bingo updated
With 4 chapters, 14 votes, 238 subscribers, 2080 views, 65 comments
Status Subscribers Only

What will six humans do, when  they suddenly find out that they are forced in marriage with six demon princes, who are not so happy about this arranged marriag either. Mark, Hyuk, V, N, SungJong and Jimin are six close friends, who grew up together and were raised in the same orphanage. SungJong, Jimin and N all are second year students in the prestigious Sungate high school while Mark, Hyuk and V are first years. They aren't the most popular kids in school. In fact, I would say it's

Silent Love

By mandee254 updated
Characters Lee Sunjong, Kim Myungsoo, Others.
With 5 chapters, 2 votes, 22 subscribers, 450 views, 7 comments

In his long life Sungjong had only loved once, a love that was never once said out loud but that had made him the happiest person alive... if he was a person that is. Myungsoo had never been given the chance to choose his own decisions, being things he like or not... however even if he had been stripped of any freedom he would never regret the day he knew Lee Sungjong nor the days that followed them.  

Our Love is Eternal

By myungjongstarstruck updated
Characters Lee Sungjong, Kim Myungsoo and Infinite
With 29 chapters, 7 votes, 51 subscribers, 3100 views, 73 comments

  “Do you still love me?” - Sungjong     “I think we should break up. I don't know if I still love you or not.” - Myungsoo  

Down the Road

By WhereTheAngelsFly updated
Characters Kim Myungsoo, Kim Sunggyu, Jang Dongwoo, Nam Woohyun, Lee Hoya, Lee Sungyeol & Lee Sungjong
With 20 chapters, 27 votes, 120 subscribers, 4610 views, 125 comments

Everything has to come to a end… Even Infinite.    I stood on a hill, Stared up into the blue sky

If you’re the one....

By InfinitelyCassie updated
Characters Dongwoo Hoya Sungjong Myungsoo Woohyun Sunggyu
With 32 chapters, 23 votes, 259 subscribers, 14220 views, 268 comments

Jang DongWoo, the youngest billionaire in Korea was determined to avenge his brother death but what happened if the guy he had in his hold was nothing like he imagine the other to be?

The Storm That Broke The Bridge

By deliberatemistake updated
Characters Kim Myungsoo, Nam Woohyun, Kim Sunggyu, Lee Sungyeol, Lee Sungjong, Jung Hana, Gong Minji, Yoo Youngjae, Jang Dongwoo, Lee Howon,
With 8 chapters, 7 votes, 78 subscribers, 2170 views, 8 comments

    Did you even hesitate?

Secrets, Lies, Love

By Sammi-lou updated
Characters Sungjong, Myungsoo, Hoya, Dongwoo, Woohyun, Sungyeol, Sunggyu
With 31 chapters, 7 votes, 140 subscribers, 7440 views, 76 comments

Hey MA PEEPS I have had this idea for a storyu for a while and i hope you engjoy!!!! **************** Sungjong:"I have a secret. One no one can find out. It would just be selfish of me to share I my worries when there is much more pain around us."

More Than Friends, Less Than Lovers

By starlight_1004 updated
Characters Lee Sung Yeol, Lee Sung Jong, Kim Myung Soo, INFINITE
With 26 chapters, 6 votes, 144 subscribers, 2770 views, 93 comments
Status Subscribers Only

"미안해 난모르겠어" -Myungsoo "형 내마음이 너무 아파" -Sungjong

Prom Night

By lucypher_ updated
Characters Kim Myungsoo, Lee Sungjong
With 1 chapters, 6 votes, 14 subscribers, 280 views, 5 comments
Status Completed

Sungjong loved Myungsoo for so long and he didn’t know that Myungsoo was feeling the same, and the same thing goes for Myungsoo too. Then when they heard a rumor saying you could get an everlasting love if you confess to someone you love at the prom night, they might as well wanted to try it.

Konnichiwa kimi wa dare?

By chulluu updated
Characters MyungSoo, SungJong, SungYeol, DongWoo, WooHyun, SungGyu and Hoya.
With 10 chapters, 4 votes, 28 subscribers, 700 views, 13 comments

Kim MyungSoo was the weirdest person on earth, she spent excessively time reading manga and was the president of the magic club. Still, in her mind, the weirdest person was Lee SungJong, the so-called bad boy and most popular guy in school.

Pandora's Box

By AveniA updated
Characters Lee Sungjong, Lee Sungyeol, Kim Sunggyu, Kim Myungsoo, Nam Woohyun, Jang Dongwoo, Lee Hoya
With 4 chapters, 6 votes, 53 subscribers, 1150 views, 12 comments

    Word has gone around. The 7 devils are back.       Their focus is to save the world from the pain they have caused in their previous lives.      

Loose Leaves and Popping Petals

By deliberatemistake updated
Characters Myungsoo, Sungjong, Sungyeol
With 10 chapters, 11 votes, 108 subscribers, 2820 views, 56 comments

You probably wouldn’t remember the things I won’t forget. That’s why I’m writing you these letters, so that you have something to hold on to. That’s just an excuse really.

Talk nerdy to me

By Inspirit_Here updated
Characters Sungjong Sungyeol Sunggyu L Dongwoo Woohyun Hoya
With 11 chapters, 10 votes, 70 subscribers, 38 comments

"Hey nerd get out of the way!" that was something he heard everyday. No one knew his name except the teachers, the principal, and his family ,but besides them his name to everyone was "nerd","geek", or "loser". At first it hurted a little but he got used to the name callings and the bullies. But what happens when the 6 toughest and most popular guys in the school meet him. This is a story about a nerd and 6 kingkas. 

Can't Be Changed

By ZeroPrincesses updated
Characters Myungsoo & Sungjong
With 30 chapters, 20 votes, 11760 views, 233 comments
Status Completed

  "Hello, I'm Myungsoo and I'm your lover for the summ-," this

Infinite: Friendship is Magic

By Dae-V-L-Jong updated
Characters infinite
With 20 chapters, 15 votes, 81 subscribers, 114 comments

Woollim Kindergarten is a kindergarten for the rich. Sunggyu, Dongwoo, Woohyun, Hoya, Sungyeol and Myungsoo are classmates. However, they are not close friends. Each of them has their own temperaments. One day, there is a new student who learns along with them in the same class. Who is he? What he had been doing so much until they decided to be friends with him? Will he change the life of all the six of his classmates? Who knows.