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Choosing the Right One

Kris needs a Queen, so he and the council decided to have 20 girls who will live with Prince Kris for one month. Will Kris find love or will old friends be reunited or taken away?

Married to a Boy!

    One mischief leads to another, rumours say. In this case, it may even be true.   

ByZeroPrincesses updated
CharactersSungjong & Myungsoo
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Flavor of Life [One-shot Dump]

I write a lot of one-shots and I need to dump them somewhere. Until now I've dumped them in Eden, but that's a place for requested one-shots so I created this instead! Since I am biased this will have Sungjong pairings. Probably mostly Myungjong (biased, I know), but other Sungjong pairings as well:) I just love Alljong a l

ByLimebrus updated
CharactersLee Sungjong, Kim Myungsoo, Lee Sungyeol, Lee Howon, Nam Woohyun, Jang Dongwoo, Kim Sunggyu
With23 chapters, 16 votes, 118 comments

Talk nerdy to me

"Hey nerd get out of the way!" that was something he heard everyday. No one knew his name except the teachers, the principal, and his family ,but besides them his name to everyone was "nerd","geek", or "loser". At first it hurted a little but he got used to the name callings and the bullies. But what happens when the 6 toughest and most popular guys in the school meet him. This is a story about a nerd and 6 kingkas. 

ByInspirit_Here updated
CharactersSungjong Sungyeol Sunggyu L Dongwoo Woohyun Hoya
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A Thorn For A Rose

Have you ever wondered why roses are red? A rose has thorns, and she uses them to draw blood. This blood is her rogue. And the scream of the innocent is her wine. She fools you with her beauty and lays a claim on your heart. She draws you closer so that she can bathe in your blood; she calls out to th

Bydeliberatemistake updated
CharactersSungjong, Howon, Infinite, MBLAQ, B.A.P
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Infinite: Friendship is Magic

Woollim Kindergarten is a kindergarten for the rich. Sunggyu, Dongwoo, Woohyun, Hoya, Sungyeol and Myungsoo are classmates. However, they are not close friends. Each of them has their own temperaments. One day, there is a new student who learns along with them in the same class. Who is he? What he had been doing so much until they decided to be friends with him? Will he change the life of all the six of his classmates? Who knows.

ByDae-V-L-Jong updated
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Sungyeol’s the typical school dork. Always tripping in the hallways, always getting punished by teachers, always forgetting to close his fly: Sungyeol is the epitome of an awkward teenager.   L is a hotshot. Girls flock around him. Besides his charming good looks, he is also the only son of a wealthy diplomat. From straight A’s to owning the newest Lamborghini model in school: L is the epitome of a high-school kingka.   What happens when these two worlds collid

By__queen__ updated
CharactersSungyeol, L (Myungsoo), Woohyun, Infinite!
With3 chapters, 5 votes, 73 subscribers, 730 views, 5 comments


 It's not just friendship when you want that beautiful guy all for yourself. 

Bymynichi updated
With13 chapters, 21 votes, 73 comments

Caught in the Crossfire

Sungjong always attracts men naturally, whether he likes it or not. They are always pulled in by his beauty and personality, and immediately fall in love. Call it a blessing and a curse. As of now, Sungjong is currently pursuing his dream in the industry of fashion, hoping to have a break from the men chasing after him. However, he gets a different result, as multiple guys begin to fall in love with him. Sungjong's

Byblade1802 updated
CharactersLee Sungjong, Infinite, more
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Sungjong has kept his feelings for his hyung, Hoya a secret. Until one day, when things between Sungjong and Hoya change. Meanwhile, after Myungsoo and Sungyeol get to know each other better, they decide it's time to be more than friends.

ByHoyatom updated
CharactersSungjong, Hoya, Myungsoo, Sungyeol
With6 chapters, 3 votes, 17 subscribers, 470 views, 1 comments

Pandora's Box

    Word has gone around. The 7 devils are back.       Their focus is to save the world from the pain they have caused in their previous lives.      

ByAveniA updated
CharactersLee Sungjong, Lee Sungyeol, Kim Sunggyu, Kim Myungsoo, Nam Woohyun, Jang Dongwoo, Lee Hoya
With3 chapters, 5 votes, 42 subscribers, 880 views, 6 comments

The boy next door.

Hoya has lived across from the Sung brothers since he was seven.  Highschool AU. Sort of based on the HoYeol drabble over here.

Byhotterthanasummer updated
With6 chapters, 3 votes, 17 comments

In Wonderland

Two kingdoms shared the land until the one side dominated the land. In Wonderland everything is crazier than usual. Wonderland well some people say it's a made up place kids only dream about but others say it's real. This is a place where nothing has to make sense.  Some people even have saying about this place whatever happens in wonderland stays in wonderland. For Sungjong his adventure in wonderland will change his life.  Characters  Alice - Sungjong  Cheshire Cat -

ByInspirit_Here updated
CharactersSungjong Myungsoo Dongwoo Hoya Sungyeol Sunggyu Woohyun
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Eden [Alljong Oneshot Requests]

I'll accept pairings with Sungjong!  This place will be filled with Sungjong one-shots with his beloved hyungs.  You can request more than once and nothing is prohibited, I will write any genre. You can come with a one word prompt or a detailed description, it is up to you.  Just keep in mind that I might not accept all the requests, as there are some things I will and can not write, but that doesn't mean that you can't send a request.  And I'll just write it as long as I

ByLimebrus updated
CharactersLee Sungjong, Lee Howon, Lee Sungyeol, Kim Myungsoo, Kim Sunggyu, Nam Woohyun, Jang Dongwoo
With38 chapters, 25 votes, 300 subscribers, 20570 views, 259 comments


When Myungsoo finally takes a giant leap into the world he finds himself crashing into the arms of Lee Sungyeol, a high school student living with his mother.

Byteacher updated
With6 chapters, 3 votes, 11 comments

Heartbreaker or Heartmender

The guy had started crying on the bus. What was Sungjong suppose to do?

ByMychapter updated
CharactersSungjong, Myungsoo, Woohyun, Hoya, Sungyeol, Dongwoo, Sunggyu
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This was the last time Sungjong ever wanted to do this. Why did his CEO make him do this. Maybe because but this for their fans and alljong shippers. He sighed. The Inspirits seen him like this before but why does he have to do this? All these thoughts rushed into his head before. Sungjong time to practice come on the choreographer said to him.  Here he goes but he has to remember this was for the fans and not show embarrasment. He loved the inspirits and put aside his embarrasement to this f

ByInspirit_Here updated
CharactersSungjong Myungsoo Dongwoo Hoya Sunggyu Sungyeol Woohyun
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Between the lines

You think people are direct? Well not always... Sometimes you got to learn to read between the lines...

ByNamusPara updated
CharactersNam Woohyun, Kim Sunggyu, Kim Myungsoo, Lee Sungjong, Lee Sungyeol, Lee Howon and Jang Dongwoo
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Sungjong or Dongwoo?

Sungjong or Dongwoo? Chaptered Love Triangle Sungjong/Hoya/Dongwoo Chapters that include swearing are marked Hi! Lol This story has been stored in my computer for a

ByKimMyungyeol updated
CharactersHoya,Sungjong,Dongwoo and other infinite members
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His Happy Ending

Happy ending comes in the form of a kid with a lot of similarities of himself.

Byvanillaamano updated
CharactersKim Myungsoo, Lee Sungyeol, Jang Dongwoo, Nam Woohyun, Kim Sunggyu, Lee Howon, Lee Sungjong
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Infinity Love

Lee Sungjong, the maknae of Infinite, has always been widely loved and accepted. By his family, fans and friends, especially s. But what if this love, this love was different? What if this love was special? 

ByLemonJongie22 updated
CharactersSungjong and the Infinite members
With16 chapters, 13 votes, 99 subscribers, 4280 views, 108 comments

Happy Family!

Hello I have another mpreg idea so here it is-----------------> what happens when three siblings all get pregnant around the same time period? How will there hubbies deal with the raging hormones? Certain events happen that cause the siblings to live under one roof again! Will one of the siblings be able to go through this pregnancy without problems? Find out soon! ;D BTW Ihave decided I will add myself in this again ONLY because I really really want one of the members to be my older bro

ByInfinitefangirl updated
With8 chapters, 2 votes, 67 subscribers, 3550 views, 22 comments

Sing With Me

It all started with an eye contact from each other, then it turned to accuaintance, then friendship, then ... love. But, it's doesn't always go as planned. Anger, betrayal and hatred. All these fill in their relationship to whom they are today. Myun

ByLolliyeop updated
CharactersMyungsoo Sungyeol Sunggyu Woohyun Dongwoo Hoya Sungjong
With10 chapters, 3 votes, 1750 views, 16 comments

Three words : 'I Love You'... Is it hard to say?

Sungyeol had frustation enough but he could only sighed heavily... Sungyeol had depresion enough and he could only scratched his head and hair... Sungyeol was so confused and he could only saw his beloved ice prince from a far and

ByShowerCoffee updated
Characterslee sungyeol, kim myungsoo, nam woohyun, kim sunggyu, lee sungjong, lee howon, jang dongwoo, Jung Lea (OC)
With29 chapters, 16 votes, 91 subscribers, 132 comments