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drunk deers twitter roleplay ✦ luhans arms are open 4 u bby (the rp is 2) ✦ we're pretty dope (not rly but cmon ) | we need active buttsPLease wer'e half de4d | we're having an event aight pls jOIn sarangaY

by psychosisfart updated on
Tags: infinite roleplay twitter exo bap twitterroleplay bts
Chapters: 14 | Votes: 12 | Comments: 117 |

... Read More

100 Days with Him [Complete]

by Tatsmato20 updated on
Tags: himchan bap
Chapters: 70 | Votes: 7 | Subscribers: 68 | Views: 3050 | Comments: 47 |

Himchan's mother and Min Ah's mother are truly best friends, they promise that they will settle an marriage for Himchan and Min Ah. 5 years later Min Ah's mother died in car accident and ... Read More

Silent Devotion [Members Only] [Subscribers Only]

by heartcupcake updated on
Tags: angst romance you schoolife bap youngguk btsjungkook
Chapters: 4 | Votes: 4 | Subscribers: 21 | Views: 180 | Comments: 2 |

  Not everyone is the same. ... Read More

B.A.P Oneshot Collection

by Lilyyuu updated on
Tags: fluff oneshot yaoi bap daejae himup banglo
Chapters: 11 | Votes: 9 | Comments: 31 |

Annyeonghaseyo~ ^ u ^)/ ... Read More

Summer holiday - changed life [Complete]

by MusicSho updated on
Tags: zelo bap choijunhong junhong
Chapters: 5 | Votes: 1 |

  Trying to write longer story's.... Read More

For The Love of Writing. A Prompt Based Drabble and Oneshot Shop.

by Ryukai updated on
Tags: oneshot superjunior drabble exo shop bap inspiration
Chapters: 3 | Comments: 3 |

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Te encontré en NY/ Meet you in NY [Complete]

by bunnycamps updated on
Tags: zelo spanish bap zelo00you
Chapters: 1 | Views: 10 |

Es el último día que B.A.P estará en NY antes de viajar a la siguiente ciudad, así que salen a disfrutar y pasear, pero algo inesperado le ocurre al maknae.... Read More

Slitting Skin

by Cheese_cake updated on
Tags: tragedy bap banghim daejae himjae bangdae jonglo

His collection was complete. His search was over. Now the murderous pact of six is chained before him as they impatiently wait for the... Read More

I'm A Psycho

by put_up updated on
Tags: horror malay psycho jongup bap
Chapters: 19 | Votes: 4 | Subscribers: 72 | Views: 1900 | Comments: 107 |

Setiap masa, setiap saat, Moon Jongup pasti akan menderita didera oleh keluarga angkatnya, keluar... Read More


by ohbibi updated on
Tags: bap banghim daejae jonglo
Chapters: 5 | Votes: 2 | Views: 210 | Comments: 5 |

2RBO is the most feared gang in all South Korea. Bunny protection service is the only hope to survive. Matoki lab is the extremely-advanced lab in 2RBO-yoon, 2RBO's headquarters. Uncontainable love... Read More

A Fetish Worth Obsessing Over

by Cheese_cake updated on
Tags: comedy yaoi exo bap daejae himjae bangdae
Chapters: 26 | Votes: 98 | Views: 16700 | Comments: 328 |

Daehyun and Youngjae kept a 'High school fetish journal' that contained everyone’s , love, and disturbingly troubled life in high school. Everyone who's ... Read More

3Sixty° 球体 ; Graphics Shop ░ BUSY (finishing request)

by -yoobaby updated on
Tags: graphics exo postershop bap graphicshop
Chapters: 14 | Votes: 36 | Subscribers: 139 | Views: 4820 | Comments: 190 |

  ... Read More


by snsdFXexoNUESTlover updated on
Tags: romance schoollife siblings you exo sehun bap
Chapters: 5 | Votes: 2 | Comments: 6 |

Hi guys! I'm back with a new (not so interesting) fanfic! Yay! (I guess?) *cough cough* Sorry bout that. Anyways onto the descroption!   Your name is, Choi Soehee a bubbly, happ... Read More

Attracting Mr. Awkward

by TheKween updated on
Tags: comedy fluff romance schoollife you bap daehyun
Chapters: 2 | Votes: 6 | Comments: 8 |

Foreword: Song Eunkyung and Jung Daehyun have lived under the same roof for five years. Five whole years and yet not one word has been exchanged from both of... Read More

♚ Wonderland Roleplay ♚

by TheQueenofHearts updated on
Tags: infinite roleplay shinee superjunior exo bap facebookroleplay
Chapters: 17 | Votes: 56 | Subscribers: 214 | Views: 14850 | Comments: 667 |

    ... Read More


by KPOPPIN---BAP_SHINEE updated on
Tags: you yongguk bap
Chapters: 40 | Votes: 2 | Subscribers: 8 | Views: 750 | Comments: 2 |



by SJCGuard updated on
Tags: yongguk zelo himchan jongup bap daehyun youngjae
Chapters: 3 | Votes: 1 | Comments: 3 |

A series of one shots involving one for each member, based on lyrics from their song Lovesick off the First Sensibility album. I went to the Dallas Attack! and they performed this song, it being th... Read More

EXO_B.A.P_BTS?! [바보는?] [Subscribers Only]

by Ilovekpopyaoi updated on
Tags: fluff kpop exo crack bap chatroom bts
Chapters: 3 | Votes: 4 | Subscribers: 31 | Views: 240 | Comments: 8 |

  Yes, you are about to see what these babos do... What does these boy... Read More

` ✡ 〉 oвѕcυrιтy яσlερlαү – poopy, open, and active twitter roleplay ; b.a.p and shinee are wanted!1 ⟨ ✶ ′

by obscurityrp updated on
Tags: roleplay shinee twitter bap roleplaytwitter twitterrp twitterroleplay
Chapters: 5 | Votes: 6 | Comments: 88 |

  ... Read More


by BlackB2UTYInspirit updated on
Tags: bangyongguk bap yooyoungjae
Chapters: 1 |

A oneshot fic that I wrote in an hour because #Alili... Read More

XOXO One Shots {OPEN}

by pinaypride17 updated on
Tags: angst drama fluff romance exo oneshots bap
Chapters: 12 | Subscribers: 15 | Comments: 18 |

One Shot Request! Though I'm still going to mostly write about exo, I will gladly accept any group! :D I know that I've mentioned in my other stories that I just want to focus on my current... Read More


by Bapbaby07 updated on
Tags: angst fluff romance you bap daehyun
Chapters: 15 | Votes: 2 | Comments: 16 |

Daehyun and you have been friends since you were 10. You both met over a box of crayons in the fifth grade. You both had been unseperable since that day. As you two grow older, you grow closer. You... Read More

End In The Truth

by effiexo updated on
Tags: angst shinee you exo bap assassin bts
Chapters: 9 | Votes: 4 | Comments: 25 |

... Read More

It's Bitter, It's sweet, is Love ~

by LINE201196 updated on
Tags: you himchan bap hyunseok
Chapters: 14 | Views: 180 | Comments: 2 |

Love is like chocolate sometimes is bitter and sometimes is sweet as candy …. What is Park Jieun’s Love is like? Bitter? Sweet? Or Both? Jieun was starting another year of high scho... Read More

A Story About You And Me

by Choi_Ehan1012 updated on
Tags: angst crazy malay zelo bap youngjae
Chapters: 2 | Votes: 1 | Comments: 1 |

Biar aku ceritakan sebuah kisah dongeng kepada korang semu... Read More

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