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The Ghost Whisperer

Kwon Haneul has a gift. She can see the spirits of those who have died - both good and bad. When a newly deceased spirit approaches her, he only asks for one thing. To look after his little brother, Myungsoo.

Yifan Luhan Life Story

Luhan menikahi Wuyifan. Seorang pemuda kaya yang sedikit...     *edited*

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CharactersLuhan Wuyifan Exo Krishan
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exo fanfiction recommendations (kris x member)

need to keep track of my fics so ;; its a recommendation/for me to keep track. it'll be mostly kris/member 's fic. enjoy   you are warned: there will be a lot of bottom!kris cus my ship  

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Somewhere Only We Know

Bunga Lavender yang berwarna ungu khas dikatakan banyak orang sebagai bunga pelindung cinta. Bunga itu konon dapat mempertemukan sepasang kekasih yang telah terpisah. Dua orang anak, Hannie dan Benben tinggal di panti asuhan yang sama. Benben selalu melindungi Hannie dari gangguan anak-anak lain yang seringkali mengganggunya. Tetapi pada suatu hari mereka harus terpisah k

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CharactersLuhan, Kris, Park Chanyeol, Tracy Zhou, Liu Yifei
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Ini adalah 'sequel' dari ff ku yang COFFEE SHOP. Okay, aku emang pernah ngomong kalau nggak akan buat sequel, TAPI....!!!! Aku tidak bisa nahan godaan untuk bikin ff Krishan n Myungstal lagi. Lol ^^ Jadi, ini adalah 'anggaplah sequel' dari Coffee shop. Akan menceritakan kehidupan Krishan dan Myungstal setelah pernikahan me

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CharactersKris Wu, Luhan, Im Jin Ah, Kim Myungsoo, Krystal Jung, Suzy, Victoria Song, Tao
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Moving on from Grief

When Luhan is left behind by his lover Yi Fan, how will be able to survive? When Baekhyun finds himself falling in love again, what will he do? When Yixing is faced with two choices, his lover or his future, what decision will he make? When Kai breaks away from Kyungsoo, will he be able to start anew?    

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CharactersLuhan, Sehun, YiFan, Kai, Kyungsoo,Yixing, Baekhyun, Chanyeol, Joonmyeon, Jongin, Suho, Jongdae, Chen, Minseok, Xiumin,Tao, EXO, OT12
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Best Luck

  " Mom, for your information, I'm not going to marry anyone who is 5 years older than me and I'm still young for a marriage. "    " Mom, Dad, I don't care who you are going to choose to become my wife. As long as everything settle as soon as possible and I'm married. "   " I didn't choose to b

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CharactersKris Luhan
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It's Nightmare ... ?

  Kau hanya hidup dalam tekad. / Waktu tak tega menyaksikannya begitu pasrah dan hanya berserah sepenuhnya padamu. Waktu memberontak padamu. Waktu kecewa padamu. Dan kini, waktu menghukummu. / "Apa arti Luhan bagimu ?" / "... matiku adalah untuk hidup," / "Bodoh,"  (Krishan / Layhan / Hunhan)

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CharactersKris, Luhan, Lay, and other EXO members.
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Watching You

  This is the sequel to my previous fic, Last Glimpse. Haha, because I really like to read horror stories, I decided to come up with this not-so-horror story. Also this is special for KrisHan or soon KrisSoeun/SoHan maybe haha. ;) I recommend you to read Last Glimpse first to fully understand this sequel.     Revolves around 10 years after the plane explosion, Kris and Suho

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CharactersEXO, Kim Soeun, Yerin
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He Is Beautiful

Luhan was a new member of 'STAR', a well-known Korean boyband. But the truth was : he was not the supposed Luhan. The real Luhan was unable to take his place, and it was a waste if this chance was not used. So, this beautiful boy started his new life as Luhan. He started to debut as a new member and didn't get the support from the fans because of something. Will he be accepted later on?? What will happen to Luhan??  

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CharactersEXO - Luhan centered
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Can´t I love you

  Two people from different countries, who were raised in a different way, experienced a different kind of hardship -               but share the same pain.

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CharactersLuhan Kris Krishan KrisLu exo
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2 groups from different parts of the city want to race against eachother.they have always been rivals. But now a new group has come and demands a competition,they have no choice but to put up with each other until the races are over.can they cooperate witheachother untilthe races are over or will they lose because of their diff

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Charactersexo-k , exo-m , some superjunior members
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Luhan is the second oldest member in EXO. He has a bubbly, cute and friendly personality. He have a perfect life, family and he is always happy, this is the Luhan that fans and exo members known as. But all of this was actually a lie, his life was never perfect but a bunch of mess.   *   All EXO members (except Luhan who was already in the dorm) came back to their dorm from their dance practice for their up coming song. But the first sight of EXO members when t

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CharactersLuhan(Main), Sehun, Lay, Xiumin, D.O., Baekhyun, Kris, other EXO members and Hyuk
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Jealous Dragon and Playful Deer

Hi's me again. Bring another story of Krishan ! We used to see Jealous luhan but now...let's play fair...we'll see the jelaousy kris. Yeah yeah...Krissy is jelaous with other EXO members.. *devil smile* Let's start the story !! Yehet !!

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CharactersLuhan, Kris, Chanyeol and other Exo members
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I'll Go Anywhere You Go

Kris and Luhan are best friends who love and care more about each other more than family and lovers do. In an accident, Kris and Luhan lost part of their memories. Tao, who younger than them is extremely overprotective over them, and refuses to accept their new romantic lives. Luhan and Kris struggle with Tao's overprotectiveness and try to peice part of their pasts together.

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CharactersKris, Luhan, Tao, Chanyeol, Xiumin, Exo
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EXO Songfics (One-Shot)

This will be a collection of songfics (fan-fiction inspired by songs) around EXO.   - Will I be taking requests? If people are interested, I will. - Will I accept all requests and write them? No. Unfortunately, no.   I'm terribly apologetic about this but there's something about songfics where I need to feel a connection with the song before I feel comfortable writing it. Soooooooo. yea. But feel free to leave y

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Wizard!AU. Lu Han, siswa tahun ketiga South Korea National Wizard Academy, tahu bahwa perasaannya pada Oh Sehun, sang adik kelas yang mendapat predikat Penyihir Muda Terbaik dan juga putra direktur sekolah tersebut, tidak akan terbalas kecuali ia berani berbuat curang. Ia seharusnya tahu bahwa mantera charm tidak akan bisa mempengaruhi penyihir selevel Sehun. Bukannya lenyap bersama dengan harapan Lu Han mendapatkan perhatian Sehun, mantera cinta itu justru menyerang

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CharactersLu Han, Kris, Sehun, and the rest of EXO and SM artists as cameos
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Ten days of life

You know for the 365/366 days of someone life. You just happen to experienced one of unlucky day every year, as it is calls. That could happen when you were going late to the office and trapped in the middle of traffic. You were late because of the last flight you took from other country and kinda had a jetlag remain. So with the jetlag, you were late to the first meeting hold at 9 o’clock while you seems like in another universe to your office trapped in the middle of traffic and somehow  co

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Characterskris, kai, kairis
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RUBIK [Trans from TH]

'Kris and Luhan had a fight' Kris had packed and left. There were frantic rumors like the Leader of EXO-M Division wouldn't return, would quit the band, some even said that there was a serious fight within group.   But nobody actually knew that Wu Yifan didn't go because he was quitting, but because he was running away from what his heart desired. Now he decided to come bac

Byviruskei updated
CharactersKris/Luhan and EXO
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Word Vomit + Tears + Mature Cheddar (One Shot / Drabble Collection)

So................... This be a collection of feels. Plenty of feels. Rivers, lakes, oceans, all of it. I tend to have a lot of ideas. Like a lot. A lot a lot. Some of which I may not want to develop into full blown fics. I have a problem with starting new fics. So....... Whatever I puke out from time to time.. I will collectively post here. And once I stop being lazy with descriptions (and when my brain decides to function properly), I will write something bet

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A Deer and a Wolf

One Deer. One Wolf.

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CharactersLuhan, Kris, Lay, (the rest of may EXO might appear)
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Kris' life changed when he found LuHan, the fallen angel. He took care of the angel boy until he fell for LuHan The fallen angel also started to like Kris at first he thought that it's just a grateful feeling but the angel boy realized that he love the human and didnt want to leave Kris however... the fate of an angel should be stay in the heaven and a human should live the life in th earth the angel LuHan and the human Kris... ca

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CharactersKris Luhan
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12 Reasons Why

Kris had twelve reasons. Twelve reasons to end his life and ruin theirs. 

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CharactersKris, Exo
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Kris is an extreame stalker who is obsessed with his younger neighbour.

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CharactersLuhan, Kris other EXO members expected
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