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The Ghost Whisperer

Kwon Haneul has a gift. She can see the spirits of those who have died - both good and bad. When a newly deceased spirit approaches her, he only asks for one thing. To look after his little brother, Myungsoo.

In 2 weeks

20 year old Evelyn Ling is a famous teen/ young adult Asian actress and novelist from America. She goes to Korea to visit her BFF - a famous Korean singer and fashion designer, for 2 weeks. They have departed at the age of 16 from Malaysia to go their seperate ways. Apparently Evelyn been finding her way tough in Korea, not that she doesn't know Korean, she learnt it since young, its's just that it's the first time for her being alone without her body guards. Sh

ByAnelehos updated
CharactersJoKwangMin Boyfriend Evelyn Ling Suzie Ng
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Heartthrob Snob [Exo-K D.O]

Being part of Korea’s popular boy band, Exo-K, Do Kyungsoo lives a normal and happy celebrity life. Practicing, performing and hanging out would be his normal routine but all of this was about to change. Meet Jung Eunmi. Eunmi is a normal fan girl who extremely admires and adores Exo-K, but what she didn’t know was that her family and the popular Do Kyungsoo’s family were connected. Two separate lives will cross. Two paths that have never met will meet. T

ByMonikeu updated
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Say You're Just A Friend

What if you love someone and you're afraid to tell your true feelings?    What if you love this person but he/she love someone else?   What if he/she does love you but you just avoid him/her for your own good reason?    What if you meet another girl/boy and you fall in love with him/her but you have girlfriend/boyfriend?   What if your best friend love your friend?   ~I thought this things may not come to true lif

ByWooUshii07 updated
CharactersLee ji eun, Jang Wooyoung, Bae Suji, Nickhun, Jiyeon, Junho, Chansung, Sooyoung, Taecyeon, Yoona, Tiffany, Aille
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Being Choi Siwon's Daughter

Choi Ara just wants to be normal. but living with celeberty parent's isn't as easy as she hopped it would be. in a life of music, love, and food... a lot of food, how will she end up living with her over protective father Choi Siwon!   ____________ Well i'm giveing this idea a try. no one is probly going to read it but that's fine too. this is more like a cross between Super Junior meets EXO in some ways. mite throw some SHINee in there too. so please stick with m

Bydearbabywithpepe updated
CharactersSuper Junior, Siwon, Girls Generation, Tiffany, EXO, Chen, OC, maybesomeSHINee?
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My Heart Beats for Him

   A story of a fangirl unexpectedly meeting her bias.    Being

ByIamthegirlonfire updated
CharactersKai OC(Jihyun) you other EXO members
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Cinderella's Stepbrother

      We are all familiar with the folk tale of Cinderella, Where she met he

Bythebaroness updated
CharactersKai l Kris l You
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+++ He was a boy, a boy who could never be tied down. She was a girl who wanted nothing more than love Somehow fate brought them together +++ Love (n) : a profoundly tender, passionate affec

ByKerbzley updated
CharactersOh Sehun; OC; A few minor characters
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I'm In a Secret Relationship with HIM

What if you are in a relationship with SUHO..? But you're just too afraid to tell the world about it. Too afraid that you might ruin his name. That's why you decided to keep your relationship private? But, what if they found out about it? What will you do? How will you face it?

Bymidnightphantom updated
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Best Friends, Maybe? (A Song Joong-ki fanfic)

Cassie Sage came from Canada. Wait, Australia. No, France. Eh, no, she came from England! Pretty confusing, huh? Well, her family moves here and there a lot. Literally, A LOT. One fortunate year, her family moves to South Korea. Everything is just so new. New language, culture, people and most importantly friends. Her encounter with a fellow schoolmate that has sort of "saved her life" creates a

Byanm_23 updated
Characterssong joong-ki, Cassie Sage, Yoon Chung-ho (fictional) etc.
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The Blue Jacket

My name is Sadcha, and I’m 17. You might think my name is weird, but I actually like it. Why? Because i'm the only one who has that name at my school. I hate the kids at my school because i think they are stupid, except I'm not allowed to call them that, even though that's what they are. Let's go back to my name now; I have no idea why my parents chose to call

BySaet_Byul updated
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I Love You (Chunji)

Hey Guys i currently started this story, I actually don't know how it will go, so PLEASE read it and share your ideas, I take critism except don't be rude or too harsh. Thnx :) Description: What do you think will happen after

BySaet_Byul updated
CharactersChunji-Teen Top

School 2013 the sequel

It's a new year at seungri high school. Teacher jung ang kang have bid there goodbyes to their students or so they thought. Although, worried about who would now look out for the troubled kids like nam soon and hueng soo. Though jung-ho left and didn't keep contact with anyone back from school one day texts teacher kang *suprisingly* out of the blue because of a 'situation' As

Bycupcake111 updated
CharactersGo Nam Soon Park Hueng Soo Song Ha Gyung Lee Gang-Joo
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Two hearts become one [HIATUS]

Jiyeon and Daehyun met as a childhood friends and slowly bonded into siblings-alike, though tend to argue with each other and sometimes act as a childhood lover. As times goes by, destiny separated them until when the destiny brought them back together after a few years then everything seemed to be somehow, different? Now that Jiyeon is a college freshman, probably older than Daehyun who is a sen

ByStargazerxx updated
CharactersPark Jiyeon, Jung Daehyun, etc.
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My Panda-Guard

when you say that you need bodyguard to you everywhere and protect you from bad people, well let me tell you that I have Panda-Guard :)

ByHaibaraShery updated
CharactersEXO Tao & Kris, You
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One Last Repair

Welcome to Konbu Boarding School, a school of post-misfits. Tessa Hae believed her life in Barrie, Ontario was perfect. She had normal dreams and was a regular 18-year-old girl. She was also the most popular girl in school, full of money and could get any kind of boy she wanted without looking for him. Everything was lost when she was trans

Bysullylace updated
CharactersKim Jonghyun, Key, Choi Minho, Lee Taemin, Onew, OCs
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My Best Birthday Ever

This is my second fanfic here in asianfanfics and it's just a short story, since my head can't formulate another chapter for my first fanfics yet.... so here another one with same characters :) hope you all enjoy it! Comments and Subscriptions are welcomed :))

Byjoa_nna26 updated
CharactersLeeteuk , Jasmine Han(OC) , Ashley Kim(OC) and Jessie Song (OC)
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Hero falls too.. In Love.

Jongin meets lots of people. Everyday in and out of the company good looking guys, beautiful pretty slim hotties, talented people who to him are just plain lucky  but he doesn't even pay attention to. Dance is why he is here. Dance class all his life, he gets through the audition as easy as ABC? Well he describes it as a finger snappin process. Blessed? Yea whatever.  But all that doesn't matter. As long as he gets to dance, maybe flirt a little make all the heart

Byagirlwhotypes updated
CharactersKim Jongin/ Kai & Elle(OC)
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Here We Stand

-‘Yung feeling na nasabi mo na sa CRUSH mo ang totoo mong nararamdaman, pero walang effect pa rin. Bakit hindi ka cruh ng crush mo lang ang peg. Kalurky girl!-       Kathryn Bernardo - Jane Espinosa Daniel Padilla - Billy Martinez

Bydajona26 updated
CharactersKathryn Bernardo as Jane Espinosa || Daniel Padilla as Billy Martinez and others
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My Childhood Love [Exo-M Luhan]

Ji Hyun and Lu Han are childhood friends, they used to spend every day playing with each other and made a promise to never separate until one day, Ji Hyun’s parents decide to move from Seoul, South Korea. Ten years later Ji Hyun moves back to Korea without knowing about Lu Han’s whereabouts or what he now looks like. All she remembers of him are those from her childhood memories. She enrols at a school where she meets some friends, Oh Se Hun and Park Yoon Jung. One day, Se Hun

ByMonikeu updated
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Three Years Of Memory

  First: I just know you, and you knew me too but i don't like you. Second: Call and text. Bickering and Laughing. Arguing and Sharing. - moved a step higher. Closer than ever. Third: -_- Love or Not? Unwanted situations which we cannot eventually get out.

Bydivavuh updated
CharactersChanyeol You
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When There Was Me And You

  I'm snob, I'm boring, I'm not pretty and most especially I'm unattractive… So how will he ever feel the same way? Im doomed.

Bydivavuh updated
CharactersChin (OC) Baekhyun Kai EXO
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Fight or Flight

Hwa Young has lived a realitively normal life. She lived with her sister since her parents died in a car accident when she was young. And ever since she could remember her best friend, Baek Hyun, had been there for her. Supporting her in everything, never doing anything that produced tension between the two. Until now. When Hwa Young starts to have reoccuring dreams of a mysterious, beautiful man who suddenly seams to be an actually person. She seeks her best friend for help. Yet he respond

Bytoseoulwithlove updated
CharactersHwa Young (Main Protagonist), Baek Hyun, Il Hoon
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