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Swirling Reds (Unending Thirst for You)

Hundreds of years spent alone made his heart bitter. Humans may have been awestruck by his looks but they never meddled with him, not when his gaze was so cold, lifeless.

Hate-Love Relationship

By hasanaheart updated
Characters Kevin | Eli | Jun
With 4 chapters, 1 votes, 7 subscribers, 240 views, 8 comments

Eli was asked by his best friend, Kiseop, to take care of his five-year-old boy, Jun, because the latter wanted to go to New York check his co-worker, Jaeseop – who was trying to expand their business at there. Eli agreed it for the sake of their friendship, but things started to go wrong when he took Jun to his house and introduced him to his roommate, Kevin. Kevin was so surprised with Eli’s decision and insisted him to bring the li

Dark Angels

By MiRaKissMe updated
With 30 chapters, 12 votes, 99 subscribers, 2650 views, 41 comments
Status Subscribers Only

A group of 7 regular girls, attending school and enjoying their lives like their peers and friends. Things were simple and life was easy, and they never complained. Until one night, the girls went

the desperate story of my brothers 2

By magnifiquerara updated
Characters Kim Sara(OC), L.joe(teen top), Dongjun(zea), Eli(u-kiss), Junsu(2pm), L(infinite).
With 32 chapters, 8 votes, 141 subscribers, 6060 views, 82 comments

  The badass are back with new adveture. As they face their new journey, they, the top 5 scariest gangs in Korea have to keep the biggest secrets... First, their gangs didn't know that they are siblings. And second, you didn't know that they're in gangs! What will they do if you know they are in gangs? And what will you do

♚dulce — nh media's first girl group

By Heedick updated
Characters michelle lemoon / micca, kang inna / celeste, juliet kim / juliet, im solbi / solbi, han jooyoung / erin, son jooeun / jooeun, shin haneul / ciel, skylar jeon / skylar, kim jisoo / seori, and more!
With 3 chapters, 5 votes, 28 subscribers, 2190 views, 33 comments


Power with in

By bluebutterfly11 updated
Characters soohyun eli kevin hoon jun aj kiseop
With 12 chapters, 4 subscribers, 620 views, 2 comments

  Hi there can you tell me if u the new chapter 1 is easy read then the other chapter's please let me know :) 

Our Kiss

By Kangnana98 updated
Tags ukiss
Characters OC, Kevin
With 10 views

Kevin of U-kiss. Need I say more. 

A Blog of a Hopeless Person

By jackytomboy96 updated
Characters All of UKiss
With 18 chapters, 1 votes, 26 subscribers, 1290 views, 15 comments

  "Hi my name is Lee Kiseop, I'm 17 years old." These are the first words he types into the computer.

Letters to U-kiss

By AAPP92 updated
Characters kevin, hana lee, mary davis, jae lee, jay park, hyomin, Norae Song, Matt Granger, Kris Bratten
With 65 chapters, 1 votes, 34 subscribers, 3480 views, 37 comments

Hana and Kevin were childhood friends when he lived in California, but she had to move away with her family to ia in fifth grade. Their families were very close, so they were pretty inseparable as children, and did almost everything with each other. Jae was Deanna's best frie

My Angel/Devil

By SpeedLover105 updated
Characters Sistar, Speep, BTS, UKISS, You and others
With 5 chapters, 1 subscribers, 160 views

What if you met an angel that was always there for you when you were little and suddenly he loses his soul. Will you be able to bring his soul back before its to late?

My arranged love marriage

By Mejichan22 updated
With 7 chapters, 1 votes, 39 subscribers, 810 views, 9 comments
Status Subscribers Only

An arranged marriage was something common worldwide and acceptable in the past but not nowadays. What happens when two persons find themselves involved in one because of their parents planned decision . 

My destiny

By TotaJK98 updated
Characters Kevin, Sang-Mi, Eli, SooHyun, Hoon, DongHo, Jaeseop
With 2 chapters, 1 subscribers, 100 views

A story about tow, They've been friends for too long.. But one of them traveled away. They'll meet again by chance.. ant live happily

Shot by Shot.

By niteowls updated
Characters Soohyun and Hoon
With 3 chapters, 2 subscribers, 60 views, 2 comments

Purely SooHoon.

Love's Limit

By kwyerin updated
With 3 chapters, 90 views
Status Completed

He was always someone who was so sweet to me. Even after I had met him, he showed no signs of having any romantic interest in me. It's okay though. I was fine being just friends.. or at least that's what I thought.

The Corrupted Crystals

By Exosaranghae1504 updated
Characters OCs, EXO, GOT7 and more
With 1 chapters, 2 subscribers, 70 views, 1 comments

The Crystals The crystals are located at Lyx, a secret city built by the guardians to protect the crystals. The crystals hold the power of the 12 elements that the guardians represent. The crystals must be kept pure and no darkness must taint it. The Guardians The 12 legen

Arrange Marriage?!?!?! [ELVIN VER.]

By xrainbow_pandax updated
Characters Eli, Kevin, Alexander, Kibum, Soohyun, Dongho, Kiseop, AJ, Hoon
With 10 chapters, 1 votes, 1170 views, 5 comments
Status Completed

What happens when Kevin's parents force him to do an Arrange Marriage to a boy name Eli Kim? What will happen?

Idols' Conflict

By kevinoppa updated
Characters Bomin(OC) U-KISS, EXO, BAP(Minor character)
With 24 chapters, 7 votes, 41 subscribers, 1850 views, 31 comments

Why are these things happening to me? What did I do to receive these stressing problems? Why am I running away from those people? -Those were my thoughts about six months after I came to South Korea to study... Why this? Why these beautiful boys? So many questions... Moving to South Korea from Australia might have been the best thing that happened to my life with the exception of male Kpop Idols living with me in my dorm in Buchan Private Boarding School. But

A Series of Unfortunate Events.

By niteowls updated
Characters Soohyun, Hoon, Eli, Kiseop
With 3 chapters, 2 subscribers, 50 views, 1 comments
Status Completed

Soohyun has really bad luck and on Hoon's birthday, he just wants everything to be perfect.

Gangster Boy

By KimHyoSubs updated
Tags ukiss
Characters https://encrypted-tbn0.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQjhcn5SjjXCUVVpLUZS9Ga6vDDeGN8Ol8QbwqYtDl571cnBLuF
With 10 views

My first one shot!

Letters of Unrequited Love

By marinellawoo updated
Characters Kevin, Jinyoung, AJ, Kiseop, Baro, Jung ~~~~ (OC, You)
With 15 chapters, 1 votes, 1860 views, 20 comments
Status Members Only, Subscribers Only

"If perhaps this yearning... this longing... when it sounds... when it touches... please just act like you didn't know Although the closer I get to you, the more scared I get

Home Run

By exolar updated
Characters Kiseop, Jun, OC
With 30 views, 2 comments

A teenage girl goes on a journey to seek new experiences, meet different types of people, and adopt an alternative lifestyle.  All her life, things have never really gone the way she expected, but eighteen years' worth of plot twists had not prepared her for the one thing that is most foreign to her: falling in love. Something that was never part of her plan from the very beginning. 

{❀ αngels ℓove ⋮ ShinCom 1st Girl Group→ BACK ON TRACK

By Alien_Europa updated
Characters Kwon Mihyun,Yoon Jimin, Jin Sam Hee,Im Min Kyung,Rence Eclaire Seo,K-POP World,Shinhwa
With 56 chapters, 6 votes, 203 comments
Status Subscribers Only

Falling in love: Unconditionally

By star4square updated
Characters Kim Eli. | Shin Soohyun. | Bang MinAh. | Park Sojin.
With 5 chapters, 1 votes, 6 subscribers, 300 views, 3 comments

"I love you"  


By niteowls updated
Characters Hoon Soohyun
With 1 chapters, 50 views, 1 comments
Status Completed

A simply afternoon together.

Echo [Sequel of Amnesia]

By Rubyllious updated
Characters Lee Kiseop, Kim Eli, Kim Jaeseop, Kevin Woo, Lee Junyoung
With 2 chapters, 2 votes, 14 subscribers, 360 views, 6 comments

“Everywhere man blames nature and fate, yet his fate is mostly but the echo of his character and passions, his mistakes and weaknesses.” ― Democritus