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Darkest Hour (Baekhyun x OC)

In a world without sunlight and hope, Hwang Jinae somehow finds both in Byun Baekhyun -- quite literally.


By syazza Updated
With 7 chapters, 5 votes, 119 subscribers, 1650 views, 37 comments
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He is the second son of the family and need to goes down to the company. He has a brother but he seems didn’t interested in managing their family business. His brother study abroad and never back after that. He even married with the girl and moved out from Korea. So, as the remaining son of the Kim, he need to follows all the orders from his Grandpa. “I wish I can escape just like you, Hyung.”- KIM HYUN JOONG She’s the only girl in her siblings. Having

The last one to fall for!!♡♡

By Tulika Updated
Characters Jung so min,yoon ji hoo,goo jun pyo,guem jan di,so yi jeong,chu ga eul,kim woo bin,ha jae kyung
With 14 chapters, 2 votes, 16 subscribers, 780 views, 12 comments

                     DIFFERENT YET ALIKE COUPLES..                          GOO JUN PYO WITH GEUM JAN DI                                YOON JI HO WITH JUNG SO MIN                               SO YI JUNG WITH CHU GA EUL                            KIM WOO BIN WITH HA JAE KYUNG    

The Baby Bargain

By omololalois Updated
Characters kim hyun joong jung so min kim hyun jun
With 60 chapters, 40 votes, 601 subscribers, 25970 views, 836 comments
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Just Married (Book 2)

By omololalois Updated
Characters Kimhyunjoong jungsomin kimbum parkshinhye jaebum kimgeumhee
With 6 chapters, 13 votes, 242 subscribers, 3860 views, 58 comments
Status Subscribers Only

It's been years since So min and Hyun Joong got married and as much as they are trying to have their happily ever after there are still some factors that is waging war against the Couple. Betrayal, hurt, destruction, all lurks in the corner and is waging a war so strong the couple might just find themselves blown away.    

20 days with the arrogant jerk (오만 바보와 이십일)

By LulluExotic Updated
With 55 chapters, 23 votes, 279 comments
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"Remind me never to go on a vacation with him ever again" - Jung Somin 

Mixed Personal recommendation fanfic

By rainbowskai Updated
With 15 chapters, 1 votes, 221 subscribers, 3060 views
Status Completed, Subscribers Only

All is my favourite fanfic. Happy reading! Will update more later :) -Those stories are not mine-

Me.. You.. Us..

By syazza Updated
Characters Kim Hyun Joong Jung So Min
With 51 chapters, 15 votes, 281 subscribers, 10420 views, 161 comments
Status Subscribers Only

In 90's era Jung's family are new to this neighbourhood. They came from Jeju and moved to Seoul due to Mr Jung works. Mr and Mrs Jung already had a son, Jung Daniel, 2 years old. And now, Mrs Jung is pregnant their second child which is a baby girl. At there, they had met the Kim's family who become their neighbour. Mr Kim and Mrs Kim are expecting their first baby. They are more excited to wel

Part of Me

By syazza Updated
With 11 chapters, 9 votes, 125 subscribers, 2600 views, 69 comments
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Hyun Joong and So Min. Their friendship faces all hardship and they learn to be tough and strong through all the hardship. There’s some time she needs someone to console her when she facing her problems. So, she choose him. He always shows the real him to her as he feels comfortable around her since they first met. He once notices that she likes him more than a friend, but he never dare to spoke to her. He never dare to tell her his feelings.

Oh My Boss

By syazza Updated
Characters kimhyunjoong jungsomin heoyoungsaeng hyunmin
With 51 chapters, 16 votes, 389 subscribers, 13340 views, 259 comments
Status Subscribers Only

What happen when a secretary is in a relationship with her BOSS?? Will they be happy always?? What's her fear of all things?? Will her get the happiness with her BOSS a.k.a. BOYFRIEND??   its my second fanfic. getting excited when i'm trying to write this story. just started it yesterday, and today still on going the draft for chapter 2. chapter 3 coming soon. keep supporting and don't forget t

Lost and Found (Original Edition)

By Ilikebeinme2411 Updated
Characters Oh Hani, Baek Seungjo, Kim Suhyeon, Baek Eunjo, Eun Daegu, Lee Donguk
With 1 chapters, 4 votes, 40 subscribers, 3310 views, 22 comments

May 7. The day of my birthday. It was the I decieved my family. Most importantly, it was the day I left this world. I was decieved everyday unknowingly blind like a fool. I was vunerable enough to believe them. I want to reset. I know it's too late to rebute what was lost, but it's not too late to fathom what is found.   

one time too many

By jungmiho Updated
Characters kim hyun joong jung so min
With 88 chapters, 28 votes, 162 subscribers, 19730 views, 493 comments
Status Friends Only

once became twice.  a one time thing became a habit

Love Game

By Amrita1991 Updated
With 211 chapters, 26 votes, 247 subscribers, 55570 views, 1323 comments

Well after reading such marvellous ff centred around my favourite hyunmin couple i just couldn't control myself from hitting the "Start Writing" button and join the lovely crowd as well. Well this is the first time i'm trying my hand at writing a totally romantic story so please bear with me. I really hope you all like it.

Hidden Elites

By Suhoonie Updated
Characters Mika, Karam, Injun, Hyunmin, Jay
With 4 chapters, 160 views

People who run away, been lied too, been abandoned, some even killed. Where do they go exactly?

The Rebellious Bride

By serenity86 Updated
Characters Jin Ah (Jung So Min), Mir (Kim Hyun Joong), Jae Rim (Song Jae Rim), So Eun (Kim So Eun),
With 20 chapters, 22 votes, 288 subscribers, 8370 views, 205 comments
Status Subscribers Only

  Characters    Jin Ah Kim

Just married

By omololalois Updated
Characters Jung So min Kim Hyun Joong Mr and Mrs Kim Mr and Mrs Jung Kim bum park shin hye
With 50 chapters, 51 votes, 1576 subscribers, 44520 views, 766 comments
Status Completed, Subscribers Only

Her parents gave her in marriage to him because of greediness. How can she live with a man she doesn't love?


By somin0114 Updated
Characters hyunmin/ minsul/ kimbum/leeminho/yongshin/yoona/leeteuk/iu/niceguy/jessica/donghae/super junior/shinee/cnblue/ss501,etc
With 84 chapters, 48 votes, 38080 views, 385 comments



By Lolosky Updated
Characters Jung So Min, Kim Hyun Joong, So Rain, Tasha, So Na and more...
With 22 chapters, 6 votes, 26 subscribers, 2880 views, 114 comments
Status Completed

So Min has a boyfriend who she truely loves. They are both happy together until the guy's friend comes.  He begins to take a liking into So Min. But he doesn't do anything because he doesn't want ti hurt his bestfriend. He cares so much about him. So Min gets close to the guy ans begins to fall for him without noticing.  What will happen now?  Characters¤¤¤¤ *Jung So

River of No Return

By bowwow Updated
Characters jungsomin, kimhyunjoong, hyunmin, janggeunsuk, leehyori
With 60 chapters, 15 votes, 64500 views, 361 comments

There is a river, called THE RIVER OF NO RETURN, Sometimes it's peaceful and sometimes wild and free, Love is a traveller on THE RIVER OF NO RETURN Swept on for ever to be lost in the stormy sea. I can hear my lover call to me, Where the roaring waters fall, I can hear my lover call come to me, I lost my love on the river and for ever my heart will yearn Gone gone for ever down THE RIVER OF NO RETURN She'll/He'll never return to me

The Last Leaf

By Girloffire Updated
Characters Kim hyun joong Jung so min
With 1 votes, 10 subscribers, 430 views, 3 comments

"Failures are not an excuse to back out,but an inspiration to move on"AnonymousIts been two hours. The wait seems like an eternity,but it didnt deemed his courage.He would wait,wait until the justice is served,though the climate seems to be not in the mood of favouring him.He is going to bear the cold no matter what. Bcoz it is less when compared to the pain in his heart,and the battle between his heart and mind,more than that even his family seems to be in the same line.He felt

Way Back

By lelslols Updated
Characters shinjungtae jungsomin kimhyunjoong kimgoeun parkhaejin
With 5 chapters, 4 votes, 98 subscribers, 10 comments
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Jung So Min and Shin Jung Tae seems to have a perfect relationship. But who would have thought that their financial status in life would ruin and separate them from each. After a long and unbearable break up, Jung Tae is back as Kim Hyun Joong. Will she recognize him? Will he be able to find his way back to the love of his life?


By Maybabe46 Updated
Characters Jung So Min, Kim Hyun Joong, Dongtae, Jessica, Yoon hae ra, Park Jung Min
With 32 chapters, 6 votes, 77 subscribers, 118 comments

Somin is a girl that lives with her mom and her elder brother Jung yong hwa. Her dad abandoned her mom and ran away with his lover. Ever since then, Somi believes that all men (except her oppa and her best friend Dongtae) are liars and cheaters. What will happen when she meets Hyun Joong at a surprising, shocking and very embarrassing situation and ends up falling for him without knowing it. Will she embrace her love and accept his heart? Read this story to find out.

From the END

By Girloffire Updated
Characters Kim hyun joong jung so min
With 1 votes, 9 subscribers, 750 views, 3 comments

*Random one shot*

The Hottest Guy On Campus.......IS MY HUSBAND?!?!

By Maybabe46 Updated
Characters Jung so min, Kim hyun joong, Park shin hye, Kim so eun, Lee min ho, Kim bum, Mr and Mrs Kim, Mr and Mrs Jung
With 7 chapters, 3 votes, 209 subscribers, 2670 views, 29 comments
Status Subscribers Only

Somin is a chabeol. She and her family are well known around the world. At school everyone knows who she is and tjey try to befriend her for her money and nothing more. She was a nerd at school and had only two friends which were Park shin hye and Kim so eun. Hyun joong was regarded as one of the hottest guys on campus. He was every girls dream and every guys envy. What happens when the nerd and hottest guy who is also the captain of the football team, are arranged in a marriage because of their

Spreading Love for DGNA

By chuchu94 Updated
Characters Daeguknamah(Mika, Karam,Hyunmin,Injun,jay)
With 21 chapters, 2 votes, 11 subscribers, 510 views, 4 comments
Status Subscribers Only

Randomly updated support story-book about Korean pop group named DGNA( DAe Guk Nam ah). In Japan: Daikoku Danji), the English name - The Boss. The name means The Boys of Super Space. I know there are people who updates some facts about DGNA but that is from my perspective :) Background  made by me

Flower of my life (My Maid My Flower)

By smileyhyo Updated
Characters Kim Hyun Joong, Jung So Min, Go Min Ah, Lee Min Ho, Yoon Hae Ra, Jaejoong
With 42 chapters, 8 votes, 181 subscribers, 26700 views, 244 comments

  Kim Hyun Joong Kim Hyun Joong was a famous idol star which comes from a wealthy family. He has everything to be prou