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Living A Double Life

"I never thought I would be able to live a normal life until he came along. He was the one who saved me and I would do anything for him, even if it means to die."

I Have Loved

ByHawaali updated
CharactersJung yonghwa park shinhye cnblue mr and mrs jung mr park and others
With10 chapters, 11 votes, 140 subscribers, 1630 views, 32 comments
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"Everyone Falls In Love With Someone Somehow"                                                      This story tells about friendship, love, family, and romance.    

My soulmate...

ByI_AM_A_DREAMER updated
CharactersPark Shin hye, Jung Yong hwa
With29 chapters, 20 votes, 282 subscribers, 6570 views, 140 comments
StatusCompleted, Subscribers Only

Park Shin hye:  

Dear Diary

ByGuns007 updated
CharactersJung Yong Hwa, Park Shin Hye, Tiffany Hwang, Park Han Byul, Choi Dong Wook, Lee Min Ho, Jungshin and Min hyuk
With33 chapters, 17 votes, 219 subscribers, 47 comments
StatusCompleted, Subscribers Only

Dear Diary, 5 July 2013     I saw him sit in front of me. he wear the uniform but it's different from mine. he look like not realize that I been there. he just open his book an


ByBlueDooley updated
CharactersJung YongHwa || Park ShinHye
With9 chapters, 25 votes, 143 comments
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Park ShinHyeJung YongHwa 

Ever Since

ByStar_Edelweiss updated
CharactersLee Jong Hyun Park Shin Hye Jung Yong Hwa
With1 chapters, 7 votes, 36 subscribers, 550 views, 12 comments

Everyone knows that they're childhood friend. Park Shin Hye, the religious and smart girl. And Lee Jong Hyun, the Hello Kitty boy.   Everyone knows that Park Shin Hye fall in love with Jong Hyun from the first time they met but not at the first sight.

Because I Love You

ByBlueDooley updated
CharactersJung YongHwa & Park ShinHye
With11 chapters, 20 votes, 119 comments
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“A love story about two person whos in different world and different situation.But once their world meet everything will be totally change”A man who has everything in this world the word “EVERYTHING” intelligence, wealth, good looking, supportive parents and eve

I am crazy come back to me!!

Byyongshincouple2014 updated
With6 chapters, 13 votes, 139 subscribers, 1920 views, 47 comments
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(It’’s over I’m sorry) (Do it do it do it now do it do it do it now) (Do it do it do it now do it do it do it now) Mworago nan ne mal moreugesseo Na sirtaneun ne mareul moreugesseo Wanjeonhi michyeosseo jeongsincharyeo michyeosseo R u crazy (r u crazy) Gandago seulpeun cheok yeongi malgo Tteonandago pinggyedo geuman malhae Wanjeon

My beautiful slave

ByCNBLUE2014 updated
With3 chapters, 14 votes, 139 subscribers, 1330 views, 20 comments
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JungYongHwa-He Attends one of the most prestigeousschools in korea he is the heir of all the schools and if he feels like it he can let all the people fail and dont go to the next grade.He is an idol to all the girls for being handsome and for having a magical voice except for one girl,that girl does not even give a dam who is him she just cares about stud

The Gift

ByHtacchua updated
CharactersPark Shinhye, Jung Yonghwa, Lee Jonghyun, Choa(AOA)
With11 chapters, 24 votes, 79 comments
StatusSubscribers Only

Jung Yonghwa A perfect prince charming always with a smile. "All he want is to be able to bring a smile to others with his own. To see others around him to live well."   Park Shinhye

Love me again,i can't live without you!!!

ByDOOLEYCOUPLE2014 updated
With6 votes, 37 subscribers, 320 views, 11 comments
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 JungYongHwa-He is endless in love with seohyun a pretty woman with a fake character she acts sweet,cherfull with everyone but the truth is that she is not what she seems to be she is mean and arrogant who ever you ask hey will tell you to be aware of her.Yonghwa does not care about her past because he loves her he truthly loves her but she does not.Yonghwa mother arranged this marriage between her bestfriend daugther park shin hye,he will make her suffer,he will make her cry,he will trat her

We got married

ByPSHJYH updated
With2 chapters, 9 votes, 99 subscribers, 850 views, 17 comments
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 Changbakke bi-ga naerimyeon gamchwodun giyeo-gi nae mameul jeokshigo Ijeun jurarat-deon saram ohiryeo seon-myeong-hi tto tashi tteo-olla Nae saranga saranga keuri-un naye saranga monnoha bu-lleobojiman deudjido mothaneun sarang Nae saranga saranga bogopeun naye saranga keudae ireummaneurodo be-in -deut apeun saranga nae saranga Changgae eodumi omyeon sumkyeo non chu-eo-gi nae mameul balghine Nae saranga saranga keuri-u

Beauty Of Love

Bycikbella updated
CharactersPark Shin Hye, Jung Yonghwa
With4 chapters, 20 votes, 178 subscribers, 67 comments
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    Two different people, two different characters, from two different world of their own... What happen when they eventually meet each other?

Ring Ring Ring My Bell

ByWangie updated
With42 chapters, 131 votes, 554 comments
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“Mwo … accident? When? Last night around 11.30pm? Is she ok? Which hospital is she at now?” She was to call me once she reached home last night, after our visit to the clinic for our vitamin jabs. I assumed she had been too tired to call … I’m kicking myself now … what an I’ve been! I should have called her instead, how could I have been so careless … stupid stupid me …      

Marriage Deal

ByBlueDooley updated
CharactersJung YongHwa || Park ShinHye || HyeJeong
With3 chapters, 15 votes, 51 comments
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"Marriage Deal" "What would you to if one day you wake up and your getting married?"  i come back home because i want to find her, but i just found out that im getting married.. getting married not to her.. but to anyone..to anyone that i dont know. I dont love her i dont know her but why i need to marry her?.... i swear i will make her suffer on my said i will make her miserable until she will give up and LEAVE!.. 

Beautiful Goodbye

Bymiss-rose updated
CharactersJung Yong Hwa | Park Shin Hye
With22 chapters, 57 votes, 267 subscribers, 9720 views, 348 comments

Jung Yong Hwa & Park Shin Hye “You think I am too desperate to marry you?” She scoffed annoyingly as she glared her eyes towards him but Yong Hwa just looked back at her blankly. “Yah! This is Park Shin Hye! I can get any guy to marry me

The Return of Superman

Bywindflower01 updated
CharactersJungYongHwa ParkShinHye
With6 chapters, 31 votes, 2590 views, 113 comments

KBS is in need of another 'daddy and daughter' tandem and Yong Hwa and his daughter Yuri will be their perfect choice. "The Return of Superman" will reveal how daddy Yong Hwa will take care of his little princess Yuri not just for 48 hours but for one whole week, ALONE. Are you excited for the return of superman?  

Don't stop liking me

Bydramas2015 updated
Charactersleeshin,leegyuwon,kimtan and more
With12 votes, 44 subscribers, 360 views, 3 comments
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'''''What if the story changes?What if kyuwon after leeshin told her or stops liking him and she agrees and never talks to him?What if she agrees with leeshin advice to stop worrying about him and to forget about each other.What will happen when the nw guy arrives at school and he likes kyu won?What will lee shin do?  

Always and Forever

Bysayafars updated
Charactersshin hye,,, yong hwa ,,,kang min hyuk....cnblue....OTHERS.
With16 chapters, 6 votes, 2320 views, 51 comments

 HE IS NO MORE THERE FOR YOU SO WHAT YOU GOING TO DO?!!! MOVE ON?!! OR STAY AT YOUR PLACE......... will you still love him? will countinue with him? will you be his forever?  

My World, My Family....

BySweetBee updated
Charactersjungyonghwa parkshinhye leejonghyun
With1 chapters, 5 votes, 49 subscribers, 630 views, 18 comments

Love will never come together without trust. Their love turned into hate because of lack of trust. they love each other but also hate each other. They live apart but never really parted. One thing that keeps them together. Their son.  


Byyonghye2015 updated
With36 subscribers, 360 views, 2 comments
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ParkShinHye-She is a beautiful girl that helps people she is a good hearted girl.She is a rich girl that has everything in life.Until they kidnaper JungYongHwa-He is the kidnapper that kidnaps every rich girl he finds mostly if she is beautiful.

Le Mademoiselle and her Butler

Byhannaraisya updated
CharactersJung yonghwa. Park shinhye. Cnblue. And many more to come as the story progresses~
With57 chapters, 50 votes, 302 comments

        The two weren't siblings. But they had been raised under the same roof since childhood.  'How come' you ask? they have a special re

Queen of Hearts

ByPatrina updated
CharactersPark Shin Hye, Jung Yong Hwa, Woori, Park Se Young, Juniel, CNBLUE and others
With23 chapters, 10 votes, 209 subscribers, 3740 views, 72 comments
StatusSubscribers Only

Love is like the sun and the moon. Maybe they are not meant for now. But someday, they will. . . . . . . ECLIPSE Sometimes love makes a big scar in your heart. But don't let it stain your life. It only means, the bigger the scar, the more you are strong to face a problem and stand still. It was LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT for the boy but HATE AT FIRST SIGHT for the girl

Undefeated Man 2 (The Dangerous Comes From The Angel Dark Revenge)

ByGuns007 updated
With10 subscribers, 160 views, 2 comments
StatusSubscribers Only

THE LAST CHAPTER OF UNDEFEATED MAN   super yonghwa not have much choice..   he decided to hug min ho and take him flying to the sky, so shin hye and the other people will not


ByBelWatson updated
CharactersKang Shinwoo (Jung Yonghwa) Go Minyu (Park Shinhye)
With21 chapters, 20 votes, 64 subscribers, 2710 views, 164 comments

"It didn't matter how much I loved her. How better I loved her. For how long I loved her. Nothing of that mattered because she still chose him and not me, even when I opened my heart and offered it to her, still hoping, still being a fool. And even if I know it's futile, even if it makes no difference because she can't look at me... I still love her. Unconditionally. Devotedly. Hopefully. Strongly. Quietly. Distantly. My love for her is as constant as the beating of my heart, as my even breat