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He is My GHOSTfriend

by rheeming updated on
Tags: kyuhyun kyumin romance sungmin
Chapters: 6 | Votes: 2 | Comments: 3 |

What would you do, if someday you found a soul wants to be yourfriend? Will you accept... or refuse... Main pair: KyuMin, Slight!HyukMin... Read More

♥ Till The Day The World Is Covered In Sapphire Blue ♥

by Super_Junior_Lover updated on
Tags: eunhae kyumin superjunior haehyuk yewook kangteuk superjuniorm
Chapters: 108 | Votes: 63 | Subscribers: 173 | Comments: 373 |

Super Junior/Super Junior-M.... Read More

The Life of fairies and Humans

by Carwey updated on
Tags: eunhae kyumin sihae
Votes: 3 | Subscribers: 6 | Views: 70 |

A boy named Lee Sungmin is an animals fairy,24 years old and he has a younger brother named Lee Donghae who is a season fairy,19 years old.Due to their paren... Read More

Life with Poodlehead [Subscribers Only]

by KyuMinFever updated on
Tags: fluff genderbender kyumin sandeul drabble minkyu
Chapters: 5 | Votes: 6 | Comments: 32 |

Sungmin always thought that being stuck with Cho Kyuhyun, otherwise known as Poodlehead, would suck. However, life only seemed bette... Read More

The Wedding Planner

by 300990 updated on
Tags: kyuhyun kyumin sungmin
Subscribers: 11 | Views: 110 |

Lee Sungmin is a wedding planner. And he falls in love with someone he shouldn’t.... Read More

Ask Oppa: Super Junior [Complete]

by TheGreatRinnim updated on
Tags: eunhae kyumin superjunior yewook
Chapters: 15 | Votes: 5 | Subscribers: 33 | Views: 1120 | Comments: 66 |

Ever Wonder what your bias would say if you could ask them anything? Ever think of a scenerio you would love to see them act out? Well, now you can in this addition of Ask Oppa: Super Junior Additi... Read More

A Royal Curse

by aleihs19 updated on
Tags: angst fantasy fluff hanchul kyuhyun kyumin sungmin
Chapters: 31 | Votes: 26 | Subscribers: 175 | Views: 8050 | Comments: 332 |

Back in history, there were two unfortunate lovers divided by curse because of a selfish lie. Thousands of years lat... Read More

Ask Super Junior?

by Super_Junior_Lover updated on
Tags: eunhae hanchul kyumin yewook kangteuk superjuniorm superjunior15
Chapters: 18 | Votes: 7 | Subscribers: 20 | Views: 450 | Comments: 18 |

Ever have that ... Read More

Waiting for Leeteuk

by Elfy15 updated on
Tags: eunhae fluff hanchul kyumin sibum kangteuk dorm
Chapters: 3 | Subscribers: 7 | Views: 120 | Comments: 1 |

Leeteuk being discharged and everyone in the dorm are happy and excited. But what exactly happening before leader Leeteuk comes back? New and surprising experiences that the members didn't expect..... Read More

Exchange of Interest [Subscribers Only]

by mingclosetbunny updated on
Tags: kyuhyun kyumin sungmin alternateuniverse
Chapters: 2 | Votes: 7 | Views: 500 | Comments: 15 |

Pairing: Kyuhyun/Sungmin   Rating:  PG-13 for now   Verse: al... Read More

Graduating Batch of Gay

by lostfishy updated on
Tags: crossdressing eunhae highschool kyumin sichul superjunior dramacomedy
Chapters: 24 | Votes: 66 | Subscribers: 432 | Views: 17530 | Comments: 610 |

Everyone has their own problems, but in the end, they're not actually that different. Kyuhyun is worried about college, Sungmin's health m... Read More

D.I.L.F [Subscribers Only]

by minglocked updated on
Tags: kyuhyun kyumin sungmin
Votes: 3 | Subscribers: 119 | Views: 420 | Comments: 8 |

Kyuhyun is a hopeless single father who, backed up against the wall, is forced to hire a babysitter. Unfortunately, the babysitter is pretty hot. D.I.L.F: Dad I... Read More

Another Chance to be with you [Subscribers Only]

by frustratedwriterx updated on
Tags: kyumin kyumindeul
Chapters: 1 | Comments: 3 |

Length: Multi- Chaptered Characters: Kyuhyun, Sungmin, Sandeul, Jintou, Baro, Kangin, Hongki Warning: Mpreg!mentions  ... Read More

Hope [Complete]

by Kyumin_yewook updated on
Tags: kyuhyun kyumin kyuminangst psycholgical
Chapters: 2 | Comments: 2 |

          It is always nothing but the power of imagination that keeps people alive, false sense of security or not; false hope is still hope... Read More

I Love You Too

by wolfkyuminbunny updated on
Tags: kangin kangmin kyuhyun kyumin siwon sungmin simin
Chapters: 10 | Votes: 5 | Comments: 51 |

This is the sequel from my oneshot fic, 'I just love you'. And it is my first on attempting a sequel, so, i hope it will not be a disappointed..hehehe >_< It's also ... Read More

To The Years of Love [Complete]

by amethystf updated on
Tags: kyumin superjunior
Chapters: 28 | Votes: 21 | Subscribers: 143 | Views: 5410 | Comments: 216 |

With three months to debut, Kyuhyun was introduced to their company's star composer. But everyone warned Kyuhyun about the composer's weird quirks and bad temper. How will the story for this traine... Read More

Fast Food, Not So Fun Times [Subscribers Only]

by danime25 updated on
Tags: kyumin
Chapters: 4 | Votes: 3 | Subscribers: 43 | Views: 290 | Comments: 7 |

This is the typical story, Kyuhyun's a recent college graduate who wants to do something with his life, and gets a job at... a burger joint. The worst thing might be the fact that everyone at this ... Read More

The horrors of a period [Complete]

by TheGreatRinnim updated on
Tags: comedy eunhae kyumin superjunior
Chapters: 3 | Votes: 1 | Subscribers: 11 | Views: 220 | Comments: 6 |

Ryeowook takes his love to a science exhibit she wants to visit, when all hell breaks loose. Now with switched bodies, he learns the trials of being a woman, while trying to become a man.... Read More

Between The Trees

by IAmTheCarla updated on
Tags: eunhae fantasy kyumin superjuinior medievalau
Chapters: 8 | Votes: 6 | Subscribers: 55 | Views: 1150 | Comments: 33 |

Prince Sungmin, eldest son of King Leeteuk and next in line to be King of the Taeyangi Kingdom, has always been rather content with his royal life contained to the palace and the surrounding villag... Read More


by Kyu3392 updated on
Tags: comedy drama kyuhae kyuhyun kyumin romance superjunior
Chapters: 22 | Votes: 85 | Subscribers: 519 | Comments: 422 |

The music business isn't an easy one, but for blind street singer Cho Kyuhyun, life has never been easy. And it’s only going to get more complicated. Kyuhyun thinks his dream has fi... Read More


by kayetin updated on
Tags: genderbender kyumin romancedrama
Chapters: 31 | Votes: 38 | Subscribers: 215 | Comments: 632 |

Title: LOVE IS NOT BLIND Pairing: Kyumin Genre: Romance, Drama Rating: PG-13 Warning: Gender bender Summary: Sungmin is just a simple 18 years old gir... Read More

Because he's naughty naughty, hey he's Mr Kyuhyun [Complete]

by loveu_capminsoo updated on
Tags: eunhae kyuhyun kyumin ryeowook sungmin yesung love
Chapters: 18 | Votes: 1 | Subscribers: 33 | Views: 4510 | Comments: 17 |

hmmm....all us E.L.F's know Kyumin right?   ... Read More

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