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Henber (349 henber fanfics)

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My Crazy Stalker

(Stalker!AU) Kai doesn't do lovey dovey. That's pretty much it. He's a loner. And yet, he always feels like there's a pair of eyes constantly watching him.

A change in life

By shaybee2 updated
With 3 chapters, 1 votes, 8 subscribers, 150 views, 1 comments

Kris is tired of how his life is that of the constant hustle and bustle of his high school routine. After realising what has happened to him, he takes a stand and tries to change things for the better. Here is where he starts to get to know his fellow class member Tao a lot better, and try to find out what he wants to do after high school.  

shake that brass

By twinkfest updated
Characters henry, amber, other idols
With 3 chapters, 3 votes, 680 views, 12 comments

In which Amber Liu plays as leader of the trumpet section for the performing arts high school band and has to negotiate with the orchestra's prodigy first chair violinist in showcase matters.      

My Baby Llama

By amuraalexandria updated
Characters Amber , Anyber
With 33 chapters, 3 votes, 203 subscribers, 6440 views, 228 comments
Status Completed, Subscribers Only

sekumpulan FF one shot Amber Josephine Liu :) ff ini hanya fiksi dan berdasarkan imajenasi yang nemplok gitu aja difikiran :D  Hope U like it guys ^_^  

Can you see me?

By m2x1000 updated
Tags henber
Characters henry amber krystal myungsoo
With 1 chapters, 1 votes, 9 subscribers, 90 views

Amber loves Henry but Henry is head over heels inlove with Krystal who unfortunately loves Myungsoo but the latter is secretly in love with Amber, how can these people find their happiness if the person that they want to be with loves someone else?                    

my duty

By darya_tnt updated
With 1 chapters, 4 subscribers, 100 views

When snoopy sees llama crying he feels broken

these are the things

By twinkfest updated
Characters henry, amber, other idols
With 7 chapters, 3 votes, 680 views, 11 comments

When he goofs off with that same idiotic face on again, all she can do is join in.      

Finding Happiness Amongst Regrets

By anglestory180 updated
Characters Amber, Sehun, Kris, Henry
With 1 chapters, 8 subscribers, 200 views, 3 comments

Will she ever get love right?


By ajikdo updated
Characters Amber Liu, Henry Lau, Kim Junmyeon (Suho), Park Sunyoung (Luna)
With 10 subscribers, 170 views, 3 comments

He should've known. 

[Chibi] Henber moments collection

By wangzifan updated
Characters Henry & Amber
With 66 chapters, 38 votes, 128 subscribers, 10440 views, 167 comments

Henber moments are converted into chibi version by me ^^ Cant resist their cuteness together \(^v^)/

It's you

By m2x1000 updated
Characters henry amber
With 7 chapters, 2 votes, 57 subscribers, 1050 views, 20 comments
Status Subscribers Only

henry x amber

fall back on me, fall back on you

By dokokoro updated
Characters Henry Lau, Amber Liu, Eric Nam, Ailee, Others
With 1 chapters, 2 votes, 24 subscribers, 210 views, 6 comments

Amber needs someone to help her with a project. Henry doesn't know why he agreed in the first place.   

How to Seduce Kris

By Shewhoateurpocky updated
Characters Kris, Amber, Henry, Ailee, Jessica
With 3 chapters, 4 votes, 52 subscribers, 1010 views, 15 comments


Just Smile and Make Believe (I don't feel a thing)

By madd4the24 updated
Characters Mark, Jackson, JB, JR, BamBam, Youngjae, Yugyeom, Kyuhyun, Zhou Mi, Henry, Amber
With 2 chapters, 5 votes, 35 subscribers, 410 views, 8 comments

After a deadly attack Mark finds himself the new head of his vampire bloodline. With the killer still on the loose, and tensions with humans at an all time high, Mark finds fragile trust in Jackson, his loud but honest classmate, and Zhou Mi, the quiet upperclassmen steeped in secrets. But trusting the wrong person could get Mark killed.

.My Lovely Tomboy.

By amy1993min updated
Characters Kyuhyun, Hyukjae, Heechul, Hangeng, Jaejoong, Yunho, Ryeowook, Yesung, Henry, Amber, Luna and other SJ members. (Side pairing: Hanchul, Yunjae, Yewook, Henber)
With 8 chapters, 9 votes, 138 subscribers, 1720 views, 62 comments
Status Subscribers Only

Cho Kyuhyun has a serious f*tish for Tomboys... as long as you are a tomboy you will most definitely get hit on by Kyuhyun. But what happens when Kyuhyun actually falls in love...??   As usual I suck on the description...No promises but hopefully the story would be better ^.^

Come Again, Okay?

By kalon_sama updated
Characters Amber, Henry, Donghae
With 1 chapters, 2 votes, 26 subscribers, 380 views, 3 comments

Have a nice day. Come again okay? It was nice talking to you.


By ahniceee updated
With 59 chapters, 16 votes, 6030 views, 100 comments
Status Completed

Amber an assasin with a dark & scary past who's set to kill anyone that's in her way and henry who's in love with her... what would happen when the both of them met...   Her blade cut swiftly through the thick flesh of his throat, the movement so practiced that her prey hardly even realised what she had done as his hands went feebly towards his neck in a pathetic attempt to staunch the blood flow. The assassin looked down on her prey as he pee

Hot mess central

By bby_tigz updated
Characters ZhangYixing, WangJackson, JungTaekwoon
With 1 votes, 1 comments

like what the tag says, this fic will be based off of Roommates i would give you the roommates layout now but.. why would i want to do that? XD you'll figure it out later in the chapters kekek (whenever ppl start updatin..*ahem*)

Ten Minutes

By nuggetss updated
Characters Amber Liu || Henry Lau
With 1 chapters, 2 votes, 7 subscribers, 450 views, 3 comments
Status Completed

Title: Ten Minutes Pairing: Henry/Amber Genre: friendship and romance (kinda) Word Count: 1183  


By dieu_khuong updated
Characters Henry Amber
With 1 chapters, 1 votes, 85 subscribers, 660 views, 3 comments
Status Completed, Subscribers Only

"Are you hungry?" Photo creadit to @hbtgt1811

Carpe Diem

By Aegyuo updated
Characters EXO, SHINee, f(x), Apink, 4Minute, MissA, SJ, Blockbuster, WINNER, CNBLUE.
With 2 subscribers, 70 views
Status Members Only, Subscribers Only

  As a group of friends enter their last year of high school, they come to realize that this is their last chance to truly seize their youth with impending college exams and adulthood snapping at their heels.   ✰

We got married-henber couple

By hych_vi updated
Characters henrylau amber liu
With 36 chapters, 12 votes, 162 subscribers, 10060 views, 86 comments

 What?! I am getting married? This is a henber fanfic about them going on to a programme We got married So please enjoy~ * Cover photo credit to wangzifan :)

My Boyfriend is a Girl

By -theunniefangirl updated
Characters Krystal Jung, Amber Liu, Henry Lau, Jessica Jung, Tiffany Hwang, Ailee, Others
With 3 chapters, 7 votes, 100 subscribers, 2760 views, 11 comments

She isn't falling in love with her.  She's just falling for her voice.


By YoruNoTenshi updated
Characters Victoria Song, Zhou Mi, Amber, Henry, others
With 4 chapters, 4 votes, 33 subscribers, 780 views, 20 comments
Status Members Only

Obsession: a state in which someone thinks about someone or something constantly or frequently especially in a way that is not normal

i just wanna

By twinkfest updated
Characters amber, henry, ailee, other idols
With 1 chapters, 2 votes, 580 views, 7 comments
Status Completed

Amber's best friend and childhood friend are hitting it off well, in her opinion. In fact, they're almost hitting it off too well.      

Unexpected Destiny

By llamajellyfish updated
Characters Amber and others.
With 3 chapters, 2 votes, 86 subscribers, 870 views, 16 comments
Status Subscribers Only

“Aku benci padamu.” “Maaf atas kejadian tempo hari.”