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lucked out

Let's play the avoidance game! Jung Daehyun vs Yoo Youngjae. The winner gets to keep his pride intact—sanity or figuring out what's wrong with Jung Daehyun not included. Are you childish enough to play along, Youngjae?

The Love That Fades Away

By felelstar updated
Characters Choi Minki Ren ahn jaehyun ko kwangmin
With 2 chapters, 40 views

            Mpire Highschool is one of the best highschool in the country. The students who attend this school mostly plutocrats’ sons and daughters. As we can know, the minority students here are commoners who landed here with their capabilities in academic achievement. The princes of the school are the seniors. Ahn Jaehyun, Choi Minki and Jo KwangMin. They are ones of the top students in school. Based on their family business and ranking in academic. Same goes to this school, there is a soc

I Love You, Too (Sequel)

By angelflyer22 updated
Characters you and Kwangmin
With 18 chapters, 5 votes, 14 subscribers, 530 views, 41 comments

Hi guys!!    I'm here with a sequel for you all!  It's the sequel to "I Love You" a Kwangmin fanfic.  :)  You guys remember where I left you off in the first one, right?  Well, there will be a time skip and then I'll pick up from there!  I hope you guys like it as much as you did the first one!  And I do suggest you re

Once upon a time,

By fishykevinwoo updated
Characters Boyfriend Members
With 12 chapters, 7 votes, 33 subscribers, 2060 views, 36 comments

It is arguably just a job. The reason why one hesitates when your work invades your private lives. Every case was a new adventure, but what if, some voyages don't have a way back? - might deal with some supernatural themes. no official pairing. (probably a lot of Donghyun babying Minwoo, twin telepathy or the likes, Jeongmin and Hyunseong just having fun. but it's all brotherly.) (uhhhh...do you guys want a l

The Star-Crossed Moon

By Arisa_Ameiru updated
Characters Moon Ahri (OC) | Jo Twins | BOYFRIEND | OCs
With 9 chapters, 35 votes, 3160 views, 77 comments


92 days with a jerk

By Min-Yung updated
Characters You, Luhan, KwangMin, Exo
With 33 chapters, 19 votes, 151 subscribers, 7330 views, 124 comments
Status Subscribers Only


Red Apples and A Kiss

By saeoh-chan updated
Characters Oh Hayoung | Kim Myungsoo | Choi Junhong | Jo Kwangmin | Oh Sehun | Lee Chanhee
With 1 chapters, 1 votes, 37 subscribers, 11 comments
Status Subscribers Only

One  dance, one night, one girl. That was all it takes to make them do a double take, to know that after all these years of unknown searching,

Blood brothers

By MelMel94 updated
With 54 chapters, 6 votes, 8970 views, 71 comments

Youngmin and Kwangmin were born twins but they abandoned at birth.They were taken in by an orphange to take care of them. At the age of 11, they both were adopted by two different families. The twins were upset of breaking apart. Who knows they could see each other again.

Temporary Princess

By girly_author-nim457 updated
Characters Jo Kwangmin, Lee Yuki, the rest of Boyfriend
With 17 chapters, 11 comments

Summary       Lee Yuki has always wanted to follow in her father's footsteps and become and a bodyguard for the royal family. She has lived in Japan all her life with her mother and brother, but now she's 16 she is finally moving to South Korea to persue her

✍Code Heaven: 50 Tricks To Win Her Back✍

By hwang_sunyoung updated
Characters Lee Taemin, Jo Haneul (OC), Kim Myungsoo (L), Hwang Subin (OC) , SHINee, Kwon Mira (OC), Jo Youngmin and Jo Kwangmin
With 2 chapters, 1 votes, 2 subscribers, 80 views

After the breakup between Jo Haneul, the class representive of 2A and radio host of Jeo Joon High's radio station, Kiss The Radio, and Lee Taemin, the aegyo prince of the school, everything seems to be fine for Haneul. But for Taemin...he's broken into a million pieces. Which is why he ran to his hyungs for help, Kibum, Minho, Jonghyun, and Jinki create the plan - Code Heaven: 50 Tricks To Win The Girl Back. Will the plan suceed, or will it fall down th

Boyfriend's Little Sister?

By fanne95 updated
Characters Fanne (You), Boyfriend: Donghyun, Hyunseong,Jeongmin,Youngmin,Kwangmin,Minwoo
With 20 chapters, 3 votes, 25 subscribers, 920 views, 14 comments

Starship's CEO suddenly decided to add another member in boyfriend. Who will this new member be? He's supposed to be charismatic, cute, talented, funny - a real idol! but wait He's a She???? What kind of twisted story will this be? Find out as you read on! Don't worry It'll be a cute romantic comedy XD    Hi! Fanne here ^^ So this is a story which I've be

The Hunted

By thesmilinggod updated
Characters boyfriend kimdonghyun shimhyunseong leejeongmin joyoungmin jokwangmin nominwoo (OC)hanjinhwa other(OCs)
With 2 chapters, 1 subscribers, 30 views

Han Jinhwa was far from what one could consider new when it came to the world of the supernatural. Having been born a seer was not only a great blessing for her, but a heavy and dangerous burden. She could see the futures of those she interacted with as well as dip into their pasts. That's what made her a weapon. For centuries, the seer have been exploited and used to the benefit of those who sought power or personal

From strangers, to BFF's to Lovers

By AOTqueen updated
Characters You boyfriend sistar Minah
With 11 chapters, 4 subscribers, 340 views, 4 comments

Hyorin, Minah, and you are all sisters but Hyorin is an a kpop group called Sistar, while you and your littl sister Minah are youtube stars that where in a group called cover girls that does kpop covers. What happens when you and Minah are running from Hyorin and Sistar at an airport because they were going to kill you for being late. When you bump into a group of guys and drop your phone without even noticing. And when you get your phone back someon

Chasing Love

By one_and-only updated
Characters Kwangmin, OC/You
With 3 chapters, 1 votes, 7 subscribers, 440 views, 9 comments

[  Chasing Love. What exactly is love to you? What is love to us?  

Heart Breaker

By fangirlxx_ updated
With 33 chapters, 6 votes, 61 subscribers, 2560 views, 21 comments
Status Completed

Characters KyungMi (orginal character), KwangMin, YoungMin & BOYFRIEND   ~*~  

Double-Trouble Combo X2 ☠ [editing]

By sweetcandy13 updated
Characters you and Jo Twins
With 10 chapters, 4 votes, 3340 views, 34 comments

  Lee ~~ (you), a cool chic that is very nice when other people are nice to her. She is very friendly, kind, and helpful if you are. But don't get to her bad side, she is actually hot tempered and can be very violent. This girl is mean and cold hearted when y


By audiraas updated
Characters mostly 95line idols, mainly focus on namju's life
With 1 chapters, 7 subscribers, 150 views, 3 comments

  Cast: Apink's Kim Namjoo Boyfriend's Jo Kwangmin BtoB's Yook Sungjae Boyfriend's Jo Youngmin 5Doll's Seo Eunkyo Sung Sangmi (dancer & ulzzang 95line) 5Doll's Jin Hyewon BtoB's Jung Ilhoon C-Real's Jo Yeyoun (Ann.J) Vixx's Han Sang Hyuk Nuest's Hwang Minhyun Nuest's Kim Jonghyun (Jr) Nuest's Kang Dongho Teentop's Choi Jong

The Consequence

By jhengchie updated
Characters Jeongmin, Youngmin, Donghyun, Minwoo, Kwangmin, Hyunseong, Hyorin, Dasom, Bora
With 50 chapters, 13 votes, 75 subscribers, 6200 views, 193 comments
Status Completed

  Title: The Consequence Author: jhengchie Pairing: DongWoo, JeongYoung, HyunKwang Genre: romance,  Rating: PG-15 Summary: They can't get along until they were forced to live together.

Boyfriend's Scenarios

By AOTqueen updated
With 12 chapters, 9 subscribers, 380 views, 2 comments

Just some random one-shots with Boyfirend members! Might even take request... Originaly called Boyfriend's one-shot series.


By jotwins0424 updated
Characters Youngmin, Kwangmin
With 1 chapters, 4 votes, 11 subscribers, 440 views, 11 comments
Status Completed

When he was younger, Youngmin could not understand why holding hands with his twin brought so much comfort and strength… But now he knew the reason.      

Spring; A new beginning

By fishykevinwoo updated
Characters Boyfriend & You
With 1 subscribers, 80 views, 1 comments

A Choose Your Own Adventure fic/game! Game trailer: Currently in progress, but please tell me what you think of it currently~!  

Meeting Mr. Serendipity

By Black_Dandelion updated
Characters Donghyun, Minhee (OC), Hyunseong, Jeongmin, Youngmin, Kwangmin, Minwoo
With 1 chapters, 60 views

A man whose walk attracts people’s attention wherever he goes. A man who has a fair face  which measures of his factions are similar to the Gold Number, a step away from the Perfection. An extravagant man w


By fishykevinwoo updated
Characters Boyfriend - Donghyun, Hyunseong, Jeongmin, Youngmin, Kwangmin, Minwoo
With 6 chapters, 2 subscribers, 150 views, 3 comments
Status Completed

Dysfunctional. That's what they were.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             - I figured Boyfriend doesn't have enough controversial fics. When I love my boys, I make them crazy. Tough love. So a

Harmony of First Love

By Black_Dandelion updated
Characters Minwoo, KangDae (OC), Donghyun, Hyunseong, Jeongmin, Youngmin, Kwangmin
With 2 chapters, 80 views

-'Call me hyung'- He just said that happily. Stars are strange and have strange likes. But I don't mind it. I, who is a girl, will call him 'hyung' if that is what he wants.

Creatures Of The Night

By baboisland updated
Characters Donghyun, Hyunseong, Jeongmin, Youngmin, Kwangmin, Minwoo, Bora, K.Will
With 5 chapters, 3 votes, 20 subscribers, 600 views, 10 comments

Six werewolves lived peacefully among other night creatures when a sudden attack forced them to flee their hometown. Now hiding in a world of humans, they thought they could finally rebuild their lives, but a string of murders had them facing their past and worst nightmare. It has turned into a battle; survival of the fittest.

My Bodyguard Boyfriend

By ChemicalLuvs updated
With 7 chapters, 25 subscribers, 2800 views, 14 comments
Status Completed