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Living in a small town of Beacon Hill, in the shadows are creatures you never thought excisted, and it appeared that all of them go to the same high school. The only thing missing, is you and your unique self to join us in this mysterious yet wild place.

NSS Marriage [Editing]

By love_exoshidae_99 Updated
Characters SNSD EXO F(X) others
With 1 chapters, 3 votes, 35 subscribers, 2770 views, 16 comments
Status Subscribers Only


S.N.S.D Guns & Zombies

By Kyddhyde Updated
Characters Tiffany, Taeyeon, Sooyoung, Jessica, Sunny, Seohyun, Yoona, Yuri, Hyoyeon
With 18 chapters, 4 votes, 68 subscribers, 2800 views, 32 comments
Status Subscribers Only

Tiffany just arrived in Korea only to be welcomed by the undead. Escaping Incheon Airport is the first of her problems, joining up with a house fairy, a shikshin and an ice princess can only lead to more trouble. What's this? Five more will join them? Will the girls survive this world? 'S.N.S.D Guns and Zombies'  

Picture on the wall

By PikaKyuMyBoo Updated
Characters SnsdTiffany, EXOKai, EXOD.O, SNSDTaeyeon
With 13 chapters, 2 votes, 6 comments

She meets her bias but he isn't exactly who she thought he was. Will she stay his fan? Or will all the pictures on the wall come down?      

My Dream of Stephanie Hwang

By DarkUlrich Updated
Characters Myself, Stephanie Hwang (aka SNSD's Tiffany)
With 1 chapters, 2 votes, 33 subscribers, 3340 views, 7 comments
Status Completed

So one night, after an exhausting day at work, I just collapsed onto my bed and went to Lala Land. The next thing I knew, I saw myself in a scene worthy of a drama. No, I'm not kidding. This really happened to me last week.

Dating an Idol

By Exo_Shidae03 Updated
Characters EXO, Baekhyun, Sehun , Tiffany
With 1 chapters, 14 votes, 22 subscribers, 420 views, 2 comments

"I am sorry for giving you a hard time," "Don't be, it was my fault," Everything happens when Ariana went to the night club. The night club...That's where the roller coaster ride begins

Tiffany and the Boys

By vinarinako Updated
Characters Tiffany Hwang and Kpop Male Idols in OOC
With 2 chapters, 1 votes, 720 views, 5 comments
Status Subscribers Only

Hi, it's simplicitygirl, who just recently changed her username to vinarinako.  Anyways... I am back after how many years (I'm exaggerating, I think) of not my fanfictions. 

MY Sister In SNSD (Fanfic)

By ppggfxion Updated
With 5 chapters, 1 votes, 10 subscribers, 580 views, 1 comments

Prologue ~ ~ ~ Die-hard korean pop (Kpop) fans will all know about the internationally famous girl group, SNSD/Girls Generation. The 9-member girl group has been in the music industry since 2007 and in their 6th year running, they are more popular than ever. They have made several world tours too, sometimes even being to the same country more than once. Yet, there is still something missing in Kpop's largest girl group. They needed something to fill that gap. E

I love you, you hate me (KaiFany)

By rena_pnkgrl Updated
Characters Tiffany Hwang, Kai Kim, Luhan Xi
With 12 chapters, 4 votes, 39 subscribers, 1940 views, 25 comments

"I love him but he hates me. We used to be bestfriends but I was the reason why everything changed. He became so cold towards me, and what's worse? We were arranged married... for 3 years." -Tiffany Hwang. "She used to be my bestfriend, but how come that she loved me? I love her too, but only as a bestfriend; no more, no less. I never th

Aficionado (TaeNy Version)

By alyannasone Updated
Characters Kim Taeyeon, Tiffany Hwang, Kwon Yuri, Choi Siwon, Jessica Jung
With 25 chapters, 8 votes, 63 subscribers, 2600 views, 12 comments
Status Completed

Uhm... Well.... I already posted it before. I just wanna repost my old fics coz I believe they are worth reading Reposting it will help people find it easier :) This repost isn't just a repost though. I'll be fixing typos or any error as much as I could xD

Finding The Way (Aficionado's TaeNy Version Sequel)

By alyannasone Updated
Characters Kim Taeyeon, Tiffany Hwang, Jessica Jung, Kwon Yuri, SNSD, Choi Siwon, Super Junior
With 18 chapters, 3 votes, 48 subscribers, 1550 views, 13 comments

Sorry about this sequel taking this long. Hehe >< Anyway, if you're not yet reading this story, you better read it first. Well I think that would be better before reading the sequel, right? Hehe. Hope you guys will enjoy this ^^;   Subscribe, upvote and tell your friends about it if you like it :D Any request? Tell me ^^


By BiscuitTeacher Updated
Characters Choi Siwon, Jung Yunho, Jung Yonghwa, IU, Park Jiyeon
With 12 chapters, 2 votes, 5 subscribers, 5 comments

Title           :    Stolen Heartbeats Author       :    Biscuit Teacher Genre   

Wake Me Up

By alyannasone Updated
Characters Jessica Jung, Tiffany Hwang
With 16 chapters, 12 votes, 328 subscribers, 5840 views, 55 comments
Status Completed, Subscribers Only

Since JeTi won on my poll months ago, I will make a JeTi fic now :) Royal TaeNy fic will come after this so watch out ;) Someone happened to request it from me. It'll be a PrincessXprincess fic :) Subscribe for you to see it once I post it :D   Hope everyone will have fun reading this ^^;

용서할 수없는 (Unforgivable)

By Terrance Updated
Characters Tiffany, You, Jo-An, Joo Sang Wook, Kim Young Chul
With 1 chapters, 230 views

Prosecutor Park Hee Joo(Tiffany Hwang), a righteous prosecutor who wanted to catch the criminal who killed her father. However, it showed up her father's murder is getting more complicated and soon the other prosecutors and polices who are in charge of this case closed it up as no evidence were found. But Park had promised her late father in front of her father's grave to avenge for him. She soon start the investigation herself and fou

Special Girl

By R-Yong Updated
Characters You, Hoya,Kim Myungsoo (L), Lee Howon, Infinite, Jang Eun Ji, Lee Gi Kwang, Jessica, Tiffany
With 13 chapters, 9 subscribers, 1390 views, 5 comments

Lee Howon (Hoya)

Against All Restrictions

By lighttheworld247 Updated
Characters SNSD Jessica, SNSD Tiffany, F(x) Krystal, F(x) Victoria
With 2 chapters, 1 subscribers

At the admist of war, Jessica attempts to rescue her younger sister who is being held in quarantine.   

D'Avenir High School

By LuciferIsPanda Updated
Characters exo-m, tao, kris, lay, luhan, sandara park (2ne1) , park bom (2ne1) , tiffany (snsd), yoon eun hye
With 3 chapters, 4 votes, 5 comments

How does it feels when you wake up in unknown place, where strange things are happening? Park Sandara is one of those students with special abilities and with many questions about the place where she woke up. As she tries to find acceptable answers, she have to deal with the teenage life, which is not so easy

In My Dreams

By -Superiornolaa25 Updated
Characters CNBlue (Jung Shin, Jong Hyun, Min Hyuk, Yong Hwa), SNSD (Seo Hyun, Yuri, Yoona, Tiffany), Kyuhyun (Super Junior), Shin Hye
With 1 chapters, 3 subscribers, 370 views, 2 comments

 Seo hyun came from a great family but with some problems here and there. She has great friends and people around her who loves her.       *Still in Process of writing & editing. Took me a loooong time figuring out the Characters and the

I'm in love with the wrong angel

By alyannasone Updated
Characters Taeyeon, Tiffany & Yuri
With 35 chapters, 6 votes, 33 subscribers, 2450 views, 15 comments
Status Completed

  Title: I'm in loved with the wrong angel   Plot: Tiffany is Yuri's girlfriend. One day, Yuri needed to go to another country for his sister. He asked Taeyeon to take care of his girl. Taeyeon and Tiffany dislike each other but they end up falling for each other. What will Yuri do? And will Taeyeon & Tiffany be together?   This fic

I NEED to Find Him....

By loveseohyun11 Updated
Characters snsdtiffany, Nickhun
With 3 chapters, 18 subscribers, 920 views, 6 comments

Tiffany.Hwang was fifteen when she met the love of her life, he was a friend to Tiffany for six months before they started to go out. Tiffany did like him alooot but a lot of other girls did to, which drove Tiffany CRAZY.

Will this bad girl ever change??

By lovesooyoung11 Updated
Characters Tiffany, Siwon, Yunho, Changmin, Yoona, Jessica
With 22 chapters, 15 subscribers, 1475 views, 9 comments
Status Completed

  Characters:       Tiffany Hwang    She is sixteen yea