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Beta Readers

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ed straight

By flower_boy_kookie Requested on
Tags     pwp   kookiemonster   mindbreak 
Characters Jungkook, Namjoon
Status [M]

I'm requesting for a beta reader to check spelling errors, grammar mistakes, and is free some days

Little Things

By farahhkim Requested on
Tags  drama   romance   mpreg   exo   hunhan   hanhun   sekai 
Characters Sehun, Mina [OC], Luhan, Jongin, EXO, etc.

Hi, please pm me if you are interested!

Catch Me When I Fall

By kimkimsara Requested on
Tags  fluff   romance   taeny   taeyeon   tiffany   girlxgirl 
Characters Kim Taeyeon, Tiffany Hwang

Hello! I need someone who would love to help me in beta-reading my on-going story. It has 25 chapters already and still going on. I don't mind paying kp as per your requested amount. Thank you!

Since That Day

By minimini_yoonmin Requested on
Tags  zombie   bts   bangtanboys   jinkook 
Characters Zombie!Jungkook, Human!Jin and other character

This story is a boyxboy and the ship is jinkook.. I urgently need a beta reader to fix my grammar error and also telling me if there anything I can do to make it better, so if you interested please pm me or anything

My Vampire Prince

By Frankiestein0710 Requested on
Tags  fantasy   romance   mpreg   chanbaek 
Characters Baekhyun Chanyeol the rest of EXO
Status [M]

I would like for you to look through my story and just tell me what is confusing or could be changed to make my story better.

◭Dauntless◮ (HIATUS)

By Chosuzin Requested on
Tags  angst   fantasy   krystal   scifi   exo   kai   kaistal 
Characters Krystal (or think it as you), Kai , EXO

I would like to have a beta reader to check my grammars thoroughly.

I Hate That I Love You

By Hiba12 Requested on
Tags  drama   genderbender   mina   romance   fluffy   chaeyoung   twice   michaeng   minachae 
Characters Chaeyoung Mina Twice
Status Completed

This is the most Upvoted story so if there is an available Beta reader who can read the fanfic so he/she can fix the errors or just criticize it I will be so happy and open-minded- Thank you.


By LillaSvane Requested on
Characters Kim Jongin and Do Kyungsoo
Status [M], Completed

I think my usual beta reader is a little busy with school and exams rn, so I'm looking for someone to go through my ty, psycho Kaisoo one-shot. Length is 4.2K ^^

Secret Diamond Club

By _cyantears_ Requested on
Tags  comedy   bap   daehyun   youngjae   banghim   daejae   jonglo 
Characters youngjae daehyun zelo jongup yongguk himchan min
Status Completed

I would like readers please :)

Camera Click

By SHINexoKEy Requested on
Tags  fluff   slightangst   jungri   slightseulmin 
Characters Jungkook, Yeri, Seulgi, Jimin, Joy, Yugeom

I will like a beta reader who is okay with Gmt:00 time. (U.k) This is just to help me become a better writer. Thank You!


By AriKay Requested on
Characters Kim Namjoon and his Wife.
Status [M], Completed

In need of a beta reader. Probably to correct grammar, punctuations, etc. Please contact me via PM.

What I wanna be.

By Debasmita_Bhandari Requested on
Tags  sejin   platoniclove 
Characters All of BTS, EXO, and some prominent korean actors who make a short appearance.

i just want my beta reader to review my story to avoid going against the rules

The Reaper

By Ravis_Gurl Requested on
Tags  leo   hyuk   vixx   ravi   sanghyuk   taekwoon   wonshik 
Characters Veronica Taekwoon Ravi Hyuk
Status [M]

I need people to give feedback while I'm rewriting this


By Damchu_lovers Requested on
Tags  angst   lovestory   romance   you   tragic   heartbroken   jeonjungkook   kookie   btsjeonjungkook 
Status [M], Completed

Kindly please read my new story....:)

13 reasons why: you should believe me

By symphonize_delozie Requested on
Tags  sliceoflife   exo   bts   taehyung   seokjin   ioi 
Characters Kim Taehyung, Kim Chungha, Kim Seokjin, EXO, BTS, IOI and etc

Needed :)

My love

By gskahagalla Requested on
Tags  angst   mute   mpreg   exo   chanbaek 
Characters Baekhyun, Chanyeol, EXO

HI, If you interested in this story, please help me to improve it further by beta reading it.

The Diary of Him

By exotic4life_ Requested on
Tags  angst   crime   mystery   bts   btsjimin   btssuga 
Characters BTS + Lee Jinhee (OC)

hello~! looking for a beta reader who can read over my chapters and correct any mistakes i have, and can let me know any suggestions they have for future chapters ^^ i would really appreciate it, thank you! :)

Maybe he will

By gskahagalla Requested on
Tags  angst   mpreg   sekai 
Characters Sehun Jongin Teaoh
Status [M], Completed

My grammar really ,so I need help guys!!

Different Worlds, Always You

By bitteraf Requested on
Tags  exo   krisho 
Characters Kim Junmyeon, Wu Yifan, others

So I have like... a sh t ton of drabbles I have saved... and I've slowly edited them but I still need to see if others would like it. I have a few friends who wouldn't mind reading them but I'm not in contact with any of them currently so...

Bound To You

By Soinha Requested on
Tags  fluff   romance   baekyeol   kaisoo   chanbaek 
Characters Baekhyun, Chanyeol, Kyungsoo, Jongin

Hey, I need a beta reader for my story Bound To You, It is my fav. story and first one too. If anyone interested we can talk about it please just dm me and we can decide about the package. I want a beta reader who is active and will be with me and my story till it's end.


By ZekkenKryberLiu Requested on
Tags  fxband   kryber   snsd   soosun   taeny   yoonhyun   yulsic   amtoria   2ji   hyonic   tiaom   lunsul   2yeon   mamamoo   moonsun   twice   wheesa   satzu   michaeng   dahmo 
Characters Momo Hirai, Sana Minatozaki, Sharon Mina Myoui, Tzuyu Zhou, Nayeon Im, Jeongyeon Yoo, Chaeyoung Son, Dahyun Kim, Jisoo Park ‘Jihyo’, F(x), SNSD, Mamamoo and MORE!

I'm hoping that people in aff will like this so I hope for readers to check it out and comment for it. It will give me more reason to make more as I can. An energy bar!!! Thank you.


By ZekkenKryberLiu Requested on
Tags  songfic   2na   2yeon   twice   samo   satzu   minayeon   mimo   michaeng   jeongmo   tzuchaeng   dubchaeng   mitzu   dahmo   sachaeng   saida   nachaeng   datzu   sajeong   sahyo   jeonghyo   tzuhyo 
Characters Momo Hirai, Sana Minatozaki, Sharon Mina Myoui, Tzuyu Zhou, Nayeon Im, Jeongyeon Yoo, Chaeyoung Son, Dahyun Kim, Jisoo Park ‘Jihyo’

I still nead to see if you guys will get interested in this so hope some can check it out. Thank you

It takes two to...

By Coregurlz Requested on

Oh yes, I decided to have a beta reader who can check the spelling, grammar and any fact that I overlooked. I wish to have someone who knows exo well. Thank you.. XD


By foreverxblue Requested on
Tags  seunghoon   jinwoo   winner   jinhoon   songkim 
Characters jinwoo seunghoon mino taehyun seungyoon

i would love to have a someone who can review and kill some errrrors from my story .

It's love

By Sprainsa Requested on
Tags  bts   yoonkook   sugakookie   vmon 
Status [M]

Hi I need beta reader for this story to help me show and fix the grammar errors and I'm fine if you suggest to fix some parts of this story~ thank you!