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anjmnc graphics | Now Accepting Requests

By anjjoh Requested on
Tags  graphics   kpop   request   shinee   trailer   exo   kai   sehun   requestshop   graphicshop   photoshop   portfolio   sekai   bts   got7   twice 

FREE GRAPHIC SERVICE (for First Five (5) requests*) Before requesting for graphic services, please read description and foreword first. For requests, please provide the following details (whatever is necessary). Request for (see list on description): Author/Username: Profile URL: Title of Story: Story URL (if available): Characters: Theme/Genre of Story: Quote or Tagline (if any): Short description of story (enough for me to understand and visualize the story): Additional information, details, reminders or notes (Ex. about design, color, layout, orientation of poster, etc.): *except 3D Graphics

[CLOSED AND FINISHING REQUESTS] 17Mar27 Advertisement & Comment Shop

By hocbaidi Requested on
Tags  iusinger   sistar   comment   karma   nuest   advertisement   commentshop 

I need people who can give comments on author's stories!

oh NaNa

By Kpop_is_lifeuxD Requested on
Tags  mixedgroup   kard   ohnana 
Characters somin, j.seph, jiwoo,bm, ocs

anybody wanna try and help out here? we need more kard stans on af! so yeah, just apply i guess idk how this shi(high pitched quack) frikin works

APINK ♡ Plan A Entertainment ♡ NEW GIRL GROUP

By KwonBoAh Requested on
Tags  girlgroup   applyfic   rewritten 

need more applications the source code is in the cheatsheet put your apps in the turn in once your done


By KwonBoAh Requested on
Tags  rewritten 

need more applications the source code is in the cheatsheet put your apps in the turn in once your done


By moryeong9 Requested on
Tags  fluff   fxband   krystal   romance   exo   sehun   sestal   hunstal   fexo 
Characters Oh Sehun and Jung Soojung
Status Completed

I'm searching for a reviewer for this story :) I would like to hear about what you think out of this story and all.


By moryeong9 Requested on
Tags  fxband   krystal   romance   exo   kai   kaistal   fexo 
Characters Kim Jongin and Jung Soojung
Status Completed

I'm requesting for a reviewer for this story :)

Red is Her Color

By moryeong9 Requested on
Tags  fluff   friendship   fxband   krystal   romance   sliceoflife   alternateuniverse   exo   kai   humor   chanyeol   kris   jongin   kaistal   soojung   kimjongin   lovehate   fexo   jungsoojung   schoolau   wendy   wenyeol 
Characters Kim Jongin and Jung Soojung

I'm requesting for a reviewer for this story :) preferably a fan of kaistal and eleanor & park but it's okay if you're not lol as long as you're willing to work just fine for this story :)

T-ara N4: Areum's Pillow

By t-araGO Requested on
Tags  boram   eunjung   hwayoung   hyomin   jiyeon   tara   areum 
Characters tara, areum
Status [M], Completed

Not sure what an application request is.


By ilovecandiess Requested on
Tags  tao   sehun   taoris   taohun   mpregau 
Characters Tao Sehun TaoHun other members
Status [M]

Co author?

Teach Me To See

By mikanpyon Requested on
Tags  comedy   fluff   romance   originalcharacter   exo   baekhyun 
Characters Byun Baekhyun (EXO-K)| Song Do Hee(OC)

looking for an active co-author with experience in writing fluff, angst, and light hearted comedy. please dm me if you are interested and I will give more details; if you don't have any fics posted please submit a sample of work that I can read.


By KwonBoAh Requested on
Tags  girlgroup   applyfic 

Need more applications to get the reviews and story started

A Pink Hybrid

By JinAngel Requested on
Tags  romance   yoonjin   taejin   hybridau   namjin   kookjin   2seok   jincentric   bottomjin   jijin   jinxall 
Characters Namjoon,Jin,Taehyung,Hoseok,Yoongi,Taeyhyung,jungkook

I need an editor or an author to help me improve my story , my english is poor therefore I really need someone that can guide me and help me to improve my story ..Thank you


By icebergtae Requested on
Tags  graphic   poster   request   open   graphicshop   highlight 
Characters Batch 1 is closed

Hey Guys! Check out my graphic shop. We have free posters and everything else you need to have a good poster!

We need someone to apply for Leo before the 10th of April which is tomorrow so please apply for it asap, thank you !

Lost In Love [English Translation]

By dinasptvd Requested on
Tags  2ne1   bigbang   daragon   gdragon   jaedara   sandarapark   chandara 
Characters G-Dragon/Kwon Jiyong - Sandara Park - Kim Jaejoong - Park Chanyeol - Choi Sulli - Kim Jiwon - 2NE1 - BIGBANG

would you help me make a fanvid trailer for this story? even if a simple one is fine :) few chapters left, thanks before -Dina.

Immortal Standing

By CorruptFlower Requested on
Tags  romance   supernatural   exo   kai   chanyeol   oc0 
Characters OC, Chanyeol, Kai

Hello! I am requesting a co-author for my story "Immortal Standing." This story is a dark/supernatural/romance story featuring a host of supernatural creatures, but Vampires and werewolves feature prominently. I plan for it to be a more mature story with the possibility of . Anyone interested in helping me? I am fluent in English and would be more than happy to edit anything my co-writer submits.

Unexpected Things

By Hobibun Requested on
Characters Min Yoongi, Park Jimin
Status [M]

I just need someone willing to write a rated M scene for me or else this story might just end up being on hiatus for good. please it'd be a big help~~

The Stone and The Light Bulb II

By nerdcanread Requested on
Tags  snsd   soosun   taeny   yoonhyun   yulsic 


|☣|Seasonal Opening-BATCH 3|☣|3 Dimensional Graphic Shop☣|Hiring Designers|☣|Will close on 21st April|☣|

By indiankpopelsa Requested on
Characters Graphic Designers, You, Your Posters, Requests, Banners, Character Charts, Backgrouds, Profile Icons, Creativity

A Graphic Shop, 3 Dimensional. Hiring Graphic Designers ^_^

AFF Town Hall

By hailiangli Requested on
Tags  afftownhall   affth 

Looking for story recommenders and people who give advice! Come and join the AFFTH family to help all members of on AFF. Please fill out the staff form on the story and leave a comment that you applied!

✩ PRODUCE 101 SEASON 3 ✩ Apply Open (DEADLINE: May 13 !)

By daisyrune Requested on
Tags  apply   drama   friendship   bap   applyfic   survivalshow   coedapplyfic 
Characters B.A.P. , kpop idols, kpop trainees , mnet , you

Hello everyone! I'm searching for applicant for this story that I've recently started . It is quite a bit project and I need at least 20-25 applicants . Would you like to help me?

Where Are You Now That I Need You?

By lovemelikeudo142 Requested on
Tags     ot7   werewolfau   bts   alphabetaomegaau   monstax   songgunhee 
Characters Song Gunhee Lee Jooheon Lee Minhyuk Im Changkyun Yoo Kihyun Son Hyunwoo Shin Hoseok Chae Hyungwon Song Mino Park Jinyoung

Hey all! I am looking for anyone who is willing to coauthor this story with me. I have an idea of where I want to go but not how to get there. If anyone wants to help, then contact me please

+Articia // graphics

By Articia Requested on
Tags  graphic   graphics   poster   posters   postershop   graphicshop 
Characters Graphic Shops, Designers, Requesters

Need a layout designer (ready to gift 100 points)

Heaven By Your Side

By RizzChoi Requested on
Tags  sifany   siwon   snsd   superjunior   tiffany   siwonandoc 
Characters Park Chae Rin (OC) Choi Siwon Lee Donghae,Tiffany hwang,Lee Hyukjae,Stella Kim and TBA

Looking for a decent co-author who knows how to tackle love-triangle plotlines.