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Autumn's Daisy

Mei lived a dull life, everyday was just as the same as the next. From her shameful job, her clueless and selfish classmates, the rising and setting of the sun. Everything was set, everything was the same. But that all changed when she met BTS.

Sarang, There Is No Such Thing

By 12Soul Requested on
Tags  blockb   heartbeat   you   zico   story   bap   daehyun 
Characters Daehyun, BAP, Eun MinJi (OC)
Status [M]

Can somebody Be my co author for free? xoxo

His Affection

By ra-miyeon Requested on
Tags  fluff   friendship   romance   schoollife   originalcharacter   exo   baekhyun 
Characters Han Aerin (OC), Byun Baekhyun, (Exo and other OCs)

I need graphics for my story, especially the main cover. I also request a beta-reader/editor. Someone to look over my grammar errors, provide better structure of my sentences, and would adjust the format of my chapters in uniform. If I am satisfied with your work I'm willing to contribute some KP.

Something Changed

By Roywang Requested on
Tags  seulgi   yeri   joy   wendy   irene   seulrene   joyri   yerene 
Characters Yeri Irene Seulgi Wendy Joy

subscribers only


By lorieloyu Requested on
Tags  choiseunghyun   romance   soshibang   tiffany   top   topfany   hwangmiyoung 
Characters Seunghyun Choi and Stephanie Hwang Miyoung
Status Completed

Hi, I need your help, I need someone to make a free trailer for Sweet Escape/ True Colors/ Emergency! Let me know if you are interested! Thank you :)

Sweet Escape

By lorieloyu Requested on
Tags  gdragon   gtae   kwonjiyong   soshibang   taeyeon   kimtaeyeon 
Characters Kwon Jiyong, Kim Taeyeon
Status Completed

Hi, I need your help, I need someone to make a free trailer for Sweet Escape/ True Colors/ Emergency! Let me know if you are interested! Thank you :)

True Colors

By lorieloyu Requested on
Tags  gdragon   gtae   jiyong   kwonjiyong   taeyeon   kimtaeyeon   darkromance 
Characters Kwon Jiyong, Kim Taeyeon
Status [M]

Hi, I need your help, I need someone to make a free trailer for Sweet Escape/ True Colors/ Emergency! Let me know if you are interested! Thank you :)

My Ghost Lover

By Mistermiss14 Requested on
Tags  fantasyau   reincarnationau   satzu   saida 
Characters Dahyun | Sana | Tzuyu
Status Completed

i need co author


By suga-d Requested on
Tags  reviews   advice   requestshop   reviewshop   bts   yourstories   taekook   vkook   chapteredstories 
Characters ft. Taekook ❤︎

Hiring Reviewers. Slots are open (: come join me :D

Beautiful Creatures

By HoneyGreenTea Requested on
Tags  drama   romance   supernatural   you   applyfic   got7 
Characters You/Readers, JB, Jinyoung, Mark, Jackson, Bambam, Youngjae, Yugyeom
Status [M]

Your Username: Your Character Name: Your Character’s Nickname: Date of Birth: Age: (Ulzzang Name) Your Appearance Link: Family Member(s) (Dead or Alive): Your History: Your Personality: Are You Chic/Punk/Gothic/Geek/Jock/Tomboy/Normal Girl styles?: Your 5 List of Likes: Your 5 List of Dislikes: Your Biggest Pet-Peeve: The scientists took you in the experiment lab: When: Why: How: Your Ability: Your Symbol of Tattoo (NEED PICTURE link): Your Experimental Code Name (Relate the Symbol basically and Why?): Love Interest: Love Triangle (If Yes; Who, Which Band, and Why/ If No; Type NOPE): GOT7 Love Interest JB (available) Mark (available) Jackson (available) Jinyoung (available) Youngjae (available) Bambam (available) Yugyeom (available)

Wandering Star

By ilovecandiess Requested on
Tags  drama   mpreg   tao   sehun   taoris   taohun 
Characters Tao Sehun Kris Taohun Taoris Baekhyun Chanyeol Kyungsoo Jongin
Status [M], Completed

Hello, does anyone want to be my co author for this story ? Thanks

Where fate leads

By iceberg_99 Requested on
Tags  yoonhyun   girlxgirl 
Characters Seohyun,yoona

Please read the forward and comment asap for i need to decide to continue writing or not.

sad beautiful ppl ; drabbles

By Floater Requested on
Characters anyone
Status [M]

It's a drabble/request shop and there's only two of us hOnestly if you wanna share your s or challenge yourself with requests then pLz come (it's never busy for us, n e v e r, please apply *sobbing*) ((I do have soooome rules though))

The Strength of Thirteen

By DGNA_Forever Requested on
Tags  boyxboy   fantasy   seventeen   seungcheol   jeonghan   scoups   jeongcheol 
Characters Seventeen, Seungcheol + Jeonghan

If anyone is interested in taking this story over, please let me know. I don't want to delete it, but don't have the motivation to continue it, either. Thank you. I will pay karma to anyone who wants it.


Tags  bts   jungkook   jungkookandyuna 
Characters Jungkook, Yuna Song, BTS, Blackpink, Bambam

I need help with this fanfic, honestly I’m stumped! 😓 I need someone who has been writing stories for a long time! Thank you!

The Body Guard

By _Mirabella_ Requested on
Tags  drama   jaejoong   spy   yunho   yunjae   slave   yunhojaejoong   scifiau 
Characters jaejoong, yunho
Status [M]

I'm looking for co-authors for The Body Guard to alternate writing chapters with me. Each author only needs to write one chapter for the story--and I'd help you with it. (You can see how it works by looking at chapter 2 of the story.) Knowledge of YunJae or DBSK/TVXQ/JYJ is preferred, but not required. All authors welcome!

>❁The Gist Graphic/Graphics Shop❁ *Newly Opened*Temporarily On A Hiatus*

By Giante Requested on
Tags  graphic   graphics   infinite   you   hiring   exo   shop   bap   btob   designing   bts   parkjimin   shops 

Hello you guys! I just finished building my graphic shop, I hope you guys come and check it out! we are currently hiring and opened for requests! If you need a graphic please come by!

Bad things

By candy-cane Requested on
Tags  angst   ryeowook   superjunior 
Characters ryeowook superjunior

I am stuck at this fanfic and I didn't want to leave it hanging so I need some Co-Authors :( Thank you~


By juliana_rei Requested on
Tags  2ne1   apink   bigbang   snsd   exo   bap   bts   adshop   seventeen   got7   twice 

I need a coauthor/ helper to help me distribute the ads, I will give 5 kp per request finished. A request is the half the size that the person asks for, if they ask for 100 walls you will have to help me with 50. Thank you!


By RaWitch Requested on
Status [M]

I am looking for a translator. Need my story translated from English to Spanish :) Please PM me ^•^ Hi Guys! Please Come Down To My New Graphic Shop Everything Is Free! :D We Are Also Hiring, So Come & Check It Out & Request :DD


Girls' Generation Chatroom

By The9thDookong Requested on
Tags  comedy   snsd   taeny   yulsic   yulti   taengsic   crack 
Characters Kim Taeyeon,Jessica Jung,Lee Sunny,Tiffany Hwang,Kim Hyoyeon,Kwon Yuri,Choi Sooyoung,Im Yoona,Seo Juhyun
Status [M]

Is anybody intrested in becoming a co-author of Girls' Generation Chatroom? I don't really have enough time to update this...

Beach House

By 24caratg Requested on
Status [M]

Hey so.. Im kinda stuck with this story and I could use some help. Let me know if your interested!!

You Can Reign

By SinfulPerson Requested on
Tags  yoonmin   mpreg   bts   namjin   vkook   hoseokxoc   kingau 
Characters Min Yoongi || Park Jimin || Kim Namjoon || Kim Seokjin || Jung Hoseok || Kim Taehyung
Status [M], Completed

Can someone please help me with my grammar, and ideas? I desperately need it.. TT__TT

Yours truly ; SCENARIO SHOP //request open & hiring

By exopanda Requested on
Tags  scenarios   exo   scenario   bts   seventeen   scenarioshop 
Characters You & Your Bias

Hello there! If anyone wants a scenarios written for them, just stop by and request from Yours Truly! We are also hiring writers, who has wide range of idols that they can write with, preferably new idols since I'm not familiar with them, even if you don't fit the requirements, you can still apply to be a writer! Do please apply through the link at the shop 😊