Love between Dreams

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"When you take a risk above your love for your dream, there's a price to be paid. But can you give up your dream only for your love?"

A story about humanity choice, mistakes and responsibility in life.

a.k.a when Jessica Jung and Kwon Yul have to choose between their love and dream, which lead to a fateful encounter with Kim Taeng.






“No matter how your heart is grieving, if you keep on believing, the dreams that you wish will come true.” ~Walt Disney


Hi. I'm Jessica Jung. But my friends usually call me Sica and I like it that way. I'm the oldest daughter of Jung Yunho, the owner of Jeguk Corp., one of the richest men in South Korea. Sigh. You must be thinking I'm a very arrogant and spoiled rich brat. And actually my natural cold face expression doesn't help me at all. Nah, it’s okay. I'm used to it anyway. But if you thought I'm the heir of my father's company, I would instantly say "no, I'm not". Now I'm working on fashion industry, a fashion designer to be exact. Why? Because it's simply my dream and passion from the very beginning. But, it's not a dream without a price to be honest.

September 30th


A-yo. This is Kwon Yul. You have to call me Kwon Yul or I'll be angry. Haha. No no, relax, I’m just kidding. You can call me everything, but if I can say I’ll suggest Yul instead. Okay okay, stop rambling about my name, I know that's not really important. So, what kind of person I am? That's easy. Handsome and charming. Haha. Just kidding. Please don't throw me anything. Okay. I'm serious now. I'm just an ordinary person to be honest. But I'll do anything for my beloved. Also, music is my passion. I've spent all my life on it. I'm glad I hold on my dream although it's not easy at all. But without my dream, I wouldn't be who I am right now.

August 5th


Hello. I’m Kim Taeng. I have heard a lot of people talk good about me. “Oh yeah, he is smart.” “I like him. He is nice and funny.” “He is really lucky. He is successful in such a young age.” “Oh my god, isn’t he cute?” Although it’s flattering but sometimes it’s a bit burdening for me. How if I’m not that perfect? How if I can’t live up their expectation? These thoughts made me live for these expectations and not my dream. So if someone asked me “what is a dream”, to be honest, my answer would be “I’m not sure.” But wait, that was only in the past. Not anymore. A lot of thing in my life has changed a lot these past years. Especially my perspective about life. We only have this lifetime to make our decision, either to love or to dream. Or when I see it, to love AND to dream.

October 7th




Hello everyone. The story will be mainly about Yulsic x Taengsic. It's gonna be a romance drama, so if you're into it don't miss the story hehe As for the characters, it will be introduced throughout the story, but basically it's SNSD :) Thank you to everyone reading. I hope you'll enjoy it. 

That's for the prologue. I'll update soon later~ :D

NB: Read at your own risk. It contains an angsty storyline. Don't bother to read if you don't favor angst genre. And a gentle reminder about the pairing. It's Yulsic x Taengsic, so only read if you don't mind about it.


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Thank you :D


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309418t #1
Chapter 48: Chapter 48: Chapter 48: I’m still rooting for taengsic.. i can see sica still can’t easily move on from what she’ve developed with taeng.. so i don’t think whatever relationship she had with yul will ever be the same if she’s heading that way…

I think its only fair if jessica try to win taeng back the way taeyeon did previously… that’d be fun to read.
Chapter 48: Well now I'm hoping that they're not going to get together again
Chapter 48: The angst in jessica life make 😭
Thanks for the update author
PandaW #5
Chapter 47: My taengsic
Chapter 47: I hope Taeng can forgive Jessica and get her back in his life
Chapter 47: Im a yulsic stan, but rooting for taengsic in this story at first now wishing all of the charas have their own happiness on separated ways 🤣
Thx for the update author
Chapter 47: Dun dun dun ~
This is first time I read Taengsic story and not root for them lmao and let me tell you I'm avid supporter of them 🤭
Taeyeon deserve better.
Chapter 47:

TaeNy end!??
Sicasays #10
Chapter 46: Welcome back. Thank you for updating this story. Your writing has gotten much stronger too. Looking forward to your next update. I hope that your next update will be soon haha but I can wait a little bit since we all waited four years ;)
Poor Taeyeon. I hope he recovers but it pains me that Taeyeon does not understand that you cannot force someone to love you.