Advantage & Disadvantage of Loving You [COMPLETE]

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Sarang is deaf and mute but she doesn’t let those disadvantages ruined her, instead she live her life like other normal girls. She works part time, she has friends that accept her for what and who she is. She doesn’t hate life like other girls would say it, she enjoyed every second of her living moment.

L.Joe is a lucky bastard for being completely perfect from head to toe; sometimes he takes granted in life and makes other people around him miserable. What he doesn’t know in life is that, it can take total 360 changes in just one moment.


                 “I can never hear you, but I can see it through your eyes.”

“Love is the most powerful thing in the world that can either destroy people or heal people.” _____________________________________________________________

Main Characters:-

Kim Sarang

She’s 20.
Sarang…She’s a special person.
May be deaf and mute, but those two things doesn’t completely bring her down.
An outcast but not so outcast for the reality life.
Has a caring brother, Kim Woo Bin.


Lee Byung Hun

He's 21.
Known as L.Joe.
Ungrateful jerk, doesn’t appreciate things until it’s gone forever.
Too self-centered to care about others that’s around him.
Has an older brother, old by one month, Lee Chan Hee a.k.a Chunji.




Hey! KimmyNurry presents you a brand new fanfic starring Lee Bynghun/L.Joe(Teen Top) and Kim Sarang (You).

No more exo! Finally! :D I was inspired to write this piece when I listened to Teen Top – Missing You.

a/n: I know i have other 2 story on going, but this idea just came up to my head and it kept dancing around telling me to start writing the description. >_< MIANHAEYO!!

If by any chances that my story has the same storyline or almost exacts as other fanfics, it is purely a coincidence. I don't play dirty; I wrote/write this fanfic purely based on my ideas and inspirations of what I get from watching movies or listening to music. So please respect me as a writer and don't try to steal any ideas.

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Story Started: 23/08/2013
Story Ended: 09/02/2014



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