Chapter 17 – Jealous.

Advantage & Disadvantage of Loving You [COMPLETE]
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After the revelation of Sarang and L.Joe’s relationships, Chunji have been avoiding meeting them together. He was still too hurt to accept the fact.

He will eventually one day accept it and let it go, and will genuinely give both of them his blessings. But that day is still yet to come.


There was a college charity festival; Sarang decided to invite WooBin and YoungMi. Sarang introduced them to her friends and L.Joe.

“I want you guys to meet my boyfriend. L.Joe. I mean Lee Byunghun.” Sarang held L.Joe’s hand “Byunghun, this is my big brother WooBin and my sister-in-law YoungMi eonni.” YoungMi blushed at title given.

From afar Chunji died a little when he saw Sarang’s hand intertwined with L.Joe’s. That could’ve been him if he had confessed first, smiling like there’s no tomorrow, holding her hands, hugging her, and kiss her, and telling her how much he loves her. Chunji sighed deeply, that could never be him.

Chunji walk away from the assigned tent for a moment. CAP saw the whole thing, he sighed as well. He wanted to comfort Chunji but he doesn’t know the right words to talk to him at this moment.

If CAP say something wrong, everything could go wrong. CAP just wished that Chunji would it up and face something new in his life; there are plenty of girls out there for him.

Without wasting time, CAP continued his job, picking up boxes to the college’s storage room, leaving the tent to the maknaes.

WooBin widened his eyes at the introduction, while YoungMi beamed happily at the couple. “How long have this been going on?” WooBin asked calmly.

“A month and a half.” Sarang smiled. “And you tell me now?” WooBin frowned. YoungMi smacked her boyfriend’s arm “Don’t scare the couple! They are cute together.”

Sarang giggled, while L.Joe smiled nervously. “Both of you have my blessings.” YoungMi grinned like a happy big sister. WooBin gape at his girlfriend, and secretly made faces “I still don’t approve of this.” He moves his index finger to an imaginary circle at both Sarang and L.Joe.

L.Joe bow respectfully and smiled weakly at WooBin. Sarang and L.Joe went back to their respective tent.

Sarang and Kira were under the same tent, selling cupcakes. Teen Top was under a different tent not far from Sarang, selling designed shirts.

From time to time, L.Joe would sneak away from his tent to Sarang’s tent. He gave Sarang a back hug, wrapping his arms sweetly around her waist, resting his chin on her

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