Chapter 9 – A Twist of Heart.

Advantage & Disadvantage of Loving You [COMPLETE]
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Sarang is now an employee at a small restaurant, Mrs. Park is delighted to have a hard worker like her. Unlike every other day today is a little hectic since its weekend, the usual customers are teenagers.

The place was small, so there’s not a lot of space where Sarang can slide away; however, she accidentally bump into someone; more like a guy.

His shirt was soaked with water, he was scowling already. Sarang stopped at what she’s doing and bow apologetically to the person, the latter person has started making commotion and cursing.

All Sarang could do was look at him and furrowed, she tried to follow at what he was saying by reading his lips but he was too fast that she got lost.

She wanted to say she’s sorry aloud, but then again having some disadvantages , Sarang just bow numerous times. Sarang had forgot to wear her hearing aids today, so her job today was just to collect dirty dishes, usually she’d take the order.

The guy kept shouting things like “Are you deaf or mute?!” He looks at her, her expression was blank. Usually other people would be flustered hearing the boy shout, but Sarang remained calm.

Then the restaurant’s owner came and help her “Sir, I’m sorry on behalf of my employee. Please don’t make this issue larger and please don’t shout. She can’t hear you.” Mrs. Park said with a sad look and tone.

The boy furrowed confusingly “What do you mean she can’t hear me?” He questioned. Finally Sarang understand what the boy and her employer was talking about, she took out her small note pad and scribble down “I’m sorry for what happened just now. I’m deaf. I’ll willingly take responsibility of your clothes to the laundry. I apologize for my messy work.” Sarang showed the boy what she wrote.

He read the whole thing and instantly felt bad for the first time in his life. Sarang tur

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