Chapter 4 - College! (Re-Upload)

Advantage & Disadvantage of Loving You [COMPLETE]
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'College..' Sarang’s first thought since Woobin talked about it that morning. There she is now, standing in front of the college she asked for.

Students, her age or more, was walking in and out of the campus’s gate. They looked friendly as they smiled at Sarang when they walk pass her or is it because of WooBin’s presences.

“Come on~ You said you wanted to attend college~ Enjoy this environment, enjoy every second of it, have fun. You’ll have friends, don’t worry.” He smiled “Most importantly, don’t mind what other people think of you. Just be yourself.” He places his hands on Sarang’s stiffed shoulders.

“Will I really be okay?” She signs language WooBin with worried looks. WooBin chuckled and gave her an assuring nod. 

She sigh and followed Woobin through the administration doors; they were to meet the college’s dean.

“Honestly, looking at your grades and everything you did in high school really surprised me, to me I don’t think you need to be here, instead you should be studying at Seoul University. But if it’s in your interest to study in such small school as this, the school and I warmly welcome you.” The college’s dean smiled brightly, he stood up and shakes hands with WooBin and Sarang.

Sarang raised her hand a bit “Can I say something?” WooBin translated it. “Please treat me normally like other students in this school. Just because my high school grades are beyond of expectation for this school, I’d like to be treated fairly like the others, no specialty, don’t separate me and them.” WooBin translated it accurately.

The college’s dean understood the request and will fulfill it “Both your brother and you are a good people. God bless both of you.” He smiled and took both Sarang and WooBin to the front desk and asked for her schedule.

“Would you like to tour around the campus Ms. Sarang?” The dean offered. Sarang nod and smiled. “Mr. Kang, you have a meeting in 5 minutes.” His secretary informed.

Then one of the students came in the administration office, Mr. Kang smiled “Ricky-gun, lucky you’re here, would you kindly show Ms. Sarang here around the campus?”

‘Ricky?’ Sarang thought as it sounded familiar. Ricky turns around and grinned “Gladly.” Mr. Kang chuckle “Mrs. Han, can you give the pass to Ricky, so he won’t be in trouble with his professors.”

“Ms. Sarang, I hope you will have fun here. Have a nice day now. Take care.” Mr. Kang smiled a

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