Chapter 21 – Rocky Future.

Advantage & Disadvantage of Loving You [COMPLETE]
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For this whole week Sarang hid herself at L.Joe’s apartment, even her brother told her so. Sarang’s parents were still looking for her, they found out the first time where WooBin’s apartment was and she wasn’t going to stay there.

Luckily no one was at L.Joe’s place, he said his brother had to go somewhere and his friends had some family issues to deal with.

L.Joe hasn’t been sleeping much this week as well. His eye-bags were starting to become visible. He was scared and Sarang knows it too.

“Byunghun, though I can never hear you, but I can see it through your eyes.” She said “I know you’re scared of me being taken away by my parents.” She places her hand on his cheek.

“You need some rest. I know you haven’t been sleeping well since I told you what will happen to me.” Sarang couldn’t help but feel guilty.

L.Joe shook his head “It’s not your fault. Don’t feel guilty, please. I love you.” He smiled and tries his best to pay attention at the movie playing on the T.V.

Sarang kept her eyes still on L.Joe, and then she trails her eyes down his jawline ‘This would never happen if I didn’t meet him in the first place.’ She sighs.

L.Joe looks into her eyes and smiled “Stop sighing. I know what you’re thinking, and I don’t like it a bit.” He sat up straight on the sofa “How many times do I have to convince you that I love you and stop doubting everything that crosses your mind.” His gaze was soft.


“Hey Sarang~ I’m gonna go out and buy our dinner. If anyone knocks and ring the bell, don’t open it. Even if it’s Chunji or Teen Top boys, do not open it. Okay?” L.Joe cupped her face and pecks her lips.

Sarang nodded and smiled. “Whatever you do, just be quiet and stay still.” L.Joe reminds. Sarang nodded “I’ll be fine. You’ve been buying dinner outside the

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