Chapter 34 – Wedding Party [BONUS CHAP.]

Advantage & Disadvantage of Loving You [COMPLETE]
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After the official wedding ceremony, there was the wedding party or dinner some people call it.

Guests were seated in their arranged seat, while the bride and groom and their friends who was their bride’s maid and groom’s maid, they were all seated in one long table.

Oh! I forgot to mention that Sarang and Kira met after Sarang saw the Teen Top boys. Kira was happy to see Sarang again.

Kira has been a lovely friend, and she’s one of Sarang’s bride’s maids. Besides Kira, YoungMi was also Sarang’s bride’s maid.

Sarang and L.Joe seated next to each other, they couldn’t take their eyes off of each other more or less let go of one another, and they are so in love.

Right after the father-daughter dance, it was time to dance with whoever you want to dance. Chunji took the chance and ask for one last dance with Sarang.

The song coincidentally changed to a slow song, there was the awkward atmosphere in between both of them. Sarang cleared “I’m sorry.”

Chunji chuckled “What are you sorry for? You did nothing wrong.” He looks at her. Sarang couldn’t say anything, so she just kept quiet.

“You did nothing wrong, so you don’t have to apologize.” He smiled gently and moves along the dance floor gracefully “I admit I have feelings for you since college, and I was happy that I was going to marry you, but I know you’re not in love with me, you’re still in love with my brother.”

Sarang look at Chunji with a shock expression, Chunji just chuckled “I know. I’m not stupid. Though you guys are trying to start new, but those sparks never left both of you. And I don’t want to be the reason why you guys broke up. So, the best way to escape from being in the middle, I let you go and let Byunghun be with you instead. And that made me feel better, because

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Chapter 34: DAEBAK!!! Great job author-nim.... I really like the story its soo sweet... :3 You are a great author!!! Keep it up..FIGHTING!! :)))
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