Chapter 33 – Wedding (ENDING!)

Advantage & Disadvantage of Loving You [COMPLETE]
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After Sarang expressed what’s on her heart to her parents. They started to think differently and started remembering where Sarang smiled when she was around L.Joe.

They felt horrible for everything they did, they wanted to change their decisions but everything has already been set that Sarang will marry Chunji.

They hope that Sarang and WooBin would forgive them soon. They also start showing WooBin and Sarang some love.


“Sarang, wake up~ Your wedding is today.” WooBin gently shook her sleeping body. Sarang slowly open her eyelids and rubbed it.

She yawn “Wedding?” Then her right sense of mind came back “My wedding is today huh?” She half-heartedly pushed the blanket off of her and head to the bathroom for a shower.

After months of planning and trying to avoid everything about the wedding, the day is finally here. And there’s no running away.

WooBin pitied Sarang, but what can he do. He head back to his room to get ready. On his way to his room, his mom stopped him “Where is your sister? Don’t tell me she’s still sleeping?”

“She’s in the bathroom.” His mom’s worried look was replaced with excitement and relief “Go and get ready now, we’re leaving in couple of minutes.”

“Sarang you better be done with shower now! WE HAVE TO LEAVE IN 20 MINUTES!!!” His mom’s voice boomed around the house.

Sarang heard her mom’s thunder voice and lazily wore a t-shirt and jeans; she could get ready at the bride’s room at the hotel.

Her mom burst in her room with a scowl “I told you to sleep early last night didn’t I?” She brushed Sarang’s messy wet hair and tied it “Come on, we’ll get ready at the hotel.”  Sarang grabbed her phone and the important things only.

Sarang heaved a sigh as she stepped outside of her house. “Goodbye old house. Hello new start of my life.” She muttered.


“Sarang stop chewing that gum!” Her mom frowned and held a dust bin beside her; Sarang spit the gum out and yawned for the umpteenth time that day.

“Did you eat breakfast?” Her mom asked. Sarang would communicate with her parents by nodding her head or shaking her head.

She had said enough fe

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