Chapter 25 – Three Years Later.

Advantage & Disadvantage of Loving You [COMPLETE]
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After spending three years in Malaysia, at last Sarang is going back to South Korea. Though she’s going to missed Malaysia a little bit, but other than that she’s fine.

As soon as the doctor told Sarang that her operation’s progress was good, he then quickly informed her parents.

The reason why her parents sent her to Malaysia was that she could get an operation to be able to hear and speak like normal people would. (a/n: Everything is possible in Fanfics.)

At first when Sarang heard about it she thought it was absurd because after previous information she read about getting any operation to fixed the deaf and mutes is zero percentage.

Sarang stayed in Malaysia for three years and waited for the complete result of the operation she undergoes. Meanwhile, she studied culinary, her parents knew so they tried supporting her a little by sending her off to the best culinary school in entire Malaysia.

In that healing process, the first sentence Sarang uttered was in Malay “Nama saya Sarang.” The doctors and nurses were so happy. From then on, she practices her speaking skill and practice until she perfected it.

When her parents received the news that she’s not a broken doll anymore, they wanted her to come home as soon as possible.

Sarang walk out of that arrival door hoping her parents would stand there and wait for her but sadly no, her expectations were too high, she sighs.

However, Woobin isn’t the type of person to miss anything especially when it comes to his little sister. He waited for Sarang along with the other people at the arrival entrance.

He smiled broadly as soon as he saw her pushing her luggage’s trolley, standing beside him are YoungMi, Sarang’s second favorite people in the world.

Sarang stopped in front of them and embrace both of them for a hug “Welcome back to South Korea kiddo.” WooBin ruffled her hair.

“Excuse me; my hair went to the most expensive saloon in Malaysia 3 hours ago, so no touchy.” Sarang jokingly push her brother’s ha

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