Chapter 20 – Malaysia.

Advantage & Disadvantage of Loving You [COMPLETE]
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It’s been 2 months living away from Sarang’s parents, and it was an amazing feeling and it ended too soon. Her parents however manage to find her.

“We booked a flight for you to Malaysia this week.” They said without any introduction. She furrowed “For what?” She talks in sign language with them.

They quickly called one of the maids and ask them to translate what Sarang said. “For your own good, you’re going to undergo an operation there and you’ll be studying there.”

“What operation? I’m fine with where I’m studying now.” Sarang scowled. Her mom gasp, her lips formed into a thin line “That school where you’re studying right now doesn’t provide you the excellent educations we want you to have.”

“And you think there is in Malaysia?” Sarang cut them before they say anything else. Both of them scowled, no one ever stop them from talking before.

Her mom huffed “Young lady, we never teach you to disrespect us.” Sarang snort “Teach me? You guys never teach me anything.” She retorts.

“What did you ever teach me except for don’t call you my mother when your friend is around?” Sarang furiously talk with her hands and fingers, making it hard for the maid to translate such expressions.

Sarang’s parents gasp aloud in unison “You are being rude. Who taught you all these?” Her father’s scowl never left his face.

“There’s a reason to everything we told you to do.” Her mom said. Sarang smirk “Reason? Right, what reason, other than I’m dead as your daughter?” She was beyond mad; she wanted to yank her hair out, she hated her parents.

“Did that boy teach you all these behavior?” Sarang scowl turned into a glower as soon as her father said that. “You have no right to interfere with my personal life.” She huffed.

Her parents was about to say something else, but she cut them off completely “I’m not going to listen to you anymore, even if you threaten me with my life. I’m leaving.” Sarang grabbed her backpack and left the awful mansion.


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