Chapter 14 – “A date with me?”

Advantage & Disadvantage of Loving You [COMPLETE]
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*Colored-Courier-font -> Texting.
*Pink-Italic-Font -> Sarang writing on her notepad
*Bold-Underline-font -> Sarang sign language.


It’s like a routine for L.Joe now. He waited for Sarang’s part time job to end precisely at 11:30pm, sometimes he’d take her to the café near the restaurant, and sometimes he’d just walk her home.

Both of them have been texting a lot lately. They met numerous times on campus, more than meeting the Teen Top boys now.

L.Joe who was a conceited, player, and a huge jerk before now has taken a toll to being a nice, kind and helpful guy.

“Are you closing now?” L.Joe texted. Sarang felt her phone buzzed in her apron pocket, she carefully clean the last table and check her phone.

Sarang rolled her eyes first and texted back “Byunghun! Stop asking me the same question! I told you! We’re closing a little late today. Today is the start of weekend, and there are a lot of customers. And there are a lot of dirty dishes to be wash and garbage to be thrown. Don’t make me throw you too!” She ends it with an angry emoticon.

L.Joe chuckled “Arasso 2x, I was just disturbing you because I’m bored. I think I might be your last customer. You can’t throw this pretty looking boy away with the garbage. I’m hurt.”

Okay! The author-nim takes back what she wrote earlier. HE IS STILL A HUGE CONCEITED DUDE!!!

Sarang read the text and the bell on top of the restaurant door rings. Sarang look up and saw the guy with the light brown hair enter.

“I am so going to shove your big head in the kimchi stew!” Sarang hit send. Mika saw L.Joe entered the restaurant, she smiled and glance at Sarang.

L.Joe is like a regular customer now, not in term of ordering food, but in term of waiting for Sarang and watches her walk around the restaurant.

“Are you here to eat or see Sarang?” Mika smirk. His phone rang in the message notification, he smiled sheepishly at Mika and points at Sarang, he turn back to his phone and read it.

Sarang grouchily wipe the face of the table while making faces. She was imagining that the table was L.Joe’s face and she’s wiping it as if to wipe his smug look off his face.

“You’re going to break that table in two.” Speaking of the devil, L.Joe si

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