Chapter 18 – “Will ‘Us’ Work?”

Advantage & Disadvantage of Loving You [COMPLETE]
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-You could play Drake – Hold On, We’re Going Home for BGM.

Rated M = warning: small make out scene underneath!

The weather wasn’t as lively as it used to be. It was gloomy and rainy. When Sarang woke up this morning, she wondered if it was going to be a bad day or a good day          `           .

WooBin as always on his business trips, same goes to YoungMi eonni. Sarang were all alone in her brother’s apartment, a little bit scared.

Advantage of being what she is, she can switch off her hearing aid if she doesn’t want to hear the thunder grumbling in the dark skies.

Sarang and L.Joe was supposed to go out but since the weather change unexpectedly, L.Joe decided to spent time with her at her place.

Both of them have been together for about 4 months now, time flies quick. Sometimes when she wasn’t sure of some things, she started doubting everything even her relationship with L.Joe.

And for a lot of times have L.Joe told her himself that he loves her for who she is and accepted her for what she is. Today is one of those days. Sarang turned the hearing aid back on, and someone was pressing the bell.

Sarang went and get the door and let L.Joe in. At that precise moment, the thunder and lightning made their move. She jumped, L.Joe chuckle and hug her while closing the door.

“You’re fine now, I’m here.” He said gently almost in a whisper way. Sarang and L.Joe head to the living room and suddenly the whole building electricity went off, total darkness; it’ll be darker as the time pass to night.

She froze and stay rooted at where she is. One of her fears was darkness; she gets claustrophobic and paranoid quickly. Her brother, YoungMi and L.Joe knows this.

L.Joe went to the kitchen and search for candles, when he found them he quickly lights it up. He placed two

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