Chapter 11 – A Change of Heart.

Advantage & Disadvantage of Loving You [COMPLETE]
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“Hyung! I’m hungry!” Ricky cried annoyingly from the kitchen. “Cook yourself a ramen!” Changjo respond from the living room.

Ricky came out of the kitchen with a cute frown “Everyday ramen! I’m sick and tired of it already. Let’s go to Mrs. Park’s restaurant. I heard from my friends that Mrs. Park hired a new and pretty looking girl.” He grins.

Then L.Joe instantly remembered Sarang, in fact he never stopped thinking about her after the incident, even if she have forgiven him.

“L.Joe hyung, what’s wrong?” Ricky poked his thigh; L.Joe’s mind came back to the living room “Nothing. Let’s go to Mrs. Park’s restaurant then.” He got up. Last time when L.Joe ate at that restaurant, he was with his other friends, not with Teen Top boys.

Ricky jumped happily beside L.Joe, the rest got up and headed to Mrs. Park’s restaurant.


“Sarang! 2 bottle of water please!” Mika the evening shift eonni said. Sarang fasten her pace over the refrigerator and took out 2 bottle of water and gave Mika.

Couple of minutes later, Sarang and Mika changed position. Sarang take orders and Mika control the kitchen.

*Ding-Ding* The bell on top of the door rings as a group of boys entered the restaurant. Sarang grab the menus and bring it to them.

Her eyes rounded in surprise. “Oh! Sarang noona? Oh my, what a small world?” Ricky grins and he pat the empty seat beside him.

When Sarang shook her head, Ricky pulled her to sit beside him “Why are you wearing an apron?” He asked. Chunji’s eyes and mouth was in an O shape as well.

“Hyung, you better close your mouth before flies make a house in it.” Changjo smirk. L.Joe blinked his eyes in confusion “You guys met her before?” He asked.

Niel rolled his eyes “We met her all the time! Where have you been? Oh right, you’re always busy with other girls.” With that said, earning him a deadly glare from L.Joe.

“All the time?” L.Joe sounded more confuses. “Yeah all the time! At college, we hang out sometimes. Oh! Last week, Chunji hyung, Niel hyung and I went to Han river with Sarang noona.” Ricky sounded proud.

“Ah! Sarang noona, this is Byunghun hyung.” Ricky introduced. Sarang raised an eyebrow “I thought he said his name was L.Joe.” She mouthed with sign language.

The boys looked more confuse than ever. Sarang chuckle and wrote down what she said just now. They sat closer to read the small note pad and back away at the same time and said “Oh.” in unison.

“L.Joe is his popular name to get girls, only few people who know him well knows his real name.” Minsoo explained.

Sarang nod “So you used that name with me last time by trying to get me?” She wrote down. The boys came closer again and back away, all eyes on L.Joe.

“Last time? You met her before too hyung?” Niel questioned the never ending confusion. L.Joe smiled sheepishly and scratched his head “Sort of

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