The One I Want

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Kim Minju is just an ordinary high school student. Like every other girl, she crushes on the popular guy in the school, also the smartest, Kim Minhyun. However, when there's a Mr Popular, there must be the girl who was always with him, Jang Wonyoung. Those two were the definition of young, tall, and rich. 

As Minju enters the last year of high school, she finds herself tangled with the school's notorious troublemaker, Ahn Yujin. Minju loved surprises, but not when the girl asked to be friends for a particular reason. 

Minju wanted him, Yujin wanted her (wy). Together, they strike a deal to break them apart. 

As the story goes on, who is it that they really want?


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Well, this is it. The End of The One I Want. Thank you all for reading and commenting! You guys always make my day <3
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