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Unbreakable (Suho x OC)

Kang Sihyeon is the lone-wolf no one acknowledges. Kim Joonmyun is an alpha at the top tier of the student body of the Academy of Lullin. When the bond of a mate is recognized by Joonmyun when he turns 18, he is estatic. Sihyeon? Not so much.

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Yulyen oneshots.

By PrinceSone Updated
Tags  choiyena   joyuri   yurena   izone   yenyul   yulyen 
Characters Choi Yena and Jo Yuri
With 10 chapters, 5 votes, 48 subscribers, 1470 views, 26 comments, 21326 words

Here are some yulyen one shots??

Make Signs

By kimmyungsoojung Updated
Characters Kim Minjoo, Kim Chaewon, Ahn Yujin, Miyawaki Sakura, Jo Yuri, Choi Yena
With 2 chapters, 3 votes, 67 subscribers, 630 views, 9 comments, 5355 words

All Kim Minjoo wanted was a normal high school life, but all of sudden, girls -not just one but three popular girls were started noticing her.

My Sweetheart

By hae-hae Updated
Tags  yuri   yujin   minjin   minju   2yeon   2kim   gfriend   twice   jinjoo   yena   satzu   baejinyoung   wekimekidoyeon   izone   yenyul 
Characters Yujin, Minju, Chaewon, Yena, Yuri, Doyeon (weki meki), Somi, Jackson, Bae Jinyoung , Tzuyu, Sana, Jeongyeon, Nayeon etc.
With 6 chapters, 5 votes, 226 subscribers, 2110 views, 19 comments, 12492 words
Status Subscribers Only

TODAY is the day that Yujin will get married. He will marry the woman that have win his heart. They are already about to start the ceremony. But someone rushly come in. "Excuse me! I am sorry but are you Ahn Yujin?" Everyone were staring to the man who is now holding a basket. "Y-yes why?" Yujin answered as his dad looking at him to answer. "Is this your baby? There is a photo card of you and the notes with your name behind it." The man took the photo card and show it

The Peculiars' Tale

By Teuoongiee_ Updated
Characters Choi Yena, Jo Yuri, Kim Chaewon, Kim Minjoo, Kwon Eunbi, Yabuki Nako, Honda Hitomi, Jang Wonyoung, Ahn Yujin, Miyawaki Sakura, Lee Chaeyeon, Kang Hyewon, PD48 Trainees
With 7 chapters, 2 votes, 98 subscribers, 1130 views, 13 comments, 12695 words
Status Subscribers Only

Choi Yena is in search for the Songbird's Gem. For that stone is the only solution to free her family from the dreadful situation they are in. Little did she know that everything will fall right into its place as destiny planned while on her journey in finding the magical stone. 


By yujufly Updated
Tags  friendship   music   romance   girlxgirl   angstromance   producer   2kim   musicianau   kimminju   produce48   kimchaewon   choiyena   joyuri   izone   yenyul   yulyen   kanghyewon   anyujin 
Characters IZ*ONE, Jo Yuri, Kim Chaewon, Kim Minju, Choi Yena, An Yujin, Kang Hyewon
With 4 chapters, 12 votes, 153 subscribers, 1170 views, 13 comments, 13657 words
Status Subscribers Only

Two different people from two different worlds brought together through fate's intervention. As Yuri kept on reading the book that seemed to tell the future, she starts to wonder, “Has everything happened just as how it was written or was it fate's way of creating a meaningful coincidence?”

iz*one mystery school trip au

By izoneschooltripau Updated
Tags  chaeyeon   mystery   yuri   hyewon   yujin   killing   eunbi   chaemin   sakura   chaewon   minju   nabi   wonyoung   yena   hitomi   nako   annyeongz   chaekura   hotaru   izone   yenyul   yulyen   kkuchaeng   chaetomi   hyefood   ssambbang 
With 3 chapters, 4 votes, 110 subscribers, 760 views, 16 comments, 8918 words
Status Subscribers Only

12 graduating students, 1 school trip, several unfortunate events.

Sequel of 'U R'

By PrinceSone Updated
Tags  choiyena   joyuri   yurena   izone   yenyul   yulyen   yenaxyuri   sequelofur 
Characters Choi Yena and Jo Yuri
With 6 chapters, 5 votes, 45 subscribers, 690 views, 17 comments, 10558 words

This book is the sequel of 'U R' so better read that first before going here??  AND I CAN'T THINK OF A TITLE SO I'LL JUST LEAVE IT LIKE THAT?

when you wish upon a matchstick

By leechaezoned Updated
Tags  yuri   yujin   minjoo   chaewon   slowburn   wonyoung   pd48   annyeongz   chaekura   kwonchaeng   biyeon   izone   yenyul   chaeyeonxeunbi 
Characters chaeyeon eunbi
With 5 chapters, 27 votes, 210 subscribers, 3960 views, 47 comments, 25025 words

kwonchaeng/biyeon magic au: a not so ordinary love story between a human and a supernatural being.

Two Hundred Miles

By Femmie Updated
Tags  kimchaewon   choiyena   ahnyujin   annyeongz   jangwonyoung   joyuri   izone   yenyul   yulyen   yenjin 
Characters Choi Yena, Jo Yuri, Ahn Yujin, Jang Wonyoung, (Kim Chaewon, Honda Hitomi, Kwon Eunbi, Kang Hyewon, Lee Chaeyeon, Sakura Miyawaki)
With 11 chapters, 8 votes, 279 subscribers, 2650 views, 29 comments, 29388 words
Status Subscribers Only

As two small groups of people from different classes become close to one another, the dense Yena does not realize she's fallen in love with Yuri. She has to face her growing feelings however, when her best friend Yujin falls in love with the new transfer. With these unfamiliar and new feelings, what will she do when she finds out some of her friends are keeping secrets from the others?


By SuperLily Updated
Tags  yurena   izone   yenyul   yulyen   slightannyeongz 
Characters Choi Yena and Jo Yuri
With 4 chapters, 6 votes, 161 subscribers, 960 views, 14 comments, 11802 words
Status Subscribers Only

Being a supportive sister, Yena decides to attend one of her brother’s concert at Busan. Although her sole focus supposed to be on Sungmin only. Her eyes just have to drift on a certain girl that undeniably appearance like hers. Yena being Yena follows this girl.

Falling For You

By Arashi-Kun11 Updated
Characters yena yuri
With 3 chapters, 2 votes, 36 subscribers, 380 views, 6 comments, 5340 words

P48 University has decided to make a new music program that allows all fine arts students to interact and work on cross-major projects. Yena Choi, a General Music Arts Major, is unexpectedly paired up with Jo Yuri, a Vocal Arts Major, who is an interesting junior that intrigues Yena.

The Broken Hearts' Club

By shortcut48 Updated
Tags  minjin   jinjoo   choiyena   ahnyujin   annyeongz   jangwonyoung   joyuri   izone   yenyul   yulyen   kimminjoo 
Characters Kim Minjoo, Ahn Yujin, Jang Wonyoung, Kwon Eunbi, Choi Yena, Kang Hyewon, Lee Chaeyeon, Miyawaki Sakura, Yabuki Nako, Honda Hitomi, Kim Chaewon, Jo Yuri
With 3 chapters, 35 votes, 495 subscribers, 2680 views, 46 comments, 13411 words
Status Subscribers Only

A compilation of stories of the visitors of the Broken Hearts' Club; an office where you go to have someone listen to you heartbreaks.

Yulyen oneshot/drabbles

By Team8nanami_01111 Updated
Characters yena yuri yulyen izone
With 92 chapters, 16 votes, 217 subscribers, 5790 views, 45 comments, 143665 words

in here, YulYen rules!!! follow their journey!!

There’s no way we could fall in love!

By Potato48 Updated
Tags  vampire   choiyena   leechaeyeon   joyuri   anhyujin   yenyul   yulyen   izoneships 
Characters ChoiYena JoYuri LeeChaeyeon AnhYujin
With 2 chapters, 1 votes, 2 comments, 2389 words
Status Subscribers Only

Do you believe in love? Especially from different spices?  For three of them those words are stupid. Because they won’t fall for someone called human that’s what they thought. 

Not a Scam

By Sigurd Updated
Tags  woollimgirls   2kim   annyeongz   izone   yenyul   yulyen   yenaxyuri   chaetomi   woollimz   eunbixyena   ssambbang   yenbi 
Characters IZONE members and some other PD48 trainees
With 6 chapters, 22 votes, 190 subscribers, 1800 views, 36 comments, 26656 words
Status Members Only, Subscribers Only

Jo Yuri is a scholar at South Korean National Women's University. Although a scholar, she's having problems with money. Seeing a suspicious job ad, she takes the job, meeting a certain duck-faced girl named Choi Yena.

Through your Eyes

By khunafan Updated
Tags  yuri   hyewon   eunbi   slowbuild   miyawakisakura   kwangbi   yena   leechaeyeon   chaekura   yenyul   kkuchaen 
Characters Lee Chaeyeon, Miyawaki Sakura
With 1 chapters, 13 votes, 109 subscribers, 810 views, 13 comments, 10152 words
Status Members Only, Subscribers Only

When one crosses paths with others, they either go different ways or walk the same direction. But for two people who walks the same path one might say fate played a part. For one person more than one may walk the same path as you are and thus a choice must be made. The choices we make affects everyone as well as yourself so choose wisely.

Nothing Feels Better

By kimmyungsoojung Updated
Tags  drama   romance   hurtandcomfort   minjoo   chaewon   2kim   kimchaewon   ahnyujin   izone   yenyul   kimminjoo   kanghyewon   chaewonxminjoo 
Characters Kim Chaewon, Kim Minjoo, Ahn Yujin, Choi Yena, Jo Yuri, Kang Hyewon
With 3 chapters, 1 votes, 87 subscribers, 940 views, 7 comments, 11086 words

This is the countless time they quarrelled within two months. Kim Chaewon was given a challenge, to find Kim Minjoo within the day and to show the younger how much the older one actually cared for her. But when they reunited things has began to change their relationship.

La Route en Rose

By shirayuki37 Updated
Characters Kwon Eunbi Miyawaki Sakura Kang Hyewon Choi Yena Kim Chaewon Lee Chaeyeon Kim Minju Yabuki Nako Honda Hitomi Jo Yuri Ahn Yujin Jang Wonyoung Others
With 1 chapters, 2 votes, 20 subscribers, 290 views, 2 comments, 2734 words
Status [M], [TW], Members Only

Nearest, Dearest

By minion Updated
Tags  yuri   yena   izone   yenyul   yulyen   yenaxyuri   yenayuri   yuriyena 
Characters Yena,Yuri
With 10 chapters, 6 votes, 27 comments, 14122 words

This summer, Choi Yena has made a new friend, the special one she has never had before.   As time went by, an unfamiliar feeling started to grow on her.   Because of one's friendship and fear, it is easier not to acknowledge it.   .....

you are my heart in human form (a friend i could never replace)

By vacants Updated
Tags  yuri   yena   izone   yenyul   yulyen 
Characters yuri yena izone members
With 1 chapters, 7 votes, 19 subscribers, 260 views, 7 comments, 5470 words

yena promises yuri a forever; it takes yuri some time to finally come to terms with that