Don't Sass Me 2.0

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Seoul University, a prestigious school that houses the next generation of Korea's finest intellect. Known for its top-notch educational system and a wide range of facilities and colleges. Seoul University lives up to its name as the top University in South Korea....Although, a group of students, may or may not be living up to those standards, and attend just for the heck of it.


Choi Yena, starts what she thinks to be, another dull school year with her best-friends. Her college experience will forever be changed after meeting a infamous and sassy Kim Chaewon still trying to get over her ex. Yena’s guardian angels (Myoui Mina and Im Nayeon) will finally appear in front of her to resolve a dark past that comes back to haunt her. 


Will this wild group of delinquents be able to graduate Seoul University in one piece?


This story is a Minayeon(Mina & Nayeon) and Ssamyen (Yena & Chaewon) focused story and will equally follow the lives of all four characters during their time at Seoul University. All the Twice members and I*ZONE members will play a role as well, plus a few cameos(I*VE, Leserafilm, ITZY) . You do not, however, need to know the groups well to follow the story :). 

Surprise!!!!!!! It's been over three years since this first story came out and what a journey it has been! I have always wanted to go back and re-tell the Don't Sass Me story in a different light and Im excited to show you guys this version of the story.  Note, there will be many changes from the original story with some things being added/taken out, in addition to different character dynamics, but overall the same direction as the original story... maybe ;).


I hope you guys will treat this as a fresh spin off to read when you are bored. Nothing will be changed or impact "Sass Me More" either, so no need to fear, and yes I will be updating the sequal story shortly :). 


Thank you to my boyfriend who helped inspire me to write this <3.


And for any new readers out there, I hope you will equally enjoy this story.  <3

Expect, weekly to bi-weekly updates!!!! Hope you guys enjoy the first chapter and make sure to leave a comment what you think/or what you would like to see. And for anybody that read the original story, are you surprised?
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