The Cowards, Beauties & Bolds


"I like you Eunbi"


"Wow! Such confidence."


"She's doing it again."


"What would you do if I said yes to that?"


"I dont think she's that type of person unnie. She's so whipped for you."


"I'm not interested in her."


"If you're not going to answer that, I'm going back to sleep."





This fanfic was inspired from the many fanfics I read during a rough period of my life and I really enjoyed reading them especially how they potrayed each members. So it motivated me to write my own as well and I have to say, I currently have a love-hate relationship with it but I'm learning to love it along the way. To be honest, this fanfic was supposed to be posted in February but yeah better late than never I guess XD

I have only become a fan of IZ*One during their hiatus era. Been binge watching their variety shows, fans edit videos, Enozi cam, streaming their music and falling in love with all of them. 

Apologies if there's any mistakes in spellings and grammars. This is also the first time I have written a girl x girl story. Probably the last time I'm going to write one too. Who knows. Bear with me on this one. 

Enjoy reading and stay safe.



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