takin’ shots

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basically a collection of ssamkkura shots because girlie fell in love with them during 'their epic love'. currently there is NO work in progress, but if you have requests, hit me up with it.



1. train ride

  • side: yulyen
  • wherein sakura was casually walking around a train station when a certain cub caught her eye.

2. what happened to us? ; multi-chaptered shot

  • genderbender.
  • things change, people change, feelings change too. never thought the circumstances would've changed you.
  • other char(s): park jihoon (treasure)

3. when you fall in love

  • side: kangbi, wonkkura, 2kim
  • because when you fall in love, you'll do whatever it takes to make her happy.

4. merely strangers

  • genderbender
  • a shot in which saku and chaewon are two strangers caught up in an arranged marriage... enter miyawaki wonyoung, their five year old daughter. and maybe a little help from auntie eunbi.

5. home

  • home • /hōm/ • noun - the place where one lives permanently, especially as a member of a family or household.
  • inspired by the tweet: click here

6. mother's day

  • continuation of 'merely strangers' since y'all asked for it.
  • in which saku and wonyoung prepares a not-so-surprising mother's day surprise for chaewon. 

7. hundred ways to get to you

  • sakura is the stupid and popular girl who is always in trouble and chaewon is the new introverted girl who wants to stay out of trouble. unfortunately for her, miyawaki sakura doesn't exactly equal to peace, but rather chaos.

8. even if it hurts

  • it's a surprise :P
  • side: ssamyen

9. our hidden treasure [M]

  • miyawaki saku was south korea's most famous japanese actor whilst kim chaewon was south korea's singing fairy. little did they know, these two are hiding a hidden treasure.
  • warning: mature content

10. first snow

  • the first snow is like the first love. do you remember your first love?

11. lost and found

  • in which miyawaki saku, a heart surgeon was searching for a life and kim chaewon, a single mother, was searching for love.


always be ready to step up and take that shot. so shall we loves?

thoughts are very much appreciated.


p.s thank you so much to user @letsyousoro for the cover! i appreciate it and also thank you for providing quality ssamkkura contents, i love your twitter feed so much.

because ssamkkura is that awkward ship y’all have been sleeping on.


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mushroom79 #1
Chapter 52: Waw. Damn. And hi.
1710 streak #2
Chapter 52: hello again authornim!!! and man... i thought it'll be happy but boy that's rough...
Chapter 49: Part 3🤩
Chapter 52: WAHHH AN UPDATE!🤩 Thank you very much author for coming back.

Chaewon doesn't deserve a cheater huhuh
Yujin please be the second lead🙏🙏
mdaichan #5
Chapter 52: Welcome back author . I think everyone deserve a second chance but i want chaewon teach saku a lesson that he will never do it again
Chapter 52: OMG welcome back authornim 🥰
Chapter 52: Saku deserves to be dumped
Sorosdaas #8
Chapter 52: Welcome back author!! And thank you for the new story.. chaewon deserve better.. once a cheater, always be a cheater.
Chapter 52: We missed you, author! I hope chaewon be together with a person that truly loves her and faithful with her. She didn't deserve all of it.
245 streak #10
Chapter 52: missed you so much, hope you’re doing well! 🥹
honestly don’t think they should make up, chaewon deserves better! 😩