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One of them is a warrior, the other is a healer..

and.. There's The Ruler...



Diamond. Ruby. Sapphire. Emerald.


The first rain of spring..

The time when Wonyoung met Yujin for the first time in the backyard of their dorm..

The first rain of summer..

The time when Yujin lost Wonyoung without giving her a hug and saying goodbye..

The first rain of fall..

The time when their eyes meet in distrust, longing, and foreign feelings..

The first rain of winter..

The time when Yujin couldn't take her eyes off the figure who was smiling in the middle of a rose garden..

The first rain...



"Happy birthday, Wonyoungie."

"My Dear Yujin.. Now, we’re same age.."

"Yah!  You- I’m still your unnie!"

"Not until midnight, Yujinie."

“You’re my partner in life.”

"I'm not leaving, Unnie. You need me.”

"Jang Wonyoung, listen to me. I'll pick you up later. I promise."

"Open your eyes. Please, stay alive.."

"Promise me you will be fine without me."

"Happy birthday, Yujin Unnie."



“Yujin Unnie made me laugh a lot."

“Because Wonyoung was there, my heart felt safe."

“I miss you, Kim Minjoo."

“I'll lend my shoulder as much as you want. You can hug me, kiss me, and I'm not complain."

“I have to woke up in the morning for this, Chae. For you."

“I love you, Eunbi Unnie.”

“Your gemstone will shine if you miss your partner."

“Isn't ‘I miss you’ the first thing I said when I hugged you this afternoon, Yuri-ah?"



“Project my .."

“Minjoo-ya.. Language."

“Sorry, Unnie. But you have to stop spoil her."

“From her passport it was known two weeks ago she was in Libya, more precisely Tripoli."


"At least she didn't as far as Vienna like you for no reason, Kang."

"Yah! You only takes 8269 kilometers to see me while An Yujin is 9603 kilometers from you, Choi Yena! And I'm not running away here! I always come if you ask me to see you!"

“What we’re talking about is An Yujin. The most extraordinary troublemaker ever born in this team. Are you sure she isn't lying?”

“I know she’s lying."

“Do you know and you ignore it? What role are you playing, Kim Chaewon?"

“The same role that you and Yena Unnie are playing."

"You shouldn't be here, Yena. You got framed."

"It's more accurate to say that someone was kind enough to help me to open the Pandora's box. Now I have no reason to be quiet. I'll fight for my team!"

“Don't do anything and forget what you found there. I don't want you to harm yourself and destroy my plan."

“Should it be? If that's the case, you're really a traitor, Lee Chaeyeon."

“I’m sure it’s not only because you don’t want to betray them. Among your team, you are the easiest to be a traitor, Hyewon-ah."

“I’m trying to be professional and fair here, Miss Miyawaki. I told you the reason and I’m not the right person for you to work with. And let me say it again: you’ll never be able to win against Choi Yena and Kim Chaewon."

“There are so many gemstones in this world but why did you choose Sapphire?”

“Because Sapphire is a symbol of hope, trust, protection, and healer.”

"Minjoo-ya.. Minjoo.."

"I'm here, Unnie.. I'm not going anywhere. You’ll be fine, Unnie. I won't let them touch you again. I promise."

"That day, you were there. You see how she died. That day.. I can't even open my eyes when I hear Wonyoung calling my name for the last time."

“Accepting the fact that you're already gone is my everyday battle. Every morning is like a hell.. Every night is like a nightmare.. You are not here, how can I be happy, Wonyoung-ah?”


“What’s Violet?”

“The name of your last project.”




I know this is crazy because I published this story when I haven't finished my other stories. But here we go.. (9>.<)9

To be honest, this is the first time I've written stories with genres like this, so please, bear with me..

Once again, I asked Lalelulelo09 to join forces with me and she said 'No.. Good luck with that.. I'll help if I could..' Fufufufu

Okay, I'm alone but we'll be back with a new chapter of Hourglass and Cherry Blossom as soon as possible..

As usual, like the other stories, this story will go with a slow pace.. I will write it very slowly -ofc, now, I'm alone- and kindly reminder apart from the unfinished stories here, I still have other unfinished stories on Wordpress..

So wish me luck.. Kekeke


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