Four Season in Wonderland

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They can be tragic in real life, but not in this story..


"This moment is all there is."

- Rumi -


"Thank you for being present in my life. Thank you for being the purpose for my past, present, and future."

"Let's be together and be happy for a long time.. For a long journey.."



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Chapter 1: awww woori taengsic ♡♡
2023 is around the corner and I still ship them. My taengsic heart AAAAAAAA I think I'll ship taengsic the rest of my life. Thank you for sharing author
istrinyaoppa #2
Chapter 1: I think I'll ship taengsic for the rest of my life. I dont know why I ship them so hard like I believe that they're ex-lovers or something. I think I'm getting crazy HAHAHA

Thank you author for this beautiful story. You did a great job!
mzlyod #3
Chapter 1: Awwwww..!!!!
luvstaengsic_4life #4
Chapter 1: Oh my Taengsic heart!! Only intellectuals ship them!
kpoprambler #5
Chapter 1: This makes me feels fuzzy inside. Loving this sweetness so much. Feels like we are lacking of taengsic. This ship is like so far away but reading this feels closer. Thanks for sharing. I'm on a hunt for taengsic fluff sweet loving fic. :)
ellimacomet #6
Chapter 1: Thank you author ?
choco-munchkin #7
Chapter 1: aigoo this is so nice to read. ill probably ship taengsic for as long as i live.
Rose-gg #8
Waaaah can't wait uwu ♥️