Cherry Blossom

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The Cherry Blossom. 


“I chose cherry blossoms because cherry blossoms always remind me of you. Hana. Mimi. Hanami.” Hana sighed. “Okay, this sounds so childish and I know if you would not like it, but one day I really want to see hanami with you.”


Hana gasped at Mimi’s answer. She looked at Mimi in disbelief.


Mimi nodded and extended her pinkie.

“I promise, someday I will accompany you to see hanami here.” Mimi wiggles her pinkie, asking Hana to greet her. It did not take long for Hana to stretch out her pinkie and tie it to Mimi’s finger.

“Yeah, someday.”




A side story of HanaMi's past from Hourglass 


Enjoy :)



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Chapter 2: This is really nice! It's 2021, but I am still looking forward for more... :)
Chapter 2: This is awesome <3 love all your fanfics
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Random_Kpop_Lover #4
Chapter 1: Very interesting, hopefully the next chapter will be just as thrilling as the first one.
deer_maomao #5
Chapter 1: i like this one already❤❤.. focusing more about hanami's past.. wondering what happened to them after mimi's accident.. Hana must be in so much pain (well they both are)..