12: Sana Passed Out

Never Together
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Nayeon's POV:

It has been two hours and Sana was nowhere in sight. I looked for her all over the dorm but wasn't able to find her. The two Maknaes of the group was sitting huddled together in the living room, watching an action film.

"Have you guys seen Sana?" I asked Chaeng and Dubu.

"She's in her room, probably taking a bath." Chaeng replied her eyes still glued to the TV.

"It's been two hours though, Chaeng!" Dubu replied to Chaeng.

"Get me the keys to her room now, Dahyun-ah!" I screamed at Dahyun as I knocked furiously at Sana's room.

"Satang? Sweetie, are you okay?" I put my ears against the door to eavesdrop for an answer, no rustling, just silence.

I tried the door in the hopes that Sana forgot to lock her door. To no avail, it was locked from the inside. Dahyun quickly got to me and gave me the master key for Sana's bedroom. I quickly opened her door using the key and barged into Sana's room. I found her unconscious in the bath tub, almost about to drown because her head was falling into the water.

"Dahyunnie, call 911 now!" I said to Dahyun as I picked up Sana from the cold tub water and carried Sana and plopped her down on her bed, she's still breathing, thank god! But her pulse is weak, her breathing are shallow and slow.

Her body convulsing and shaking. I wrapped Sana in a thick blanket. The rest of the members got out to check what the commotion was about. It was my girl friend Jeongyeon who first came into the room and saw Sana convulsing in a blanket. I could only hug Sana to provide her additional heat, she sat and hugged Sana at the other side, Mina, Jihyo and Momo came in and Momo was shocked. She cried automatically and ran to the living room where Dahyun was calling 911, Mina meanwhile knew Sana had hypothermia, she quickly had a hot pack prepared for Sana. She places the hot pack in between my hand and Sana. She rummages for Sana's thick hoodies, she found one and put it over Sana's head. Jihyo, Jeongyeon and I propped Sana to help Mitang put the oversized hoodie that fell past Sana's knees. Mina was born in the U.S.A and moved back to Japan when she was a toddler. Both countries had winter climates, so she's used to getting cold and knew exactly what was happening to Sana. Jihyo the heating in Sana's room. Who ever turned off the heating on a Winter's day would pay! I'll scold them later, but right now, the most important thing is to get Sana some heat.

"Dahyun! Where are the ambulance?" I screamed at Dahyun.

"On their way!" Dahyun screamed back.

"Chaeng! Please get us hot chocolate!" I ordered the youngest.

She appears immediately in the room with a cup of hot chocolate. She was apparently preparing it all along. I instructed Chaeng to make Sana drink the warm beverage as Jeong and I propped Sana's body to sit up. Mina climbed ino Sana's bed and positioned herself as a stand on Sana's back, making it easier for us to prop the collapsed hypothermic body of Sana. If I hadn't looked for her, we would never know what was happening and a few more minutes could've killed Sana. She really ing did it this time! This girl not only liked soaking on the tub she also liked locking herself up inside her room, I've got to put a stop to this immediately, before she does it again. I looked into Jihyo's eyes and said.

"Move into this room now. We can't afford to lose another member, I am tasking you to stay with Satang." I said to Jihyo.

Jihyo could only nod, after all, Sana and Jihyo are also close friends, often hugging each other or giving each other piggy back rides. Jihyo immediately moved to our shared room and got her things. She moved them back to Sana's room as we still tried to give Sana warmth as we waited for the ambulance. A siren blared nearby an indication that the ambulance was near. Satang was still shaking. Jeong and I moved Satang to the livng room to make it easier for the medical team to get Satang. How could this day get so out of hand? It started with Tzuyu leaving the dorm and talking to Park PDnim and now this? A member who almost died because of hypothermia had I not barged in to save her.

I was reeling and my senses heigthtened to an overdrive. I'm unstable right now fearing to lose my members who I'd been living with for about nearly a decade now through thick and thin, were now on the brink of disbandment. We could handle one leaving but two of them would be too much, especially Sana who wrote some beautiful lyrics and the face of the group. Sana felt like a korean native, she had good command of the Korean language, writes in Korean perfectly and speak the language as if it was her own. That was why she was dubbed as Kim Sanatozaki, Jeong and I gave her that name, because she's really that good.

Our doorbell rang and we buzzed them in, soon Chaeng opened the door and waited for the medical team. I will go with Sana to the hospital and Jeong will wait here for further instructions.

"Jeongie, wait here with the rest of the team, I'll go with Sana, you and the other standby here for further instructions okay?" I asked Jeong.

"Okay, love. I'll stay." Jeong said smiling.

"C-can I go with you?" It was Momo who spoke up.

"Sure, sweetie. You can come." I replied to Momo.

"Me too?" Mina replied.

"Okay, you too Mina, but the rest of you have to stay here and wait for Park PDnim." I replied to them.

"Okay, Bunnyeon Unnie." The rest of them chorused.

"Can some one get Sana's wallet?" I instructed one of the members.

Dubu quickly rushes to Sana's room and retrieved the wallet. She returned with the wallet and handed it to me. I checked the said wallet for her JYP Employee ID and her health card. I was relieved to find it intact in her wallet. A group of medical people arrived in our unit. I signaled for them to take Sana, I took my keys and drove with the ambulance to the nearest hospital in Gangnam. We followed on my car, riding with me is Mina and Momo. Visibly upset was Momo, her bestie's life is on the line and she doesn't know how to calm herself down. I her legs and told her.

"It's going to be alright, Momo. She'll be fine." I tried to convince her although I was doubting myself.

"Unnie... What if Sana doesn't survive?" Momo questioned me.

It was Mina who answered Momo's question.

"She'll survive. She can't die now. Believe me Momo." Mina said sounding so sure of her words.

For a moment I'd like to believe Mina's words. We can't lose our most beloved hamster. Every member of Twice loves this hamster and they'll be devastated if she died. No other words were said on the drive, it was silent and relatively fast drive, we reached the hospital in 20 minutes. Sana was being wheeled off through the emergency room. A nurse greeted us three. Since I was the eldest and was the one who found Satang, I spoke to the nurse.

"Hi, what do you three need?" The nurse greeted us.

"That new patient that just came in, is one of our members, Minatozaki Sana. Her parents aren't here, but my name is Im Nayeon of Twice, I'm the eldest in the group and I have her medical card here." I replied to the nurse and handed her the medical card.

"Oh, okay. Follow me please." The nurse said.

"You two sit in the waiting room." I commanded the two dongsaengs, without any more words both obeyed me and sat at the waiting room.

I followed the nurse and she began to ask me questions.

"Okay ma'am, what happened to her?" The nurse asked me.

"She had Hypothermia from soaking in a cold bath, we already administered first aid, we put her in a blanket, put a hotpack on her hand, dressed her in a thick hoodie and even coaxed her to drink hot chocolate." I replied in detail to the nurse.

"It's good that you already administered first aid. Thank you for doing that. Now, I need to know if she has any allergies to medicines and if you know her medical history?" The nurse askes me.

"No, no allergies to any medicines, she has a pollen allergy though, the spring season aggravates her. No medical history, she's just allergic to pollen, she's from Japan and her parents are in good health." I replied to the nurse.

"Great. Now please fill this up for me." The nurse said as she handed me a piece of paper.

The paper had writing on them under allergies and family history. I filled it out with Sana's full name, I also filled in her age, contact person name and number, address where Sana lived. Once done, I handed the paper back to the nurse. The nurse types on her computer and smiled at me shortly after.

"You can sit at the waiting room, ma'am, I'll be back with you later, I'll return the card to you once we have everything taken cared of." The nurse said.

I did what I was told and went back to the waiting room. I found my two dongsaengs, sitting at the bench, one comforting the other and the other in hysterics. I don't understand why Momo was this hysterical. I saved Sana and she'd be alright, the nurse said it was good that I did first we did first aid.

"Momo-yah. Stop being so dramatic will you? Sana is still alive." I reprimanded Momo.

"How sure are you, Unnie?" Momo questioned me again.

"We just know, Momo. She always liked Winter, the cold is her best friend if you aren't her best frien

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