The Karens and The Boys

A Tease for A Tease
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Everything was going well, well, almost.

“This is not what I ordered!”

“This is not what I ordered!”

Until two voices boomed, in two different languages—Korean and English—echoing in the restaurant as they served around.

Seungwan turned to Seulgi’s way at hearing the language. “Oh no, a Karen…”

“Hey, are you listening to me?!”

Seungwan snapped back to her own problem, a teenage girl was glaring snobbishly at her with arms crossed as she complained about the food she delivered.

“Did you hear me??? I said, this is not what I ordered.”

Seulgi gulped at the mad middle-aged woman glaring at her. She didn’t even know what she’s saying, all she knows is that she’s fuming mad about the food she just set on her table. “U-uh—yes?” She answered in her best English in nervousness.

Joohyun looked at them worriedly after finishing serving the customer assigned to her. All was going smoothly on her side and surprisingly, as Seulgi said, it was just a piece of carrot cake for her.

“Hey are you just going to do nothing about your mistake?? I clearly ordered parfait, not ice cream with toppings!”

Seungwan zoned out as she tried to focus on overhearing Seulgi’s side. She looked over her shoulder and saw Seulgi panicking already.

“Hey! Look at me when I’m talking to you! You and your friend are so unfocused that’s why you can’t do your job properly, you stupids.”

Seungwan perked up at the mention of her friend being stupid, she glared at the customer in annoyance. “Well, I’ve perfectly written table 10’s order of strawberry ice cream topped with gummy bears, wafers, sprinkles, chocolate, marshmallow and mint and that’s perfectly it. Parfait is just a fancy name for ice cream with complicated toppings, so maybe you’re the stu—”

“We are humbly sorry for this mistake.” Joohyun bowed, suddenly mushrooming beside the mad Seungwan as she secretly held her hand to calm her down. She sent short glances at her, telling her to calm down which Seungwan immediately understood as she bowed too. “We will be double checking your order and we will get back to you in a short while. Again, we’re very sorry.” Joohyun and Seungwan bowed, then Joohyun took the alleged wrong order then walked away with Seungwan in tow.


“I know unnie I’m sorry, but she didn’t have the right to call Seulgi stupid!” Seungwan quietly retorted as she followed their leader.

“I understand Seungwan-ah—” Hell if Joohyun’s just a customer as well, she could’ve done worse than using words. Her hand is even itchy for some slapping or tugging of hair, or something close to that. You just—don’t badmouth her bear like that. Okay, given, she spouts bad words at Seulgi as well but it’s different if it was from other people. When Seulgi said long ago that “I’m the only one allowed to tease Hyunnie!”, she somehow understood that feeling now. But well, “—but customers are always right. You don’t appease the customers by mirroring their anger.” Joohyun explained faux calmly.

Seungwan sighed deeply. “I know, unnie. I’m sorry.”

“It’s okay Seungwan-ah. Just handle this customer for me, will you?”

Seungwan looked up and they’re now approaching Seulgi’s table.

“I said, I ordered parfait, not this lowly ice cream in front of me.”

Seulgi gulped in nervousness again. She doesn’t even understand a thing of what this angry lady is saying. “U-uh—parfait, ice cream, yes?”

The angry lady huffed angrily. “You don’t get it, I said, I didn’t order for ice cream with toppings, I order parfait for damn’s sake!” The lady had stepped up her pitch a notch, which scared the hell out of Seulgi. Damn, she’s sure not to go abroad after this.

“U-uh… yes—” Seulgi prayed that if angels do exist, please save her from this demon foreigner.

And like an answered prayer, her angel comes into the form of her Hyunnie, who was already walking towards her, sending telepathic messages of calm down and that everything’s going to be alright. The relief doubled when she saw Seungwan towing behind Joohyun.

“Hi Ma’am, we’re sorry for the misunderstanding, Seung—Wendy here will be assisting your concern further.” Joohyun bowed, Seulgi followed then Seungwan.

“Hi Ma’am, we’re sorry for the misunderstanding, I’m Wendy and I will be assisting your concern further.” Seungwan translated and asked in her fluent English. They conversed calmly now and took back their order as well.

The three of them went back to the serving area to correct whatever their order’s mistake was.

“Gosh, this isn’t a piece of cake Hyunnie. I’m so sorry for saying that.” Seulgi sighed.

“I know. There’s a lot of Karens even here in Korea.” Seungwan seconded.

“Karen? You know them Wan?” Seulgi asked.

“No. Karen is like, a name we dub for those people who act so entitled and y.” Seungwan rolled her eyes.

“Stop it guys, it’s almost over.” Joohyun interrupted and gave the two of them slices of cakes. “Now, Seungwan-ah, give this to the lady and say that it’s on the house, alright?”

Seungwan nodded.

“You Seulgi-yah, give this to that girl who has some raging hormones.”

“Got it Hyunnie.” Seulgi saluted.

Joohyun watched them go do their duties as instructed and nodde

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