The Altercation and The Dance Duet

A Tease for A Tease
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How Joohyun was thankful that it was finally the weekend. She can ponder over the information recently revealed about herself and brainstorm about it, and as per Jennie’s words, assess it. And what better way to sort her thoughts out but to write it.

She settled on her study desk and opened her scratch notebook. As she turns the pages for a new one, she stumbled upon the first and second unfinished songs she had written. She sighed and wondered when will she ever finish them. Well, at least she was able to put a title on them; A Winter Day and Calligraphy Pen, Ball Pen.

She turned to the next page and found the third unfinished and untitled song.

There are tons of thoughts in my head
I'm sort of afraid they might spill out
But I'll just plug it up with headphones~
Don't stop the music!

I'll say that I want the things I want
I'll say I want to do the things I want to do
But there are also words I cannot say

She reached for a pen and added a single line of lyrics to it.

Can't stop my heartbeat!

Like how she feels right this moment. Just thinking about how this thought process would end makes her heartbeat go wild and it feels like it’s going to burst at any moment. Just thinking about Seulgi, it makes her mind blank, unable to think but making her feel a lot.

She absentmindedly wrote Seulgi’s name on that notebook, with her calligraphy skills she recently gained.

“Seul…gi…” She mumbled as she wrote the name fondly, a smile on her face had bloomed. That smile that withered immediately when her mother’s voice suddenly boomed.

“Hyun-ah! Seulgi-yah’s here!”

“W-what?!” Joohyun shrieked after hearing her mother’s shout from outside her room. She panicked and stumbled as she heard nearing footsteps, realizing that her notebook’s still around that had Seulgi’s name written on it. She swiftly grabbed it and threw it on her bed, perfectly timing as Seulgi opened the door to her room.

“Hey, Hyunnie!” Seulgi greeted excitedly, letting herself in comfortably inside.

“H-hey, Seulgi-yah.” Joohyun gulped. “What are you doing here?” Joohyun asked, nervously sitting back on her desk chair. To her horror, Seulgi launched herself on her bed, making herself fall back-first on it with a playful bounce.

“AW!” Seulgi exclaimed, after hitting something hard on her back. She sat up in grimace and got the notebook that she had landed on. “Yah, Hyunnie, why is your notebook here? It’s unsafe.” She lifted the hardbound purple notebook.

Joohyun stood up immediately and snatched the notebook from Seulgi’s hand and huffed. “Well, even Seohyun-ah knows not to jump on beds.” She said strictly then put the notebook inside one of her drawers. She internally sighed in relief when Seulgi didn’t seem to be suspicious about it.

Seulgi pouted. “Beds exist to be jumped on, Hyunnie.”

Joohyun shook her head and crossed her arms. “What are you doing here anyway? We don’t have any plans and you didn’t even tell me you’re visiting.”

“It’s not going to be a surprise visit if I did.” Seulgi shrugged then rolled over her bed.

Joohyun just sighed in disbelief but then her expression thawed into a fond one while Seulgi rolled on her bed like a child. And then she realized she had started to stare. She cleared . “Seriously Seulgi-yah. Are you just going to loiter here to roll around my bed?? And I don’t think your outfit fits well with what you’re doing or what you plan on doing all day.” She raised a brow at Seulgi’s loose white jogging pants, paired with loose black cropped top shirt.

Seulgi giggled and sat up while hugging one of Joohyun’s pillow. “Well, not really. I actually need your help Hyunnie.”

“Help with what?” Joohyun felt shivers all over her body when Seulgi eyed her from head to toe, feeling little under her fierce and smirking gaze. “W-what??”

“You need to suit up, Hyunnie.”

Joohyun can only gulped nervously at that.


Joohyun watched Seulgi stretch from the wall mirror in front of them. To backtrack, Seulgi had an idea for the dance club’s dance routine for the competition and she wanted to try it out. But the dance requires a partner, hence her involvement. Now they’re at a dance studio Seulgi rented out to practice the choreography.

Oh gods, why did Seulgi had to be involved with the dance club, and why did she have to be so good at it? And why the hell does Seulgi have that toned abs when she’s not even a member of it?! And why is she focusing on that in the first place?! Joohyun gulped then flinched when Seulgi looked at her though the mirror.

“You ready, Hyunnie?” Seulgi asked with a smile.

Joohyun nodded, hesitantly. She’s not sure if she’s ready.

Seulgi sighed. “You haven’t even stretched properly yet, Hyunnie.” She shook her head in disapproval then approached Joohyun.

Joohyun froze on her stance as Seulgi touched her hand and helped her into a position to stretch them. There’s a spark when she felt her skin on hers, like a tingling sensation went crawling from it that spread to her whole body. She tried hard not to react too much on it, it’ll soon be over, she chanted to herself.

But the worse has yet to come. Once Seulgi thought her stretching was enough, they proceeded to the dancing proper. And the dance was provoking, to say the least. Not to mention, sensual. And as per Seulgi, it requires emotion to be expressed through dancing, through touch and through hazy gazes. And the song—

“Just be natural, Hyunnie.” Seulgi commented gently after Joohyun missed another step.

Joohyun sighed. “This is useless, Seulgi-yah. I think I’m just not cut out for this. Maybe you can ask Moobyul-unnie and other dance club members—”

“No, Hyunnie.” Seulgi gulped at her sudden intrusion and insistence. “It just… it had to be you, Hyunnie.”

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