The Last Vampire

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Seulgi wanted revenge. So much that it doesn't scare her even a bit that what she's exacting vengeance on is not a human, but a vampire. 

But she didn't expect that vengeance can also bring forth emotions she had lost, and love, among all other things.


I found an old story (again, yes) from my old treasure chest (hard drive lol) that I could turn into a SeulRene version (again, again). This is an old one so it might come off as cringey for some (and by for some, it means me; yes, I find it cringey, ugh), but it's a waste to not publish it so here we go. 


Hope you'll like it (even with the cringe) hahaha! But vampire Joohyun looks so hot, right?!!?! <3


P.S. I'm targeting to have the Prolific Writer (Tier 3) badge (badge awarded to authors who have published 25 or more listed stories), hopefully this year. Here's to hoping I can achieve them with all my still ongoing stories. LOL sorry :')


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Chapter 6: 👀 curious why joohyuns so against drinking blood....cant wait for the next chap
born10966 #2
Chapter 6: Oh oh. Joohyun went berserk right?. She didn't recognize Seulgi. Now what will happen?. First they will have to bring Seulgi with them to take care of her. I wonder why Joohyun was not drinking blood all this time. She said she's so much regrets and disappointed of herself. Thanks for the update Author Nim.
Oct_13_wen_03 134 streak #3
Chapter 6: Finally, thank u so much author nim for update🤍🤍🤍
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Chapter 6: Thanks for the update♥
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Subscribing cuz i’m a er for seulrene vampire aus
Oct_13_wen_03 134 streak #6
Chapter 5: more please 🥺🤍
tif152 #7
Chapter 5: Blood ly interesting
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Chapter 4: I'm super curious right now 😭😭😭😭😭 please update more author nim and thank u so much for update author nim 🤍
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Chapter 3: I really can't wait to see more 🤍
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Chapter 2: Wow, just wow🤍🤍🤍