Folie à DEUX

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Fear makes you shut your eyes.

Fear makes you see things even though you already shut your eyes.

Fear makes you see the dreaded past, the blank present, the anxious future.

Fear makes you blind. Because with it, you can never, ever, ever be sure if everything’s going to be fine.


It's my first try on horror genre. Please be gentle with me. :( 

I didn't realize it was hard to venture unto new genres until this one. God, why did I ever try this? Hahaha! XD

Thought it'd be nice to give you some horror since it's Halloween. 

This is going to be a short series(?), I hope I can update as often. I'll try my best, please bear with me.

Comments and suggestions are all welcome and appreciated! Thank you for everyone's comments and upvotes on my other stories. I really, really, really appreciate it! :)

Happy Halloween! :)

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