Alone Together [RETOLD]

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Seulgi felt a strong force from behind her back, pushing her. She stumbled on the ground as she heard screeching tires along with a loud thud and some people’s gasps. She lifted her head from the fall then sat up, her hand on her head as she felt it spinning. Her jaw dropped, her eyes widened, and her breathing stopped—there in front of her, lying lifeless on the ground full of blood, was the person she secretly liked.

Why did she save me?


Just a re-written version of Alone Together using the style I'm more comfortable now. I wrote that story years ago and I know I'm a poor writer back then (I mean, I still am, but meh). The chapters there kind of get messier as you read it because of how I've written it on a first person point-of-view before, so, hopefully this time, it'd be better to understand. I could've just updated the old one but I didn't want to delete it; maybe to still pay respect to the old me and how I started writing—a tribute and reminder that I can improve (yeah, if I really did, but meh).

So, yeah, read it if you like.


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