The Drummer and The Keyboardist

A Tease for A Tease
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They only got one month to fill the last member and it’s only one week before that happens. Still, no one has applied for their club. Even with Seulgi’s artistic poster drawing, no one was enticed to join.

“Maybe we should offer something if they join, what do you think, Wan?” Seulgi asked as she doodled on a piece of paper and passed it to Seungwan who added more doodles on top of it.

They’re already at their club room which they successfully claimed. Joohyun was able to clean it, with the help of an excited saint-like Seungwan (thank gods for her) and an unwilling Seulgi. All of their instruments were there as well.

“Yeah I can bake pastries for them.” Seungwan suggested.

Joohyun watched as Seulgi perked up at the mention of Seungwan’s delicious baked goods which became a staple during their club meetings because Seungwan generously brings it for them.

“That’s a good idea!” Seulgi’s mouth was already ajar as a drool threatens to come out of it.

Joohyun closed on her stead. “Maybe we should—”

“I am not hearing any of your suggestions Bae Joohyun.” Seulgi glared at Joohyun who’s sitting across her.

Joohyun pursed her lips. She really can’t blame Seulgi. All she suggested these past weeks was for them to give the thought up, reasoning that maybe it’s not really for them, or it’s really a good idea since they’ll be able to focus on studying instead and just play for fun during the weekends on their jamming sessions.

Seungwan giggled. “Maybe you shouldn’t force Joohyun-unnie to join.”

See? Angel Seungwan. Joohyun held a nod knowing all so well how Seulgi will react at the idea.

“And where are you planning to find a better bass guitarist than Hyunnie huh Wan? Will you take responsibility and find it yourself or rent someone for us to fill her position?” Seulgi growled at the shorter girl beside her.

Seungwan smirked, unfazed with Seulgi’s anger. “Wow, flatteries.” She wriggled her eyebrows in mock at Joohyun. “No wonder you’re in even though you’re not really that in unnie.”

Joohyun sighed. Oh Seungwan, you’re still not used to it, aren’t you? Teasing will always come with Seulgi’s flatteries. Flattery and tease come hand-in-hand for Seulgi. And here it comes in… three, two, one!

“You think you can find a bunny who plays bass guitar? Good luck with that Wan—AW!”

Joohyun glared and thought, again, see, borderline flatteries and teases. “The point is there’s only one week left, and if we don’t find one more member, then sadly Seulgi-yah, we’ll go back to our jamming sessions, not that I’m complaining though.” She stuck a tongue out at Seulgi who made face at her.

“Maybe we should hand out flyers, and maybe Hyunnie should do it.”

“Kang Seulgi.” Joohyun warned the already smirking monolid, knowing all too well where this conversation is heading.

“What? You’re pretty, Hyunnie. You can be our mascot. Bunny mascot to be exact.” Seulgi snickered.

“Fine. Then time for you to find your bassist since I’ll be a mascot from now on.” Joohyun replied in a smug. Being with Seulgi for the longest time had taught her how to retort every now and then.

“Well in that case then!” Seulgi exclaimed, searching the inside of her bag then fished out something, to Joohyun’s horror. “It’s time for you to practice your bunny duties!” Seulgi stood up as she offered the bunny headband to put on top of Joohyun’s head. Joohyun abruptly stood up and run for her dear life wondering since when Seulgi had it in her bag.

Seungwan shook her head. “What are you guys? Grade schoolers?” She sighed as she watched them run around their club room. She was already used to the couple’s playful bickers. Her eyes then turned to their door and yelped in surprise when a shadow draped over the door. “Oh my god!”

Then the door opened, stopping Joohyun and Seulgi’s running while Seungwan held her chest in shock. A tall girl stood by the doorway, a box in hand, looking around them, finally landing on Seungwan. “Seungwannie!” She called.

“S-Sooyoungie??!” Seungwan asked in confirmation. Joohyun and Seulgi stood silently, gaping at the couple.

The tall girl, namely, Sooyoung, entered the room and enveloped Seungwan in a tight hug. Seungwan, Joohyun and Seulgi just stood there in confusion as they looked at each other. “I just got back from vacation in Jeju that’s why I got late on enrollment and then I found out that you were back from Canada already and that you’re already in the music club so I rushed back.” She paused as she broke their embrace then handed her the box. “Here, you left this in your seat at the lab. Our class uses it after and fortunately I sit on your seat and found it.”

Seungwan accepted and muttered a small thanks awkwardly as she thought so that’s where she left her cake.

“It’s been a while, Seungwannie.” Sooyoung greeted again with a small and a bit snobbish smile.

“Uh… yeah…” Seungwan mumbled because it really has been a while. Sooyoung, as she remembers, was an acquaintance, one of the daughters of parent’s friends around the music industry. They’ve played together, maybe during their kindergarten days but when Seungwan flew to Canada on her first grade of elementary up until middle school, Sooyoung’s existence slipped out of her young mind. Heck, she doesn’t even remember if they were that close.

Joohyun and Seulgi just looked at each other.

“So, they’re in the c

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