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A Tease for A Tease
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“How the hell did you know?” Seungwan asked as soon as she entered Sooyoung’s car.

Sooyoung sighed a sigh of duh. “It’s obvious. Too obvious.” She paused and looked at Seungwan beside her. “Didn’t you notice it?”

“Well, at first I thought Seul’s just like that—a teasing machine. But if you think about it hard, she was like a grade-schooler boy whose only expression of crush is by way of teasing.” Seungwan looked at Sooyoung and their gazes met. “And I thought she was flirting with you two.”

“What??” Sooyoung asked in disbelief.

Seungwan shook her head in amusement of her own suspicions. “And I thought that you were falling for Seul’s charisma.”

“What????” Sooyoung asked in more disbelief.

Seungwan chuckled. “Turns out you were just protecting her secret.” She paused. “You know, I was about to confront Seul about her attitude towards you two, in awareness or not, to scold her for being too flirty and leading girls on like she was a serial girl.” She guffawed at the reminder of talking to a snoring Seulgi.

“Oh my god Seungwannie. You’re such a theorist!” Sooyoung exclaimed as she shook her head.

“Well, I just don’t want Seul to end up hurting you, because I thought that you were falling for her, you know. You sometimes looked like you were jealous of unnie. And because I had that inkling that she was more into unnie, which was well, correct after all, so... I don’t want you to get hurt, Sooyoungie.” Seungwan said seriously but still with a gentle smile plastered on her face.

Sooyoung gulped at that statement and looked away.

Seungwan chuckled. “It’s better this way than that initial theory of mine though right? Not that it’s a good position to be into, Seul’s got herself on a tough spot.” She sighed sadly. “It’s hard to be in love with a friend after all. And in this case, it’s not just a friend, but a best friend.” She sighed again. “Seul got it hard.”

Sooyoung pursed her lips, unbeknownst to Seungwan that she can relate to what she just said. Indeed, she wanted to agree but kept mum.

“Well, there are just things that you have no control over, right, Sooyoungie?” Seungwan asked further.

“Yeah, things you have no control over are always bound to happen.” Sooyoung agreed.

They both sighed at that as they shared a silence of thinking about their friend’s predicament and can’t help but worry for her.

Seungwan broke the silence with a sigh. “You know Sooyoungie, I feel like writing some songs. You in? Make our next time productive, or something? What do you say?” She smirked.

Sooyoung chuckled, thinking that really, she had surrounded herself with a lot of geniuses. “I do too actually, Seungwannie. Let’s do it.”


Joohyun bit her lips then smiled wide after closing her room’s door behind her. She rushed to her study desk and opened a notebook. She turned to the first page with her name, then to the following pages where she had written the lyrics of Don’t Say Lazy, then settled to an empty page next to it and started scribbling.

Your mischievous smile really suits you
But I also want to see your shy, blushing face

She pursed her lips, but she cannot contain her grin anymore, so she let herself smile wide. She stood up and let herself fall face first on her bed, hugging a pillow close her chest then buried her face on it, to contain her elated scream.

Joohyun just felt so happy. Her worries and troubles these past few days seem to vanish, just like that—just because she learned that Seulgi is crushing on her.

So Seulgi’s composed song, Fluffy Time, is for her, after all, and not for any other. Not for that teenage girl with raging hormones, not for those two arrogant boys, and finally not for Sooyoung, but for her.

Joohyun squealed, her feet kicking up in the air like a happy kid who got what she wanted as she hugged her pillow tighter. Seulgi’s expression from a while ago stayed vividly on her memory—a shy and blushing Seulgi—oh, what a sight!

She giggled further in reminiscing. So this is how it feels to have the upper hand against her, huh? To have Seulgi cower in shyness and nervousness made her heart filled with excitement and unexplainable bliss. Knowing that she is the reason for Seulgi to give those never-been-seen different expressions causes wild riot in her stomach that made her brim with pride. Only her can make Seulgi like that.

It was a weird sense of possessiveness, maybe caused by her previous fear of having someone else steal Seulgi from her, and to be honest, she hated that thought of having Seulgi’s attention turned to someone else. Call Joohyun selfish or delusional or whatever, maybe best friends are really supposed to feel that way, but that’s how she really felt, and she wouldn’t disregard that now. Because she doesn’t have to.

Because now she felt secured and undefeatable. Seulgi is crushing on her. And it’s the best secret to hear.

It’s the most-awaited advantage, the changing of the tides, the perfect chance to claim the top.

It’s time for Seulgi to be on the receiving end of the teases-slash-flatteries combo—Joohyun’s combo.

She played their recording of Fluffy Time on her phone.


“Yah, Seul, did something good happen with you and Joohyun-noona? You lo

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