The Mirror and The Third-Person Perspective

A Tease for A Tease
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“But Hyunnie, don’t you think it’s a bit risky? In three days we need to produce three songs.” Seulgi reasoned gently in worriedness if they can even comply.

“We already have one, this, Early Summer Rain 20 Love.” Joohyun lifted up the music sheet of her newly composed song. She looked at Seulgi and smirked. “And you have two more, Seulgi-yah; Heart Throbbing Sugar and My Love Is A Stapler, right?”

Seulgi’s eyes widened in shock. “H-how did you know that Hyunnie???”

“As you said, Seulgi-yah, risky.” Joohyun winked, mentioning Seulgi’s password last time.

“Yah Hyunnie! That’s invasion of privacy!” Seulgi complained upon the realization that Joohyun explored her computer that one time she borrowed it. She pouted and thought of changing her password after. Good thing that that’s all Joohyun found on her computer. It’s not like she has something to hide, but she just so happened to have a hidden folder that had stolen pictures of Joohyun too. Whew.

Joohyun just waved her hand to dismiss Seulgi. “That’s three already, we only need one more.”

Sooyoung and Seungwan nodded, feeling assured that Seulgi’s two songs were mentioned since it wasn’t fairly new to them; Seulgi had already shared that to them after their date on the Vocal Line.

Joohyun thought for a while, going through her own composed songs. The goal isn’t really to perform well on the upcoming live concert, she knows they surely will; but for her, it was mainly to have Seulgi realize the depth of her confession and to maybe have Seulgi confess herself, following Jennie’s advice and strategy. If Seulgi can’t hint directly on her own words coming from , then maybe words from her written songs can—after all, she had finished her pending songs now that her feelings are crystal to herself, and the lyrics this time are more direct than Early Summer Rain 20 Love. “The theme is Valentine’s right, Yerimie?”

Yerim nodded.

Perfect. “I have another song, A Winter Day, let’s include it with the setlist.” Joohyun paused. She got another blank paper and wrote the setlist on it. “I’ll take care of Early Summer Rain 20 Love. Seulgi-yah,” She called and looked seriously at Seulgi. “You and I are going to exchange songs. I’m going to sing your Heart Throbbing Sugar and you sing my A Winter Day. We’re going to duet on your My Love Is A Stapler.” She instructed seriously, but deep inside she was internally giggling in delight.

Yerim smirked. Her Joohyun-unnie is finally making her move to let Seulgi know of her feelings (her previous secret kissing stunt doesn’t really count, does it?). It’s like subtly making Seulgi put her position on Joohyun’s and see Joohyun’s perspective using her songs. It’s a good move and Yerim will make sure to support their leader silently.

Seulgi doesn’t get why they must exchange songs to sing but she’ll follow their leader blindly. They did that switching with Fluffy Time anyway so maybe it’s another trick of versatility. She nodded. “Got it, Hyunnie.”

Joohyun smiled and huffed. “Okay, we should put in extra hours of practice for this but I think we can make it. Remember, this time we’re going to be performing in a concert house, meaning we’ll be playing with rookie bands like us so we should be mindful. Lastly, and this is a point I want to stress, we have a theme… so, Seulgi-yah,” She paused then looked directly in her eyes again. “We have to feel what the lyrics say, otherwise we won’t be able to convey it in the song.”

Sooyoung and Seungwan looked at each other and wondered if this is going to signal the comeback of their leader’s teasing sprees, as it felt like it.

Geez, Joohyun-unnie should mind her own feelings first, Sooyoung thought.

Geez, Joohyun-unnie should mind Seul’s feelings first, Seungwan thought.

Heh, Seulgi-unnie should get Irene-unnie’s feelings now, Yerim thought.

Seulgi gulped but smiled. “I got it Hyunnie.”

Joohyun nodded in satisfaction. “Okay, let’s do this.”


Sooyoung, Seungwan and Yerim watched Seulgi and Joohyun walk away to go home from the school gate. It was already late in the evening when their practice was over.

Seungwan huffed. “Burger anyone??” She looked at Yerim and Sooyoung.

Yerim nodded eagerly. “Yes I’d like some!” She held on Sooyoung’s wrist and pulled her. “Let’s go Joy-unnie?”

Sooyoung meekly nodded as she was reminded the last time Seungwan and her went to the burger joint. Good thing Yerim’s now with them.

“Great!” Seungwan exclaimed excitedly then wrapped her arm around Yerim who’s in the middle of Sooyoung and her.

The three walked the road with Seungwan’s exaggerated and happy stories, making them laugh. When they reached the restaurant, Sooyoung and Yerim settled on the table while Seungwan proceeded to take their order.

Yerim beamed. “Irene-unnie’s on a roll.” She commented as she took the seat opposite of the tallest.

Sooyoung sighed. “She’s going to start her teasing streak against Seulgi-unnie again, I think.”

Yerim looked at her puzzlingly. “Teasing streak?”

Sooyoung nodded. “You have probably noticed how Seulgi-unnie teases Joohyun-unnie nonstop right?”

Yerim nodded.

“Joohyun-unnie had a moment when the tables were turned—Joohyun-unnie was the one who did all the teasing to poor innocent Seulgi-unnie. All started after she knew that Seulgi-unnie was crushing on her.”

“I see. Seulgi-unnie doesn’t really stand a good chance against Irene-unnie, considering how whipped she is.” Yerim huffed. “I think Irene-unnie wants her revenge for Seulgi-unnie’s parade of girls.” She shrugged and chuckled… and lied. She knows all too well the reason for Joohyun’s moves, but it’s time to shove her Joy-unnie out of the cupid role—she’s been one for too long—and even if it means lying to her, Yerim would do so. She really wanted to help her too. “I think Irene-unnie sets the boundary too much, and she doesn’t realize that friendship can turn into something else…” She paused. “Someone needs to show her the ropes unnie.” She smirked.

Sooyoung side glanced at Seungwan who was on her way with the tray of their food.

“Think about it unnie, if Irene-unnie knew of your hidden crush on Wendy-unnie, she might realize that she too, is in the same shoes—that it’s possible to fall in love with a friend.” Yerim continued in whisper as she watched Sooyoung looked at Seungwan with worry.

Gods, Yerim does have a point. If the new competitions didn’t make their unnie realize her own feeling, then this might be the only way they can help. But it might be at her expense—she’s still not ready face her own feelings head on. She’s such a coward, she knows. Seulgi and her are so alike in that area, that’s why she wanted to help Seulgi in whatever way she can. She sighed. She didn’t think that having real friends who she truly cares about can take a toll on her.

“Sorry for the wait. Here’s our food!” Seungwan said as she placed the food on their table and sitting beside Yerim.

Yerim smirked when Sooyoung took a deep sigh, as if in defeat. She knew she can’t force Sooyoung to do something about her feelings for her own gain—Sooyoung’s just so selfless in a way—so she knew she had to hide the motive under the context of helping Seulgi. And her plans seem to go in her way further.


“You should’ve copyrighted me with your Heart Throbbing Sugar, Seulgi-yah.” Joohyun snickered as they walked side by side, an aloe vera tea drink on J

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